Vietnam - A new safe travel paradise post covid-19

25, May, 2020

Vietnam - A new safe travel paradise post covid-19

Acording to Vietanm tourism statistics, tourists arrivals to Vietnam have been on the rise years after year. In 2019, Vietnam welcomed 18,008,591 tourists and ranked among the fastest growing destination or destination to visit in 2020. Vietnam is both beautiful and cheap to visit. However, Due to Covid-19, Vietnam banned tourists visa, suspended international flights to Vietnam and Vietnam tourism is facing the most difficult time.

The great thing is that Vietnam succeeded in the fight against Covid-19 thanks to quick steps and measures of the government. World Health Organization, other nations like USA, UK, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA or international media like Telegraph, CNN, BBC, REUTERS praised Vietnam as the most successful national in combating COVID-19. If you do not beleive, just "google"

Covid-19 updates in Vienam
It has been 39 days, there was no new COVID-19 case infected in the community. All new cases reported, were people who came back to Vietnam from overseas (Russia, USA) and quarantined in isolation centers immediately.

Total cases: 325
Recovered: 268
Under treatment: 57
Death: None

Life in Vietnam returns to "Normal". The reason why Vietnam has not announced the end of the epidemic in Vietnam because of the complicated situation of epidemic in the world and if Vietnam continues to send planes to "rescue" Vietnamese who are stuck overseas, more new cases can be found.

Vietnam - A new safe travel paradise post covid-19
Vietnam has been known the hottest travel destination in recent year. The country blessed with amazing landscapes, nature, ancient towns, national parks, pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, rich culture, friendly people or ranked as cheap destination. With the success in the fight against Covid-19, more and more people in the world know about Vietnam and want to travel to a both safe and beautiful country.

Reasons to travel to Vietnam post Covid-19

By Vivutravel's research on "Vietnam Travel group" among more than 36.000 members. Below are some ideas:

1. "Because the country, the people and the food are absolutely AMAZING. Go go go you’ll be so very sorry if you don’t" by Lyn Fowler

2. "Vietnam must be the best and only reason to go.It is a country with a big heart, history and a nature few other country have.For thouse who have not been.GO as soon as it open up for us.You will for ever be thankful for going.We have been 4 times and cant wait to go back in des. If they let us" by May-Elin Melum

3. "It's was friendly and safety country" by Vivek Ìmmortal

4. "Because it's such a great place to visit" by Donald McDonald

5. "I love VN. Various landscapes and friendly people" by Praveen Prav

6. "Such an amazing country" by Moses J Saldanha

7. " coffee..breathtaking nature scenes. Most amazing people, proud, friendly. Great food. Just everything. I planned a one month vacation, due to corona virus, moving into month 4. Wish I can stay here forever." by Henrita Vogel

8. "Aside from all the reasons that make Vietnam awesome every day of the year (been here 13 years), they've totally nailed covid, and barring some major boo boo, and also hopefully with some instant testing solution for arrivals that allow people to avoid 14 day quarantine, vn will likely be among one of the first countries to be able to provide a tourism experience with some sense of normality" by Malcolm Duckett

9. "The food is why I'll come back to Vietnam." by Ian Mia

10. "Amazing beaches is one of them!" by Chinmoy Lad

11. "It’s the beautiful people!" by Rod Young

Some reasons given by Vivutravel

1. Safe
Top priority is to keep you and your family safe and Vietnam should be your choice if looking at Vietnam's success in the battle against Covid-19.

2. Cheap
Before Covid-19, Vietnam listed as the cheapest destination to travel when caculating the cost of food, accommodation, transports. After covid -19, the government and all sectors in tourism such as airlines, hotels, tour operators, attractions will offer big promotions and discounts to attract tourists back. Vietnam visa examption is actually considered.

3. Combined tour
For tourists from Asia, It is great to travel Vietnam in 4-7 days. For Western tourists, 2 week TOUR in Vietnam is enough, but it is possible to extend to Cambodia and Laos. These two Vietnam's neibouring countries have been controlling Covid-19 very well. A combined tour between 2 or 3 countries is a great idea.

4. Vietnam needs you
Tourism has become an important part of Vietnam's economy. In recent years, Vietnam tourism just focuses on international tourists. A lot of people who work in tourism, have been losing job. Your visit to Vietnam will help us "save tourism".