6 good reasons why Italians should visit Vietnam

05, August, 2016

6 good reasons why Italians should  visit Vietnam

Discover Vietnam could really be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. The Indochina country with the biggest varieties of landscapes and  people, Vietnam is still traditional and deeply Asian. It offers tourists  destinations for almost every kind of holidays, from posh resorts by the sea to scenic landscapes on the mountains and ancient and noble art towns.

Why should Italians visit Vietnam? The answer is very easy: Vietnam is different  from the other Indochina countries and, in some way, it is unique. It is a country that will surprise you with thousands different aspects and will make you experience the unique charm of Asia.

Vietnam is still authentically Asian

Contrary to the other Indochina countries, the relative insulation of the last decades has preserved the traditional traits of the Vietnamese society. Here, in any single moments of the day authentic Asia comes out, likepeople’s exquisite manners and their brightly-coloured traditional costumes, the many religious celebrations around the pagodas sunk in the dark green of the tropical vegetation, the scenic floating markets (the most famous ones are in Mekong delta) where thousands of flat boats full of any sort of merchandises gather together.

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Vietnam holiday offers a huge variety of stunning  landscapes and  unique destinations

Vietnam stretches  over 1000 kilometres from North to South and, like Italy, it offers a big  variety of landscapes, from the terraced rise fields in Sapa to the white sand beaches edged with palms of Da Nang. Almost every kind of Vietnam holidays is possible in Vietnam, no matter whether you wish to relax in a posh resorts by the sea or to explore remote ancient temples lost in the jungle. In Vietnam, everything is possible. Simply ask and get.

Vietnam holiday has a great cultural heritage and famous art towns

Like China, Vietnam has had a long and complicated history. In the past,  the ancient town of Hue was the hub of one of the most important empires in Indochina. During centuries, several foreign dominations have affected the local culture, yet without altering its distinctive traits. Theresult is that the country is rich in art towns, monuments, landmarks, and it shows an interesting cultural syncretism that makes  the classical Vietnamese architecture unique in the world.

You can admire the Vietnamese best examples of fine arts in many museums, like the Museum of Royal Fine Arts (Hue) and the History Museum in Ho-Chi-Minh, where a fantastic exhibits of over 30.000 artefacts from the very past to today waits for you. In Hanoi, visit the ancient colonial French district; don’t miss Hoi An, a perfectly preserved  ancient port with characteristic pagoda bridge, nice small water canal and typical tile roof houses; go to Hue, the ancient imperial towns, and visit its wonderful citadel.

Vietnam holiday offers a lot of natural areas and parks

For those who love nature and hiking, Vietnam holiday offers lots of beautiful natural scenery from heart-breaking mountains to deep caves and slow rivers that stream through deep gorges. The Mekong Delta, for example, is the biggest wet area of Indochina and one of the most important biodiversity sources in the world. Another very famous destination is the bay of Ha Long, with its unique views on thousands of small rocky islands raising up abruptly from the sea.

In Vietnam, there are many national parks, especially on the mountains in the north, where it is possible to go hiking. Among the hundreds of beautiful destinations, we mention Mai Chau (falls, steep gorges, Thai tribes, wild landscapes), the area around the picturesque lake of Ba Be, with its idyllic and relaxing countryside, the wild mountains around Lao Cai, where there still live some interesting ethnic groups.

Vietnam has a great culinary tradition

There is no nice Vietnam holidays without delicious food, isn’t it? Well, Vietnam has the richest cuisine of  South-East Asia with over 500 dishes.So, you won’t be disappointed! Restaurants are clean and prices are cheap. Its tropical climate and its fertile soils ensure not only continual supplies of fresh vegetables and fruits all over the year, but also an incredible variety of products.Every reason has its local specialities. However, the gastronomic capital of the country is Hue, the local version of Bologna. And if you yet prefer to eat Italian food, there are Italian restaurants in almost every Vietnamese towns.

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In Vietnam, people’s perception of Italians is positive

Italy is far, but many Vietnamese people still remember the diplomatic efforts of the Italian government to stop the war in the 60ies. This is probably one of the reasons why the Italian tourists are usually welcome. Italian tourists may travel alone and experience locals and their life style without many concerns. If you wish a real experience of Asian people, Vietnam is the right place to go.

Another good point is that there aren’t so many Italian tourists that visit Vietnam each year. So,  Vietnam is the right destination if you are looking for a country where people are genuine and there aren’t so many compatriots on the way.

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