Off season travel to Vietnam - good and bad

03, July, 2020

Off season travel to Vietnam - good and bad

Traveling to Vietnam from May to September is called "Low season" or "off season" and when it comes to the best time to visit Vietnam, it is advised to travel Vietnam from Octorber to April which is high season. In fact, The periods from May to September, the weather and climate are not favorable and there are not many festivals for tourists to see. But, it does not mean it is not good to travel because "Off season" is school summer holiday in Vietnam and domestic tourists travel a lot.

To avoid misunderstanding, please take your time to read the below information:

Off Season Travel to Vietnam - Good

Everything is affordable and bargainable
There is a fact that many hotels, restaurants, tour operators were born to serve international tourists only. If you travel to Vietnam in "off-season". You are able to get the best prices when promotion tickets are offered by domestic airlines, big promotion like stay 3 - pay 2 and free upgrade offered by hotels and tour operators in Vietnam are happy to reduce the tour margin. So, lower travel cost is what you will benefit from "Off season Vietnam travel".

Breathtaking landscape:
Off season Vietnam travel (May - September) is rainy season in Vietnam, but it is not as worse as you think. Short downpours will make things greener. If you travel Vietnam in May, you will see people harvesting rice. If you travel in Vietnam in June, you will see people preparing the new crop. If you travel in the north of Vietnam from July - Septeber, you will see amazing rice terraces in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai or Hoang Su Phi. Blue sky with white clouds dominate most of the time. If you are a landscape photography, you must come to Vietnam at this time of the year.

I do not want to see many tourists
This is what our tour guides have been told many times. So, low or off - season means fewer tourists and you will not have to stand in line/queue waiting for buying an entrance ticket to visit a tourist site or seeing tourists doing the same things everywhere. Less noisy, more comfortable? 

Are you happy to have your own swimming pool at a nice resort? Or have your own amazing mountain view like the king an queen of the mountain? Feel privileged? These are what you desere if you travel Vietnam in off-season.

Sun and Sand
Many people still think, it rains a lot in Vietnam in rainy season. But not really.  In the north of Vietnam, Heavy rain sometimes comes in the morning or aftternoon for 1 hour or less then stop and replaced by bluw sky and sun. In the central and south of Vietnam, there are sudden downpours, but short.

If you love sun, sea and sand, you must TRAVEL TO VIETNAM in this time of the year. Beaches are nice.

Off Season Travel to Vietnam - Bad

Hot and humid
Vietnam is a tropical country and the temperature is high in Summer from around 32°C - 40°C, sometimes 43°C. Humidity is also high that make you sweat all the time. If you are not used to this weather and climate, this can be the problem. You can be sick or can not finish the tour because of the Summer heat. If you still want to travel to Vietnam during this period,  come in late August or September as the weather and climate can be better.

If you book a your Vietnam tour with a local tour operator, remember to ask your travel consultant to organise the tour as flexible as possible.

Tropical typhoons
Vietnam normally suffers from around 5-10 tropical typhoons in Summer, but do not affect the whole country because Vietnam is long. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city, it is 1.616 km. So, the weather is nice in Ho Chi Minh city, but rainy and stormy in Hanoi. Tropical typhoons in Vietnam normally come from the east sea after hitting the Philippines, heavy rains normally happen for 1-2 days. Bad things can be "Cancellation of Halong bay cruise", delayed flights, flood in the mountainous areas. A local Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel will know what to do for our clients to continue and enjoy their holiday.

Tips to travel Vietnam in off season:
- Wear short and T-Shirt
- Bring Sunglassess and Sun Cream
- Make sure umbrella and raincoat availble in the car.
- Check weather forcast before taking a tour if you alone in Vietnam
- Do not drink cold water when you are sweating, easy to get sick.
- Do not have shower when sweating and your body temperature is high, easy to get cold fever.