The best Vietnam tour when Covid-19 is over

22, June, 2020

The best Vietnam tour when Covid-19 is over

When it comes to the best Vietnam tour, it depends on what you expect and your style of travel. However, Vivutravel beleives that the best Vietnam tour must satisfy your needs, budget and beyond from suitable itinerary, quality of accommodation, means of transport, meals to tour guide and other travel services.

Covid-19 has changed the world, our life and tourism. From now on, things will not be the same as it used to be. If you are looking for the best tour in Vietnam, please read our tips to book a Vietnam tour when Covid 19 is over.

Safe Travel
Safety is priority and this is not only for the well-being tourists, but also for travel staff and Vietnamese citizens. Noone wants to be Covid-19 carrier or  infected from the others, so Health & Safety Guidelines should be followed to minimize all risks.

How safe is Vietnam?
Vietnam is the most successful country in the fight against Covid-19 and has become a good example for the world to learn. After social distancing ended on April 23, 2020. Everything has been coming back to a "New Normal Status". All schools repened, domestic flights resumed, football matches taken place with audiances, domestic tourism is now being encouraged with a lot of stimulus packages, public places like open markets, wet markets opened as normal, etc.

If you have a plan to travel to Vietnam when Covid-19 is over, plan it now because Vietnam is the safest country to travel and on bucket list by US Travel magazine - Travel and Leisure. 


Tailor Made
Forget the fixed departure date tour to Vietnam as you will travel in a big group and you are not possible to see and do what you really want. A tailor made tour to Vietnam planned by a local Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel will be the best Vietnam tour for some below reasons:

- A tailor made tour will save your Time and Money
- A tailor made itinerary will take you to beautiful, less-visited, but safer destinations in Vietnam that minimize the risk of catching Covid-19.
- Other things such as hotels, restaurants will also be well-selected to keep you away from the crowd.

Things are always changing so fexibility is very important when booking a tour to Vietnam. Our advise is to travel with a local Vietnam tour operator who always offers fexibility in booking conditions, cancellation and refund.

Traveling with great fexibility makes your holiday comfortable and stress-free, especially in Covid times.

Private Tour
It can be fun and less-boring if you travel in a big group, but it seems unsafe when you do not know the other's travel history. So it is advised to travel to Vietnam when Covid-19 is over with your close friends and family. In fact, a private tour in Vietnam enables you to see more and travel the way you want. 

Book with Vivutravel
The best tour to Vietnam should be booked with a trusted Vietnam travel specialist like Vivutravel. We work to see smiles of satisfied tourists. We work to take care of your safety during your Vietnam travels. We survive after waves of deadly Covid-19 and become stronger than ever before. Vivutravel is the brand you can trust.

Last but not least, we are local travel expert, we know real things and have real experience. Vivutravel can give you good travel advice, travel tips as well as a lot of benefits when Covid-19 is over.

Suggested Vietnam Tour Post Covid-19
This is our suggested Vietnam tour after Covid-19 is over that covers the safer, less-visited but beautiful destinations to visit in Vietnam. Just a brief itinerary for you to have an idea. Vivutravel can always customise your needs.

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival
Day 2: Hanoi - Ha Giang (ranked 4th in the list of the 20 best destinations in 2020 by Hostelworld)
Day 3: Ha Giang - Dong Van karst plateau geopark
Day 4: Dong Van - Nho Que boat trip - Ma Phi Leng Walk
Day 5: Dong Van - Ba Be Lake
Day 6: Ba Be Lake - Ban Gioc Waterfall
Day 7: Ban Gioc Waterfall - Ken Homestay in Bac Giang
Day 8: Ken Homestay - Ha Long Bay Cruise (Ranked 18th in the list of the 20 best destinations in 2020 by Hostelworld)
Day 9: Halong Bay - Ninh Binh (Ranked 10th in the list of the 20 best destinations in 2020 by Hostelworld)
Day 10: Ninh Binh - Trang An - Hoa Lu
Day 11: Ninh Binh - Dong Hoi
Day 12: Dong Hoi - Phong Nha Cave - Thien Duong Grotto (Ranked 6th in the list of the 20 best destinations in 2020 by Hostelworld)
Day 13: Dong Hoi  - Hue
Day 14: Hue - Hoi An
Day 15: Hoi An Free Day
Day 16: Hoi An Free Day
Day 17: Hoi An - Danang - Saigon
Day 18: Saigon - Flight to Con Dao
Day 19-20: Con Dao Islands
Day 21: Con Dao - Flight to Saigon - Departure