Exciting Tours in Vietnam & Cambodia without Getting Bored

19, February, 2020

Exciting Tours in Vietnam & Cambodia without Getting Bored

So, you are planning to travel to Vietnam and you seem not to have anything in your head that will make your visit  amazing. With Vietnam's amazing culture and beautiful nature, I bet you will never have a dull moment throughout your stay.

Vietnam has earned itself a worthy position of being one of the best places to visit on the planet. It has a lot to offer when it comes to nature, tourist attractions, foods to eat, perfect scenery, social life, you just name it. No wonder millions of tourist flocks to Vietnam annually.

There are just too many factors and attractions that will make your visit to Vietnam worthy of a memorable experience. If you want to enjoy your tour to Vietnam to the fullest, the help of an expert like Vivu travels will come in handy.

Below are the tips to help you enjoy your 8 days tour without getting bored.

1. Go Scuba Diving in Nha Trang
Do you love scuba diving? Then, don't forget to visit Nha Trang. It is a destination for those who love diving in the sea. You can take a plunge into the sea to immerse yourself in an interesting scuba experience.

Apart from the diving experience, you get to witness the natural beauty of the beaches.

Nha Trang is also known for its delicious seafood. You can have a taste of it in one of the beautiful restaurants not far from the shores of the sea and that will add value to your adventure at Nha Trang.

2: Don't Miss Out The Haven For Foodies
If you want to enjoy the taste of the special delicacies of Vietnam, add Hanoi to the list of the place you are going to be visiting. You get to enjoy Vietnamese dishes like beef noodles, fishes dishes, Vietnamese baguette, and many others.  There are many restaurants where you can find most of these mouth-watering food at moderate and friendly prices.
It is advisable to have a tour guide that will help you in exploring the city while you enjoy unique and tasty meals. Vivutravel  have a team of experienced and expert tour advisors and tour guides that will serve you well when it comes to this.

3: Visit The Hang Son Doong Cave
 The Hang Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world known to man. Can you imagine the feeling of accomplishment you would have for being in the largest cave in the world? Tourists flocks to Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park every day to have a look at the beautiful of greatness.
You should note that before you enter the cafe, you will be charged an entrance fee and you cannot enter the cave without a guide. You can book a tour with Vivutravel  to guide you and make your tour to the cave more amazing.

4: Have a Mud Bath in Dark Cave-Hang Tối
The dark cave is not far from the largest cave in the world. So, while visiting the Hang Son Doong Cave you can choose to visit the dark cave.
As its name implies, the cave is full of darkness. So, make sure you are armed with your torch and wear a helmet for safety. You can enter the cave with a maximum group of 15. You will find the mud pool waiting for you at the end of the cave. Then, you can get into the water and enjoy the fun. You have other things like a pool, live music, table soccer and many other things to keep your trip lively.

5: Go for Shopping in Hoi An
Hoi An is the cutest destination for shopping in Vietnam. It is characterized by splendid river flowing through the villages with lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants that will take care of your shopping needs. You can take a walk to explore the historical buildings and shop varieties of clothings, accessories, and many other things. The beach is not far away; you can take a detour to swim or relax at the beaches after long hours of shopping.

6: Sail on the Mekong River
The southeast Asian river flows through six countries. In Cambodia the river slice through the north eastern province of Stung Treng from Laos, running through Phnom Penh on its way to Vietnam.

You can enjoy a smooth sailing along the Mekong in Cambodia. It will be more beautiful and interesting if the setting is at dawn  because you will get to see the beautiful sunset of the Cambodian natural environment. Also don't forget to bring along your booze and refreshments.

7: Experience Jungle of Cambodia
This is a great treat for you if you are an animal lover. Cambodia boasts of rich wildlife and it is a home for various species of animals.
If you go into the Mondulkiri’Jungle you get to various elephants roaming in their natural habitat and free from the hard labor they are mostly used for. What else could be more wonderful than you watching the elephants bath in stream and rolling in the mud. It is not advisable to ride on the back of these elephants.

8: Make a Trip to Angkor Archaeological Park
Your trip to Cambodia is never complete without Visiting the Angkor Archaeological Park. You can join the thousands of tourist that visit this play daily and behold the great beauty of acient temple, fantastic that is still standing strong since the khemer empire. The magnificence of this site makes a world heritage site.

Vietnam and Cambodia is a great tourist destination to explore. It has the natural scenery, a wonderful destination, to keep your tour lively. If you are looking out to make your visit more lively and stress-free, Vivutravel can offer its services to you till your satisfaction.