A safe corridor for Vietnam Travel

20, May, 2020

A safe corridor for Vietnam Travel

Covidc- 19 updates in Vietnamm - (20 May 2020)
It has been 34 successive days, there is no new infected Coronavirus case in community in Vietnam. All new cases are people who return to Vietnam from overseas like Russia, The United States of America and quarantined at once when landed at airports.

Total cases: 324
Recovered: 262
Under treatment: 60
Death: None

Daily activities get back to normal and Vietnam is speeding up economy and reducing the impact of Covid-19, especially with tourism sectors. "Vietnamese people travel Vietnam" is the slogan. Big discounts, sales off, promotions are offered. Vietnam tourism is expected to overcome this difficult time by targeting domestic tourists while waiting for the return of international visitors.

International tourists
Tourist is paying more and more important role in Vietnam today. Vietnam has been targeting international tourists and markets in recent years. Let's take a look at tourist arrivals in the last 5 years.

2019     18,008,591 (Millions)    
2018     15,497,791 (Millions)   
2017     12,922,151 (Millions) 
2016     10,012,735 (Millions)   
2015     7,943,651 (Millions)   

In 2020, it was 3,686,779 from January to March. Looking at these figures, you can imagine how terrible the Covid -19 effects Vietnam tourism. According to a recent report, 95% of tourist companies in Vietnam have no "Financial reserve funds", cash on hand is limited. This happens to hotels, too.

What to do?
The national administration of Vietnam tourism considers the possibility to discuss with other countries that have been controlling Covid -19 well to open a safe travel corridor (between 2 or 3 countries). Vietnam is thinking of Australia, Newzealand, South Korea, China. Folllowing is some other messures such as health certificate or safe travel code. However, it seems too early when new cases and deaths are still reported in many countries in the world. Only when vaccine is found, can people travel again.

Vivutravel have seen people asking us to plan their Vietnam holiday from January 2021. This is time to build an itinerary, get a quote for consideration. We advise tourists to book now to getsome big deals and benefits, but do not send the deposit, just wait and see first.

Why you should travel Vietnam after Covid-19?
Vietnam has been on the list of the hottest destinations to visit in recent years. At Coronavirus times, Vietnam shows the world a good image as the most successful country in the battle against Covid-19. People normally travel to beautiful places. After Covid-19, a safe place is choosen and Vietnam is both beautiful and safe.