Special gifts to bring home from Vietnam trip

04, May, 2016

Special gifts to bring home from Vietnam trip

When traveling to Vietnam, you will be attracted by many things which you cannot find anywhere. Besides Ho Chi Minh city, Hoian ancient town, Hanoi capital city is considered as a paradise of shopping place, because this city provides a lot of items. If you travel to Vietnam for the first time, you will be confused among so many things which you want to buy to offer your friends. Let me give you some suggestions that you may find interesting gifts for your relations.

1/ Silk
When traveling to Hanoi city, you will be impressed by so many silk shops in the old quarter such as Khai silk, Duc Loi silk. Especially, not far from Hanoi is Van Phuc silk village where is famous for silk quality with the unique features. Visiting Hanoi, you can buy so many items made from silk such as silk scarf, shirt, skirt, bag as a gift for your friends, family.

2/ Do paper
This is special product made from bark of the Do tree. To get this tree, the handicraftsmen have to find in Yen Bai province. In the past, this kind of paper was very popular, but nowadays it is used for things such as postcards, notebooks.

3/ Jewelry and Silver
There is a street in Hanoi where you cannot miss if you want to buy jewelry and Silver. Hang Bac (Silver street) is well known for silver with a lot of interesting products made from silver. Coming to this street, you can easily buy the meaningful gift for your beloved.

4/ Snack
If you want to bring special food to your friends, snacks in Hanoi are the best idea. There are so many different snacks, however you can choose O Mai and Banh Com, which are specialties of Hanoians to offer their relations on the special days. O Mai is dry fruits such as plum, ginger, lemon and banh Com is green rice flake cake. You can find O Mai in Hang Duong street and Banh Com in Hang Than street.