Vietnam Travel Advice Post Covid-19

26, May, 2020

Vietnam Travel Advice Post Covid-19

The world's tourism has never experienced the most difficult time like what is going on. The coronavirus (Covid-19) has forced billions of people to stay at home or under social distancing. It has never happened before that international borders closed and international flights suspended. The first time we can fill the car up with a little money, but not knowing where to go.

The good thing is people have a lot of time staying at home, looking after each others, cooking good foods and planning a dream holiday once the pandemic is over and this is great time to "google" information.

If your dream is a trip to Vietnam, the good news is the US magazine - Travel + Leisure ranks Vietnam among top post-pandemic travel destinations for some below reasons:

- Vietnam is the most successful nation in the battle against Covid-19
- Vietnam has amazing beaches and landscapes
- Vietnam has a diverse culture
- Vietnam has the best street foods and great cuisine
- Vietnam offers cost-saving travel

1. When to book a tour
Vivutravel has received few "tour inquiries" in recent weeks, which is a great news because people starts to plan to travel again. However, with the present pandemic situation Vivutravel advises tourists to book a trip to Vietnam for  the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021 as it seems safer.

A great news is that Vietnam will grant e-visa to citizens from 80 countries from July 1 and re-opens international borders. More information to be updated.

2. Travel to safer destinations
Keep "Social distancing" during your holiday so when planning a tour to Vietnam, consult with your travel consultant to avoid big cities or spend less time than normal and stay away from the crowds. Vietnam is a beautiful country from mountains to sea and it is easy to find alternative destinations which are safer. Less visited destinations in Vietnam such as Dong Van karst plateau geopark, Ban Gioc waterfall, Quy Nhon beach, Con Dao island can be great choices.

General idea is to travel to the "Off the beatten paths" and stay at "isolated retreats or resorts" to keep you away from any risk. "Topas ecolodge", "Pu Luong retreats", "Whale Island resort" are some of Vivutravel's suggestions.

3. Short-notice trips
When things get back to "New Normal", people will be very busy. Not everyone can be sure of dates that they are able to travel so let's be ready to book in short notice. Vivutravel advises you to spend your time building a detailed interaries, making clear of deposit, cancellation and refund policies with your travel agent. Making sure that your travel is flexible and can be changed without charges and problems.

4. Check the flight sales
It is always cheaper to book your flights to Vietnam from you end. Post covid-19, the tickets will be discounted but remember to check the conditions. Many airlines will not allow you to change the date or you can not get refund if you change the date or cancel the trip.

5. Flexibility
This is the most important thing when you travel in a "new normal world". Flexibility ensures that you will not have to stick to confirmed plan. You can change the dates, shorten the trip, even cancel it without losing your deposit or money of unused services. Vivutravel is one of a few travel companies in Vietnam accept this.

6. Types of holiday
To keep you safer, it is advised you to travel in small group of friends, family. Solo travel, Couple's holiday and family vacation are highly suggested. Private and customized trips, beach getaway as well as adventure holiday are best to keep good social distancing and avoid the high risk of being infected with Covid-19.

7. Discounted Holiday
Vietnamese government, National administration of Vietnam tourism and all tourism sectors including airlines, tour operators, hotels, attractions are joining hands to promote Vietnam as a both safe and save-costing destination post Covid-19. There is no better time to travel Vietnam to enjoy 5 star services, but with 3 star prices.

8. Reputable Travel Company (Check booking conditions, customer services)
The pandemic showed the health of many Vietnam travel companies. Many has been suffering from financial problems and some are note ready to re-start. Vivutravel advises you to contact a reputable local travel company who must be member of National administration of Vietnam tourism, listed on Tripadvisor and before booking, just check carefully their booking, cancellation, refund conditions and policies. Customer service is also important in case of emergency, especially in time of Cononavirus.