Vietnam re-opens Domestic Travel

28, May, 2020

Vietnam re-opens Domestic Travel

After 22 days under social distancing that ended on 23 April, 2020 and after 42 days without any new Covid-19 case infected in community. Vietnam tourism sectors including Vietnam association of tourism, National Administration of Tourism, Provincial Departments of Tourism, Vietnam airlines, Travel Agents, Companies and local authorities are calling Vietnamese people on traveling in Vietnam.

Attractions reopened, below are some places from North to South.

On 25 April, 2020 Phu Quoc re-opened to welcome domestic tourists and expats.

On 28 April, 2020 Sapa and Ninh Binh and Nha Trang reopened for tourists

On 30 April, 2020 Hue and Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City reopened all tourist sites for local people and tourists to visit.

On 01 May, 2020 Halong Bay reopened to welcome tourists.

On 14 May, 2020. Tourist sites in Hanoi such as Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hoa Lo Prison, Ngoc Son Temple re-opened for tourists and its citizens.

Reasons to Travel
The first reason is that Vietnam is now safe to travel.
The second reason is to save "Vietnam tourism" industry.
The third reason is about "Great Benefits" for travelers. The first time in Vietnam tourists can enjoy 5 star services with 3 star prices. Airlines, tourist sites, hotels offer big discounts with 30-70% off.  It is really "Pay Less, Enjoy More".

When can  tourists travel to Vietnam?
Vietnam is likely the first country in Asia to re-open Travel industry. The first step is re-openning domestic travel market. The second step is to issue E-visa to Vietnam for citizens of 80 countries and re-open international airport, border gates and seaports from 01 July, 2020. The third step is to submit proposal to the Prime Minister by 10 June, 2020 to resume international flights to selected countries. So let's hope tourist visa to Vietnam as well as international flights to Vietnam will be approved.

Why Vietnam?
Vietnam is listed on the Buckiet list as one of the 17 trips to take as soon as borders are reopened by Travel + Leisure, a US travel magazine. The first reason is Vietnam is successful in the battle agaist Covid-19 pandemic and becomes one of the safest destination to travel. Following are rich and vibrant culture, friendly people, amazing landscapes, beaches, cuisine, etc.

According to Australia’s 7News, Vietnam is a safe, hospitable country with several stunning landscapes.

For these reasons, We can see a bright future for Vietnam tourism after Covid-19 is over. Vivutravel advises you to start looking at travel options and planning to visit Vietnam as soon as possible. First step is to contact Vivutravel to get a free tour itinerary and quotation.