5 things you love most and least about Vietnam

07, August, 2020

5 things you love most and least about Vietnam

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, you must know a lot about the country you are going to. Many tourists come to Vietnam, have a very good impression of this country, because of the majestic natural landscape, hospitable people, or rich cuisine. But there are always things that you don't like.


Magnificent natural scenery
The country has a large number of breathtaking landscapes to explore. Anywhere, running along the country, you will be surprised by the incredibly attractive natural landscape. From Hanoi capital, to Ha Long Bay, Son Dong Cave or Mekong Delta, from the beautiful beaches in the south to the terraced fields in the north, wherever you go, you'll find that the whole of Vietnam is full discoveries, and places that overwhelm you

A rich cultural heritage
Vietnamese history and culture date back more than 4,000 years. The lucky country still has many treasures saved. In particular, we can talk about the great number of ancestral works, popular legends, as well as traditional festivals. All are enriched by the great mosaic picture of the peoples (54 peoples living in Vietnam) of the country. There are also many religious relics with ancient temples, pagodas and feudal tombs and many other ancient ruins. Not to mention colonial history is still visible in cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

vietnamese culture

A rich and diverse cuisine
Vietnamese cuisine is really popular with all tourists thanks to the name dishes that travel around the world such as pho, bread (Vietnamese bread), bun cha, spring rolls. These are all essentials for a gourmet holiday! The street food is varied and delicious. It is worth showing curiosity. It is also a great way to meet locals and their daily lives. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of coffee served in the original way, such as ca fe sữa đá (iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk) or cà phê trứng (coffee with eggs).

A friendly and hospitable people
The overwhelming majority of foreigners agree that Vietnamese people are particularly friendly and hospitable. In fact, anywhere on the street, everyone is there to help you, whether it's just giving you the best route to a given location or finding a bus if you need it. This gives a very good first impression to tourists about a kind and warm people because they are hardworking and persistent.

A very affordable financial destination
Whether it's food, accommodation or entertainment to consider on a Vietnam tour, prices there are much lower than in Europe or North America. We can cite an example of several prices: $ 15 for a meal with two drinks, a street food costs about $ 5. You spend an average of $ 4 / hour on a massage. Accommodation is also quite accessible. Tourists can get a nice room for $ 20 / night.

5 things you will least like about your trip to Vietnam

hoi an town

1. Traffic chaos
When visiting Vietnam for the first time, the traffic can be extremely scary. The streets are full of vehicles, with scooters and motorcycles zigzagging at breakneck speeds between cars and trucks. We also recognize that Vietnamese drivers do not seriously respect the red light, let alone the right and over-left priorities. All this is especially scary for newcomers, especially if they are pedestrians.

2. A certain instability of the population
As we said above, Vietnamese people are always welcoming and kind to foreigners. Despite everything, Vietnamese people are sometimes perceived as uncomfortable or difficult to understand with Westerners. We can say an example of disrespect when queuing in certain places (supermarkets, banks, etc.), about the carelessness of pedestrians in the crowd who do not hesitate to squeeze in. cross a path. It is also common for tourists to complain about a certain harshness or insistence on the street vendor's side. Fortunately, these cases are particularly rare and do not affect your overall quality in Vietnam.

3. Prices for tourists
In some tourist centers, at markets, with street vendors or taxis, it is not uncommon to find that double price hike takes place in Vietnam. There will be separate rates for locals and separate prices for foreigners. In the most extreme cases, the price is multiplied by 3! Therefore, if you want to buy things, you can experience the feeling of bargaining when buying things in Vietnam.

4. Pick pocket
The situation of pocket growth is widespread worldwide and Vietnam is no exception. However, cases of pickpockets in Saigon or Hanoi are recorded, which are much smaller than major cities around the world. In addition, the countryside and the less populated areas of the country are especially safe for travelers, whether traveling with family or alone.

Obviously, on a trip to Vietnam, it was one of the country's black spots. Garbage is quite often thrown on the ground. This is how some iconic locations lose a bit of sparkle when you take a closer look at the cleanliness around them. Air pollution is also present in big cities, which can, depending on the weather conditions, cause illness in sensitive people. The State continues to make great efforts in implementing a number of plans to reduce these inconveniences and raise public awareness.

By Hoai - Vivutravel consultant