What should you do if you have maximum 10 day tour in Vietnam

28, April, 2016

What should you do if you have maximum 10 day tour in Vietnam

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam but you do not know where to go among so many interesting places from the north to the south with your limited time, let Vivutravel help you. Here are our suggestions for you to consider:

10 days or less in the North
+ Hanoi city
This is capital city of Vietnam with a thousand year of culture. Traveling to Hanoi, you will have an opportunity to visit the most unique attractions such as Ho Chi Minh complex, temple of literature, ethnic museum, beautiful lakes and enjoy the special food of Hanoi.

+ Halong bay
Taking an overnight on romantic Halong bay cruise will be the best choice when traveling to Vietnam. In Halong bay, you will have a great chance to enjoy the beautiful seascape with more than 1600 islands and islets, amazing caves, beaches, kayaking and fishing villages.

+ Discover terraced rice fields in Sapa
In 2009, the Travel & leisure magazine voted for terraced rice field in Sapa as one of the seven most wonderful rice fields in the words because of its beauty. Traveling to Sapa, you can enjoy the fresh air with green trees, beautiful flowers, the smell of rice fields, fruits and you can get the friendliness from local people.

10 days or less in the center
+ Hoian ancient town
Hoian ancient town is known as a paradise at night in any Vietnam tour with colorful of lanterns, traditional food, local sing and dance. Besides, you also enjoy amazing trip to countryside, traditional handicraft villages, fun shopping, skilled tailor, and meet friendly people.

+ Relax on the beautiful beaches in Danang and Nha Trang
Beaches in this area are famous for wide sand beach, blue water, light waves, and clean environment. The sport water cannot be missed when relaxing in these beaches.

+ Tours in Hue
Hue is one of the most attractive destinations you should visit in your Vietnam holiday. Take a boat trip on perfume river to visit Thien Mu pagoda or visit Khai Dinh, Minh Mang and Gia Long king tombs are the most fascinating highlights of Hue tour which you cannot skip.

10 days or less in the South
+ Ho Chi Minh city
Actually, when traveling to Vietnam, most of travelers do not miss Ho Chi Minh city. This city has grown up from the war and quickly become a biggest and the most modern city of Vietnam. Traveling to Ho Chi Minh city, you can visit so many exciting places such as Ben Thanh market , Notre Dame cathedral, museums .

+ Cu Chi tunnels
Cu Chi tunnels is a historic place and one of the highlights you should visit when travel to Vietnam. In Cu Chi, you will visit weapon and booby trap exhibitions, navigating authentic Viet Cong tunnel. Visit the different underground bunkers such as kitchens, meeting rooms, ammunitions.

+ Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta is famous for natural landscapes, floating market, simple life of local people, traditional handicraft villages, tropical fruits gardens and typical folk music. So, when travelling to this area, you will have an unforgettable time.