Two most amazing tours from Dong Van, Ha Giang

15, June, 2020

Two most amazing tours from Dong Van, Ha Giang

450km from Hanoi, Dong Van (A district of Ha Giang) is the heart of the karst plateau geopark and has been praised as the most amazing area in Vietnam to discover. Vivutravel highly recommends this tour to Dong Van to anyone who comes to Vietnam for an unforgettable adventure holiday.

Happiness Road
With a length of 185 km, the road named Hanh Phuc is connected from Ha Giang city through the Dong Van rock plateau, which was started and formed from the efforts and blood of thousands of young volunteers in 1960s in the last century. The road has brought prosperous life to the people of the ethnic groups on the Ha Giang plateau, showing the strength of people against the harshness of nature.

To open the road at that time, more than 1300 youth volunteers and more than 1,000 laborers of 16 ethnic groups of Meo, Tay, Dao, Pu Peo, Lo Lo ... of 8 provinces in the north of Vietnam had to carve nearly 3 million cubic meters of stone with very primitive working tools, only hammer, crowbar. Their daily work was equivalent to about 1kg of rice. Living in deprivation but the youth union still worked hard everyday.

The most difficult section of the route was only 21 km from Dong Van to Meo Vac which took nearly 2 years to complete. This section of the road was a rugged pass for Ma Pi Leng. This is the most breathtaking part of a Ha Giang tour. Many lives of the Youth Volunteers were lost because of rock falling and when the road was completely done, the road named "Con Duong Hanh Phuc - Happiness road in English".

Dong Van karst plateau geopark
The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark of Ha Giang is spread over 4 districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Quan Ba with a total area of 23,606 ha and population size (as of the end of 2016). is over 290 thousand people. Dong Van rock plateau was officially recognized by UNECO as a Global Geopark on October 3, 2010.

Dong Van rock plateau contains many mysteries of geological tectonics over millions of years. Besides, Dong Van stone plateau also has many beautiful landscapes such as Lung Cu flagpole, Vuong vestige area, Dong Van old town of Dong Van district; Ma Pi Leng peak and Nho Que river of Meo Vac district; Bac Sum slope, beauty of Quan ba twin mountain, buckwheat flowers, etc.

In addition, on Dong Van Rock Plateau, there are many specialties that are favored by domestic and foreign tourists such as Mint Honey, dried beef of Meo Vac district; Thanh Van corn wine in Quan Ba ​​district; buckwheat flower alcohols.

Dong Van Rock Plateau also contains cultural identities of 17 ethnic minorities, each of which has a distinct culture and tradition. All of these things have created the attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to experience, travel and explore the global geological plateau of Dong Van Rock Plateau of Ha Giang, you will definitely fall in love with this amazing land.

Two most breathtaking tours from Dong Van town

1. Nho Que River Boat Trip
After breakfast in your hotel, start your great day with a short drive (4km) to the point where you will experience the most fantastic motorbike trip on meandering way to Nho Que River. You will sit behind a local motorbike driver and it is uncomforfortable and scary sometimes, but it is quite safe as the driver gets used to driving here. The way down to Nho Que river is amazing and picturesque. It takes around 30 minutes to the bottom of the river, get on a motorized boat for one hour enjoying the great view of the mountains, river and the Tu San Abyss Alley.

After the boat trip, take your time to visit few family of the Day ethnic before taking the motorbike back to the meeting point. Back to Dong Van for lunch.

2. Sky Way Ma Phi Leng
In the afternoon, drive to Ma Phi Leng museum to visit before starting a skywalk to enjoy the breathtaking view of Ma Phi Leng pass and Nho Que river from Above. This Vietnam's most amazing walk will take around 1,5-3 hours depending on your wishes. You finish this beautiful tour with coffee break at Ma Phi Leng's coffee stop. More photos to be taken before driving back to Dong Van for overnight.

Ha Giang Tour
Ha Giang ranked 4th among top 20 destinations to visit in 2020 by Hostelworld (A US's prestigious hotel and travel booking platform with 21 years of operation). Vivutravel is based in Hanoi and we are expert in organising Ha Giang tour with combination with Sapa,  Bac Ha market, Hoang Su Phi's rice terraces, Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake. Hope you get some information of this highly recommended tour in Dong Van and we look forward to seeing you in Vietnam.