How to Plan South to North Vietnam Tour

04, March, 2020

How to Plan South to North Vietnam Tour

Vietnam is amazingly blessed with beautiful, landscapes, beaches and many other things that make it a top choice among tourists. Don't be caught by surprise that it has a tropical monsoon climate which makes its weather in the north different from the south.

You get to experience a more freezing winter in the north, unlike the south which is humid and hot. Even some of the natural attribute of both region differs; You will be welcomed in the north by a landscape of rice paddies while you are going to behold the amazing sight of the flat river Deltas in the north. The euphoria of you visiting Vietnam might make you forget one important thing and that is planning. You wouldn't want want to get to Vietnam and spend your trip directionless and that is reason planning is important for you to fully have a memorable Vietnam experience.

Without the help of a guide, traveling is not easy to plan especially if you are naive of the facts, environment, and culture of your desired destination. Vivu travels identify these needs and that is why they strive to serve you better in all your travel needs.

1. Decide on Your priorities
There are important things that you should have decided even before securing your Visa and tickets. The main reason is why you are visiting Vietnam. Also, you should know how many days you wish to spend in Vietnam and the top destinations you wish to explore in the north and south of Vietnam. If you plan out the number of days your visitation longer, you will able to experience the food, culture, environment of the south and north region of Vietnam.

Vivu Travels can help you decide on how to make the most out of your visit to Vietnam.

2. What is Your Budget
How much do you allocate for your visit to the north and south of Vietnam? First of all, you should calculate the major costs including flights, hotels, and trips. This would give you a rough idea of the amount you are going to be spending.

The prices of international flights vary at the time of booking and traveling season. You will save quite a huge amount when you travel in the low season compared to the high season. You can get to Vietnam through the flights between Hanoi City and Ho Chi Minh City. Vivu Travels will be of great help in booking your flight.
The prices for hotels and accommodation in both south and north could be described as medium. However, you will have to spend more on accommodation in the south than in the north. Your budget on accommodation may differ on your taste and budget on accommodation which gives you the chance of choosing among comfort, boutiques, luxury and gent house. Vivu Travels can help you secure the best hotel in the north and south that fully matches your taste and budget.
Lastly, don't forget the exchange rate. It is important for you to know the value of your currency against the dong.

3. Decide the Time Of Your Visit
If you are looking out to cut your budget short, the best time for you to visit is the low season. During this season, the cost of transportation, hotels, restaurants are much cheaper. The only disadvantage you will be faced with is that the season could be uncomfortably hot for you with much rainfall in both north and south. Be assured of comfortable weather when it comes to the high season. The weather is relatively cold in northern Vietnam and warm in the south but you will be faced with a much higher standard of living compared to the low season.

4. Choose and Plan the Tourist Destination You Want
Vietnam is one of the best tourist destinations in the world blessed with a beautiful and scenic environment that tourists are delighted to see. You might visit one of these tourist attraction to have a memorable experience in Vietnam. Many of the destinations you can consider is Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Sapa in the north and Mekong River, Ho Chi Minh City, and Cat Tien Park in the south. You should invest in a tour guide like Vivu Travels will be of great benefit to you as they will help you have the best experience ever. Vivu Travels has a team of friendly and jovial people that will help you make adjustments when needed and pay rapt attention to you during the trip.

5. What is Your Mode of Transportation
Vietnam has land, water and Air mode of transportation for its residents and foreigners alike. You can consider traveling to North Vietnam from the south with a motorbike. This will give you an adventurous experience as you get ride of the beautiful landscape of Vietnam. You can buy a bike in Hanoi and resell it at a bit lower or higher price at the end of your tour. You can also consider a train ride if you are comfortable with the long hours of the journey. For example, a journey with the rail from Hanoi in the north Da Nang could cost you 17 hours.
When it comes to air transportation, Vietnam flights are cheap and fast to get around the south and the north. The country boasts of 20 airports with constant flights and affordable prices.

6. Learn the Basics of The Vietnamese Language
To get along the with locals and to have the best Vietnam experience, you should make it compulsory for yourself to learn some basics of the official language which is Vietnamese. You can also get familiar with the moung language/dialect which is spoken in northern Vietnam. You can learn phrases like hello, thank you, how much in Vietnamese. You will be appreciated by locals for just trying.

Planning is essential in all the things that we do and traveling is not excluded. Make sure you plan out your visit to Vietnam effectively so that you won't encounter any issues during the course of your tour. Vivu travels would be of great help to you in making you sure you have an interesting and happy Vietnam tour.

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