The Future of Vietnam Tourism after covid-19

09, September, 2020

The Future of Vietnam Tourism after covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic happened during the peak season to welcome international tourists to Vietnam and the festive tourist season, which had a negative impact on the domestic tourism industry. The number of international and domestic tourists decreased sharply due to the cancellation of the service and the anxiety about traveling.

Solutions to help Vietnam tourism businesses recover from Covid-19
To limit the negative effects caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, revive the domestic and international tourist market, support tourism businesses in difficult times, maintain the growth momentum of the tourism industry, some solutions have been proposed as below:

Government Support
Facing the crisis with heavy losses caused by the Covid-19 epidemic to the Vietnam tourism industry, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism asked  ministries, branches and localities to carry out timely and synchronous support policies for tourism businesses to minimize difficulties, damages and recovery; contribute to gradually return the tourism industry to normal operations

Promote domestic tourist market promotion
This is the market that will recover faster than the international market. It is necessary to  implement domestic tourism stimulus programs soon after Vietnam has announced the end of the epidemic, encouraging people to respond to the tourism stimulus program "Vietnamese to travel Vietnam" to restore the market with plentiful discounts, attracting tourists  to travel to suitable destinations.

It is possible to consider and select new destinations, places that are safe to attract domestic tourists in accordance with the conditions, capabilities and strengths of the company. Need to invest in new domestic tourism routes, pay attention to exploit community ecotourism, tourism associated with environmental protection.

vietnam domestic tourism

Market diversification
Vietnam tourism is too dependent on the Chinese tourist market, followed by Korea and Japan, so when the epidemic breaks out and spreads, the number of international visitors to Vietnam plummets, leading to the bad revenue of the tourism industry. Therefore, promotion activities should be promoted in markets that are not affected by the epidemic, in markets with high growth potential and with direct flight connection. The market restructuring is very important, we should focus on promoting activities in potential markets such as the US, Canada, Australia, and India.

Western Europe and North America will be important markets that need to focus on promotion and promotion activities, at the same time it is necessary to promote promotional activities through websites, social networks, ... with the application of modern technology to attract viewers.

The Future of Vietnam Tourism
Tourism is driven by human needs. Covid-19 resulted in a change in the daily habits of everyone in the world. During the pandemic, people stay "safe" at home or at isolated areas. Most of the activities take place online. Technology connects people. Since then, tourism also forms new trends. However, people will travel?

First, healthcare tourism is crowned.
With the developed society, the need for enjoying life of people is increasingly high, instead of simply relaxation, many people choose to combine tourism with health care activities.

After the long nightmare of corona virus threats, people are truly awakened by their lifestyles with their surroundings. The positive spiritual values ​​of life are of strong concern. People know how to love each other and love themselves better. Accordingly, during this time, the Tourism industry needs to prepare to provide advanced healthcare services for tourists.

Medical services, health care will be provided at accommodation facilities, or even during long journeys on transportation, not only helping visitors experience health care, but also balancing mind and soul.

Second, smart tourism develops.
Coronavirus facts and figures are opportunities for businesses to think about sustainable smart tourism. Planning a smart experience for tourists by using technology, taking tourists out of their homes to enjoy the value of life after the pandemic is also a big challenge. When customers are familiar with online activities, digital technologies to help people participate in virtual tourism, should also be interested in developing by businesses.

In order to be selected by smart customers in the near future, travel businesses and investors must constantly think to consider all the activities and actions and policies needed to innovate. . Priority is given to all employees to be trained in new thinking, new business philosophy; rebuilding services to reach the new wave of consumer lifestyles; re-establish business operations, take good care of traditional partners, redefine target markets for new partnerships, ... These are also competitive advantages of each enterprise.

vietnam ecotourism

Third, forming a closed tourism model.
In addition to expanding the foreign tourist market, business restructuring, how to invest in ecotourism model, connecting airlines, resorts with closed services, while increasing length of stay and expenses, both helping to enhance the image of Vietnamese tourism.

Investing in a closed tourism brings a comprehensive and package of Vietnam tourism products to customers, thereby attracting a stream of high-income customers as well as family guests with many other resort needs. together. With safety criteria, this will be the choice of many customers after this season.

Conclusion: The epidemic is unexpected and it is negatively affecting the tourism and hotel industry globally, including Vietnam. The Government, businesses and related industries have been implementing many appropriate support and stimulus measures to turn difficulties into favorable conditions for the recovery of tourism activities in the future.

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