See new culture through Vietnam urban package tour

04, July, 2016

See new culture through Vietnam urban package tour

If you haven’t take a step on South East Asia yet, then this time we would like to recommend you Vietnam – a small country but beautiful one. Let’s begin your asia’s trip with Vietnam tour package.

Vietnam is small country in the South East Asia but it has a long history. Situated at an important location, which makes it receive a special gift of Mother Nature, Vietnam has attracted many visitors from all around the world traveling with Vietnam tour package. Last time, we introduced you Vietnam tour package to discover the nature of temperate climate. This time, let’s see what you can find in the urban life by Vietnam travel packages.

As a small country still on the way of developing, there aren’t many modern big cities around Vietnam. However, here are some interesting cities which may seduce you:

1. Ha Noi

Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam. Right in the “heart” of the nation, Ha Noi reunited the beauty and culture of Vietnam. In Ha Noi, you can see the remnants of the pass century such as: Ho Guom – the Sword lake, Quoc Tu Giam – the very first university of Vietnam, etc. They are still remained in Ha Noi, makes Ha Noi have an ancient beauty but not too old. Other thing that you may like in Ha Noi is food. Yes! You could find many gourmet restaurant which offer specialties all around Vietnam. If you dare, you could try street food in Ha Noi. To know more about it, see on Vietnam packages’ information.

2. Da Nang

Recently, Da Nang raises and reaches onto the top 5 cities of Vietnam. Unlike Ha Noi, what you could see in Da Nang is a new modern city where people are polite, nice and no overpriced. Da Nang is also famous as City of Bridges. In Da Nang, the temperature isn’t too cold on winter and not too hot on summer.

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