Reasons to book your holiday with Vivutravel post Covid-19

15, June, 2020

Reasons to book your holiday with Vivutravel post Covid-19

When can i travel to Vietnam? Will it be safe to travel to Vietnam?  Should i travel to Vietnam right now? When will international flights to Vietnam resume? Can i apply a tourist visa to Vietnam now? These are some of the questions that we receive daily. Our answer is "not yet". However, domestic travel has just resumed and Vietnamese travelers are traveling safely across the country to enjoy benefits of tourism stimulus.

As planned, Vietnam to resume international flights to some regional countries such as Cambodia, Laos, South Korea, Taiwan in July, but tourists are still required 14 day quarantine. Not sure when the world gets back to normal, but it looks like the status is getting much better in EU, New Zealand and Australian.

Your safety is our priority
Vivutravel understands that after lockdown, many people wish to travel again, so we are preparing for the recovery. However, The wellbeing and safety of all our travellers and staff remain our PRIORITY. For these reasons, Vivutravel will train our staff, keep close eyes on COVID-19 health and safety policies in Vietnam and WHO's guidance to ensure that you can enjoy safe travels to Vietnam with Vivutravel in the future.

We are local tour operator
Who do you trust? A local tour operator in Vietnam or a travel agent in your home country who sits in an office and searches for information on google to give you advice? Vivutravel is based in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. We know real things that are happening in Vietnam, and have real experience, so our advice, suggestions, recommendations are best for you to plan a safe, beautiful, enjoyable holiday in Vietnam.

Best Prices
The benefit of your travel to Vietnam post Covid-19 is best price. A local tour operator in Vietnam like Vivutravel knows how to deal with third partners like domestic airlines, hotels, restaurants, transportation to get the best prices for your holiday. One more thing, we do not offer open tours, optional tours. Our Vietnam tour package is perfect without hidden cost.

The flexibility to change your travel plans
We have no fixed departure date. You do not have to stick to the origional plan as Vivutravel understands that sometimes plans change. That is why, when you book with Vivutravel you have the flexibility to change your travel plans with assurance that you will have options to cancel, postpose and re-book when possible.

Vivutravel is happy to make some last-minute changes for you and even when travelling in Vietnam, Vivutravel makes things possible and flexible so that you will enjoy as much as you can.

Private and Tailor Made Holiday
When Covid 19 pandemic is over, people will travel, but not like before. Things have changed. Travellers will need a detailed interary that meets their needs and budget as well as health and safety priority. As mentioned above, Vivutravel is local travel planner in Vietnam, so we know what, how, when and where to organise a great trip for you.

You are alone with Vivutravel
On a private tour in Vietnam with Vivutravel, you will be escorted by our private tour guide and driver. Our staff like tour operator and travel consultants are also in "ready to support mode", so it is normall if you receive calls from our office to check if you are enjoying the trip? Are you happy with the driver and tour guide? How is your lunch? How is the hotel? And when you need something like; Can you buy us a Sim Card? Where can we exchange some money? What should we buy for souvenir in Hoi An? Can we change the flight time? Vivutravel is always available at your requests with super quick response and support.

So sorry, i have to cancel my trip.
Vivutravel understands and happy to cancel without any charge if we are informed before we are charged by the third parties such as airlines or hotels. Refund will be sent back to you shortly and ready to re-book your trip when you can travel again.

Vivutravel - A stable and reliable brand
A friend is always with you even in difficult time. He/she must be true friend? A Vietanm travel company that undergoes through the waves of Covid-19, must be a reliable and stable brand to trust? Vivutravel is your friend in need and in deed in Vietnam, A travel brand since 2006.