Amazing Ways To Get Familiar With Vietnam's Atmosphere And Nature

02, March, 2020

Amazing Ways To Get Familiar With Vietnam's Atmosphere And Nature

Vietnam is one of the countries blessed with the most beautiful natural endowment. If you really want to have a good feeling of nature and atmosphere, Vietnam is where you should be. Beautiful sight of waterfalls, wildlife, lowland, hills, and densely forested highlands of the country awaits you. Vietnam's climate is unique from most countries you've been visiting. The weather is distinguished by tropical and temperate zone. You get to witness more rainfall and sunshine in tropical regions than in the temperate zone. No matter the season and region you are in, Vietnam's climate is what you can adapt to easily.

Be assured of a great mood when it comes to the Vietnam atmosphere, the sight of smiling faces in the busy street isn't a rare occurrence. This is probably because they are recognized as the happiest people in Asia. Vietnamese are known to be funny, jovial and caring.

The help of an experienced tour operator will further help you to get accustomed to the Vietnam atmosphere and nature. Vivutravel  can be your best bet in offering this service.

1. Find The Right Accommodation
This is the most important aspect. If you aren't planning to stay too long you can book an hotel that fits your lifestyle. Vivutravel can give you advice on the best hotel for you in Vietnam.

If you want a long term accommodation apart from hotel, there are many property management companies that can help you with that. They will show you available houses and apartments up for rent. It is important to do background research on the apartment you wish to rent. You wouldn't want to live in a place with constant disturbance to your peace of mind.

2. Mix With The Right People
You might have heard about the dangers foreigners face in the hands of unfriendly natives. When you're in Vietnam, you don't need to panic because the most of Vietnamese are good, jovial, happy, and friendly people. This makes it safe for you as a foreigner to make friends with them. Your new local friends will help you get acquitted with their way of life, food, dressing, and language.

Also, their are some things that only the locals are conversant with. example is getting the right price for the items you want to buy. You can take your local friend with you to the market to help you in bargaining for the cheapest price. They will also make you get more familiar with the environment.

3. Make Provisions For The Cold Weather
Mainly because of the variety of topographical relief and the difference in latitude that makes the climate to vary from locations. If it happens that you are visiting Hanoi or the north of Vietnam from November to April, you better bring along your cardigan, blankets, jacket, winter coat and anything that can suppress the cold.
The dry winter usually lasts from November to April.

4. Learn the language
With Vietnamese as the official language, you should try to get yourself to know the language. You don't need to know every part of the language, just a basic is enough for you. The little bit you know will spice up your experience and get you more familiar with the Vietnam atmosphere. You would see the face of the natives lit up as you try to say a few words like thank you in Vietnamese. Their gestures interprets that they truly appreciate your efforts in learning their language.

5. Find The Right Group To Join
The internet can connect you with the right people that have the same thing in common with you. This would allow you to attend events, parties and meet new people.

Also, It is common for most cities and towns to have a social media group for expats and this will be of help in learning about the area, finding local events, business opportunities and making new friends.

6. Visit Tourist Attractions
Vietnam has many tourist attractions that are blessed with the beauty of nature. Your visit is never complete without setting your foot in one of these tourist attractions. The sight of fantastic landscape, wildlife, pristine forests is enough to make you familiar the nature.

One of the tourist attractions you can put into your consideration is Con Dao Islands which was formerly known as the devil Island. Many tourists and natives come to experience the attractive sight of the 16 beaches of the islands. Do you love water sports? Then, be prepared to enjoy sports like wakeboarding, scuba diving, snorkelling, and others. There are many other destinations that will get you familiar with Vietnam's nature.

7. Don't Forget to go Kite Surfing and Windsurfing at Mui Ne
If you have once searched the internet about this place, you may get the idea that Mui Ne is a fishing destination. But fortunately no, it has more great attributes to offer. One of its obvious characteristics is the dunes which will give you the feeling of being in one of the deserts of Arabia.

Vietnam has many conducive natural beauty environment and fantastic people who are always in a jovial mood. All this makes it for anyone to easily adapt to Vietnam's atmosphere and nature. If this article doesn't answer clear all of your curiosity, you can reach out to Vivutravel  to give you more tips.