Vietnam Travel Trends After Covid-19 is over

08, September, 2020

Vietnam Travel Trends After Covid-19 is over

It can't rain forever, the sun will rise? Covid-19 has been causing terrible things to the world, but people believe that some vaccines will be used widely by the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021, then it is safe to travel again.

So the question is "How are we going to travel after the passing of Covid-19?" And here are the Vietnam travel trends that will be most popular when the world reopens.

Domestic tourism
This will be one of the most popular post-Covid-19 travel trends. And there are 2 reasons for this. First, domestic travel helps visitors reduce their exposure to corona virus. Meanwhile, international travel with flights and contact with travelers from multiple nationalities is something people will want to stay away from. Visitors also need to understand and comply with the different regulations of the countries on epidemic prevention when traveling internationally. The second reason is that the border closure makes people focus on the movement to support their own country, people will tend to help their economy develop more. And supporting domestic tourism is one way to contribute to the economy.

More tourists tend to look for less crowded places and destinations that were previously less visited will benefit from the growth in domestic tourism. Increasing support for local businesses will do wonders for local economic recovery, plus visitors reconnect with the cultural, historical and natural origins of their locality. So if you want to travel after Covid-19 then the best place to start is your home country.

Travel alone
Covid-19 demanded social stretch and led to a change from group tours among young Chinese tourists after the country reopened its borders. Chinese tourists have a tradition of traveling in large groups. But after the pandemic, group trips will no longer be an option but rather solo Vietnam travel will be the more popular travel trend following the Covid-19 epidemic.

solo vietnam travel

Family travel, group of friends
Recently, families and groups of friends have split up to travel together rather than traveling in large groups, to help stop the spread of the corona virus. We will also see another type of travel bubble in the form of group Vietnam travel. Friends or family members will feel safer when traveling together, prefer to share accommodation and space on vehicles together to minimize contact with others and practice relaxation. social way.

Tourism combined with work
Workations - Vietanm travel combined with work will be a new tourism trend after Covid-19. Workations are a combination of two words: Working (working) and Vacation (vacation). Until now, those not working in essential services have spent a quarter of the year 2020 working from home. And when the offices cannot reopen, the working space will be changed by working form combined with tourism. This form will suit those who work in an open environment, work online or have flexible working hours. You can both work and enjoy your vacation while ensuring social distance, reducing contact with people after Covid-19.

Healthcare tourism
Covid-19 has further emphasized the importance of health and everyone will consider travel plans associated with wellness and spiritual care. Examples of health tourism are yoga courses in Indonesia or detox and rejuvenation programs in Thailand. In recent years, the demand for wellness tourism has increased in India, the Middle East, China, Thailand and the rest of Asia Pacific. And Covid-19 will certainly be a positive testament to the development of this field.

Close to nature (Green and Responsible)
Future Vietanm trips will focus on getting away from crowded cities and out in the wild more. After Covid-19, tourists will choose destinations in nature such as national parks, deserts and islands. This form of travel allows them to adhere to the rules of social distance, as well as explore and connect with nature, something many people have not done during a blockade. Furthermore, such destinations are often less visited by tourists and this has met the demand for less crowded places after Covid-19 by tourists.

Road travel
Road trip is a Vietnam travel trend after the Covid-19 epidemic that will strongly adivsed. Car, motorbike or other road transport trips to explore the country with complete autonomy and flexibility will be an increasing choice after restrictions are lifted.

The simple reason is that private travel or rental travel is more attractive than air travel - transportation that carries many risks when we contact with tourists from all over the world. The increase in airfare could also be the reason for the increased road travel. Airfare is likely to increase by about 54% for travelers in Asia Pacific. Therefore, tourists will see road trip as a cheaper and safer alternative to traveling by plane.

vietnam road travel

Contactless travel
This is one of the most important new Vietnam travel trends that will emerge after the pandemic is over. We are accustomed to social stretching, avoiding physical contact, and so is the travel industry. The most immediate and obvious change will be the transition from cash payments to card payments and other contactless payment methods. This is because people do not want to exchange paper and coins because they are vulnerable to virus infection.

Now, from airport checks to hotels, we will see rigorous and automated cleaning practices across the travel industry to prevent contact between people. Technology will pave the way with cleaning robots; application of touch technology such as passport and electronic boarding pass, contactless fingerprint, face recognition. Medical check-ups will also be a new norm when traveling after Covid-19. We will also see an increase in "travel privacy," and there will be more personal spaces in places like airports and hotels to help people control social distances.

Medical-ready destination
The Covid-19 crisis has seen people around the world struggle for the loving care they need. The health care systems of some countries have come under pressure and face medical shortages and critical medical supplies such as personal protective equipments, breathing apparatus, and masks. This may create the post-pandemic tourism trend that tourists will prefer destinations with more advanced medical facilities or infrastructure. Because of that, visitors will feel more secure when experiencing medical emergencies when visiting that place.

Why Vietnam?
Vietnam listed as the world's destination, blessed with amazing nature, rich culture, great cuisine, pristine beaches, friendly people, etc. Vietnam is also one of a few countries that has been controlling Covid-19 very well. Vietnam must be a green and safe destination to visit after Covid-19 is over. And if you plan to visit Vietnam post Covid-19, Vivutravel is here to assist you in organising the most memorable holiday in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or combination.