Great Places to Visit in Vietnam with a low budget

31, March, 2020

Great Places to Visit in Vietnam with a low budget

Vietnam is a country in the south-eastern part of Asia that is well known and highly regarded in terms of physical pulchritude, ancient treasuries, alternate adorable cultures and beautiful landscapes. Most British have turned this country into a regular vacation spot where they can relax better, learn new cultures and view stunning spots. You should know Vietnam is your good to go tourist destination with over 300,000 British visiting the country every year.

Have you ever been craving to visit Vietnam?  Do you want to explore the beauty of Vietnam with a small amount of money? If affirmative is the answer to these questions, then you don’t need to worry as Vivutravel has list an ample number of splendid places or destinations you can visit with a low budget.

Read the list of cheap locations you can visit in Vietnam below

Another cheap place for you to visit in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City. A single person in this city spends only $431.74 per month. Ho Chi Minh is the most populous city in Vietnam with around 8.4 million residents. The city is one of the most visited in the world with a great number of foreigners rushing in yearly. The city is popularly known for its beautiful street delicacies, exquisite night shopping and the Saigon style of people live there. Most tourist that has visited Ho Chi Minh refer it as a ‘no sleeping city’  because of its ever active sense of energy it offers. The city’s rooftop bars are one of the best in the world. You don’t have to pay much before you visit the remarkable locations in Ho Chi Minh City.

Phu Quoc is another affordable Vietnam where you will relish your tourism. The city is the biggest island in Vietnam with a total area of 574 kilometres. Over 103,000 people reside in this city with alternate cultures and diversified economy. The cost of living for a single person in Phu Quoc for a month is $704. The city is widely known for its incredible islands, high-class cuisine and friendly residents. If you love meeting new people, Phu Quoc will be the best option for you- it is an affordable and excellent city to visit.

Nha Trang is a city on the south-central coast part of Vietnam that is worth visiting. This city is known for its amazing beaches and wonderful locations for scuba diving. The price to live in Nha Trang for a month is $431.51 which makes it one of the cheapest locations you can visit in Vietnam. Na Trang has multitudinous beautiful spots you can visit like the Po Nagar Cham Towers that is known for its ancient history and unique building style and the Vinpearl Amusement park which is also known for its large aquarium, elegant amphitheatre and variety rides. Da Nang has a special natural beauty that makes it a top-notch spot to visit in Vietnam. Natural places such as the Ba Ho waterfalls and  Hon Khoi Salt Fields are places that you can also visit with a small amount of money in Nha Trang.

Da Nang is a name deduced from the Vietnamese ‘Da Nak’ which connotes ’opening of a big river’. Da Nang is the fifth most populous city in Vietnam and it is also, one of the best places for you to visit in Vietnam. Da Nang is popular for its unique landscapes, beautiful sunset and its stunning mountain backdrop. A single person in Da Nang spends only $431.50 per month. This is a cheap location to visit in Vietnam coupled with the advantage of a loveable experience. Another reason why you should consider visiting Da Nang is because of the lush and delectable dishes it will offer you. Da Nang is popularly known in Vietnam for its flavourful Mi Quang, fish ball noodle soup and Mi Tron. In Da Nang, you can as well visit the marble mountain, Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hill and the museum of Cham sculpture. These are some of the adorable locations in Da Nang that you can visit even with a low budget.

Mui Ne is another beautiful cheap location to visit in Vietnam. Mui Ne is a town in the south-central part of Vietnam that you should consider visiting as well. The town was once an isolated shoreline with few fishing villages. For now, the town is quite crowded with foreigners who can't stop relishing its exquisiteness and natural beauty. The cost for a single person in Mui Ne per month is $456 without rent. The town also offers spectacular kinds of seafood such as lobster and crabs, sea bass and other sea reptiles to visitors. If you have a low budget and you wish to explore a beautiful spot in Vietnam, this is a location you should consider.

Da Lat is another great and affordable place to visit in Vietnam. In Fact, it is the most popular tourist attraction centre in Vietnam. The city is known for its marvellous lakes, lush flower greenery and spectacular mountains and hills. In Da Lat, you can visit the magical lake of sighs, Dantanla waterfalls and the Xuang Huong lake. A single person in Da Lat spends $540 per month. It is another great place in Vietnam to visit and an affordable location you would enjoy.

Hoi An is located in Quang Nam’s province, Vietnam. This city is formerly known as Faifoo and has a population of over 120 thousand residents. Hoi An is a specialist city in offering exquisite and diverse cuisines. The cost for a single person in Hoi An for a month is just $650. Moreover, there are various elegant spots you can also visit with a low budget in Hoi An such as the Cua Dai Beach, Cam An Beach and so on.

Hue is a city in Vietnam known for its royalty cuisines,  ancient architectures and beautiful landscapes. The city is a spot in Vietnam that is worth visiting and also affordable. IN Hue, you can visit places like the Tombs of The Ancient Emperors, the Perfume River, Imperial Citadel and so on. The cost of living per month for a single person in Hue is $964. Moreover, it is also one of the cheapest locations to explore better in Vietnam.

Hanoi is the second-largest city in Vietnam with over 8 million residents. This city is the capital of Vietnam and it is also a perfect location for tourist with a low budget. The city is well-known for its unique attractive spots and modernised economic style.  You can visit coll affordable places in Hanoi such as the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Hoan Kiem Lake. The cost of living for a single person in Hanoi for a month is only $457.44. You might as well bump into some other British tourists.

Sa Pa is another excellent and affordable spot to travel to in Vietnam. Sa Pa is a town with over 61,498 residents. The town is a perfect spot for tourist who admires forest and wildlife, nice diverse cultures and stylish scenery. The cost of living for a person staying in Sa Pa for a month is just $655 which is quite low and affordable. Whether you are staying in Sa Pa for a day, a month or a year, you won't spend a high amount of money before you explore wondrous spots in the town.

Vietnam is a beautiful narrow country that is worth flying all over from Britain for. It has sights and monuments that will give you and your family the magical experience you've always wanted. Vivutravel can take of your travels needs to make your tour more memorable, adventurous, and amazing.