Lyn and Barry, Vietnam Tourism Ambassadors in the UK

14, May, 2020

Lyn and Barry, Vietnam Tourism Ambassadors in the UK

Started the first trip to Vietnam in 2012 with Vivutravel, Lyn and Barry in the UK love our country and people so much that they come back almost every year. It was the 8th time in Feb, 2020, visiting Ken Homestay, Ha Giang, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Con Dao again.

To Lyn and Barry, Vietnam is like their second home. Returning to Vietnam makes them happy to see family of Vivutravel, see the changes as well as discover new things in Vietnam.

To Vivutravel, Lyn and Barry are more than friends, they are like our Mum and Dad. We love them more than we can say. Though we keep in touch via facebook, but it is not enough. We look forward to seeing them back every year.

To Vietnam, with 8th time visit to Vietnam, Lyn and Barry have made a RECORD and should be Vietnam Tourism Ambassadors and should have received "Gold Medal of Honour and Contribution to Vietnam tourism, Friendship between Vietnam and the UK". Thanks to tourists like Lyn and Barry, Vietnam becomes closer to the world.

Back to the 8th trip to Vietnam in Feb, 2020. Lyn wrote something about Ha Giang and Vivutravel added some photos of the trip.

"Stupendous Ha Giang Province with Vivutravel - Everybody knows the major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and their attractions but for something completely different and as an introduction to the north east of Vietnam Ha Giang and surrounding area, Ma Phi Leng should not be missed.
ha giang to dong van
Leaving the town of Ha Giang you begin to climb higher and higher. Mountain roads wind through the most amazing scenery as mountains appear, sometimes eerily, in your vision. Photography opportunities abound.
Stop off at ethnic villages along the way and discover the real Vietnam. Visit the flag tower and North Pole at Lung Cu, very close to the Chinese border, and the H’mong King Palace.
h mong king palace in dong van
The highlight of this trip, for me, has got to be the Ma Phi Leng Pass and you can take full advantage of this stunning scenery in at least three ways. It’s great fun driving on the back of a motorcycle down the unbelievable snaking road to the river basin. On the way you pass through a village and your motorbike rider will be one of the young men from this village who make a living driving tourists from the main road to the river boats.
 nho que river ha giang tour
Drive along the pass and stop for coffee, great photography opportunity or walk above both of these along the sky walk. Don’t choose just one do all three you won’t regret it.
Whether your accommodation is hotel or a minority homestay this trip will simply be unforgettable."