Vietnam is safe now

28, May, 2020

Vietnam is safe now

International media lauds Vietnam's success in the battle against Covid-19 again and again. Vietnam has also become a model and good example or other countries to learn. Until today (28 May, 2020), it has been Consecutive 42 days, Vietnam has no new case infected incommunity.

Covid-19 updates in Vietnam
Total cases: 327 (of which 187 cases of entry and quarantined immediately)
Recovered: 278
Under treatment: 49
Negative one time: 6 cases
Negative two times: 17 cases
Death: None

Vietnam is safe now
On 23 April, 2020, after 22 days, social distancing ended in Vietnam. Children came back to schools.

On 23 May, 2020, Vietnam football came back with the match between Nam Dinh FC and Hoang Anh Gia Lai. It was shocked for world and regional media that more than 10 thousands of fans came to the stadium.

Business and commerce activities resumed. People's everyday life came back to "New Normal".

All tourist sites reopened and Vietnam tourism association, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam airlines, travel companies are joining hands to promote domestic market first and encourge people to travel in Vietnam. Slogan is "Vietnamese people travel Vietnam". 

According to WeSwap, the UK's largest P2P travel money provider. Vietnam is among first countries likely to reopen travel industry.

Interviewed on Australia’s 7News, Matt Young, secretary of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham) called on Australians to visit Vietnam when possible as the country is a safe, hospitable country with several stunning landscapes.

According to Travel + Leisure, US travel magazine, Vietnam is on bucket list when Covid-19 is overi and introduces Vietnam as one of the 17 trips to take as soon as borders are re-opened.

Vietnam travel Updates
Vietnam announced on 26 May to re-open international borders, airports, sea gates and allow Vietnam-evisa for citizens from 80 countries from 01 July, 2020.

Vietnam Ministry of Transport has also requested the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) to submit a proposal to the government on resuming international flights on some routes and loosening immigration procedures as the country reopens its economy and trade ties with selected partners.