Best Customized Vietnam Travel Tours from Australia

07, August, 2016

Best Customized Vietnam Travel Tours from Australia

Vietnam's well documented history, colourful cuisine, friendly people and breathtaking landscape helps to keep this country at the top of the travellers list of must see places to visit in Asia. From the lush green rice paddy fields in the South to the rugged mountains in the North and the picturesque tropical beaches in the central regions, this country makes it really easy to experience the customized Vietnam holidays.

Geography and Climate

Before coming to Vietnam it is essential to know the Tips to travel from Australia to Vietnam. Vietnam is blessed with a diverse range of geographic features with nearly three quarters of the country covered in mountainous and hilly areas and split into four distinct zones: the South Truong Son mountain Zone, the North Truong Son mountain Zone, the North-western Zone, and the North-eastern Zone. These mountainous regions have some of the most amazing scenery including Yen Tu Mountain in Quang  Ninh, Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan and the Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang. This land is also great for getting access to the colourful hill tribes in the local regions. The Mekong River delta and the Red River delta are perfect destinations for wet rice agriculture. The coastline stretches over 3250 km and has some of the finest lagoons and beaches in the world. Additionally, there are plenty of national parks throughout the country, including Cat Tien in Dong Nai, Bach Ma in Hue, Cuc Phuong in Ninh Binh, Cat Ba in Hai Phong and Ba Vi in Hanoi.

There is no particular good or bad time to explore this fantastic country. Whatever time you do decide to visit Vietnam, there is always some parts of the country that are favourable and pleasant. But if you do embark on the customized Vietnam tours that take you from one end of the country to the other, you are certain to experience different types of weather as you go.

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Vietnam travel styles

The Vietnam's travel styles are quite comprehensive and can be tailored to match the specific travelling needs and requirements.

Classic tours

The classic tours of Vietnam are designed to include the most visited and historic locations that are certain to be appreciated by the tourist. The travellers can pick and choose the preferred destinations and type of travel experience. This type of travel package is a practical option for all types of visitors on a first trip to Vietnam. If you want to experience the most iconic sights and sounds, then the classic tour is the most practical option.

Local culture tours

With nearly 4000 years of history, a Vietnam package tour has the ability to offer a fantastic cultural experience for those visiting Southeast Asia. The cultural tours include anything you want to know about the way of life in Vietnam, including the unique water lifestyle in Mekong River to the villages at Red River delta.

Active nature explorations

Vietnam is blessed with natural beauty throughout the country with its bays and lagoons, rivers and beaches, the largest cave in the world and the highest mountain of Indochina. The active exploration tours are intended to fully highlight the natural beauty and includes mild to high trekking, so it can benefit to have the physical stamina in place for this type of tour.

Beach vacations

The long stretches of pristine white sand make up some of the finest beach destinations in the world. The customized Vietnam holidays have ability to offer unique active activities and relaxed accommodation. Many of the places to stay are situated in quiet locations that let you get a break from the main tourist crowds.

Urban treks

The Vietnam urban treks make it possible to explore the fascinating cities throughout the country with a knowledgeable guide who can take you to the most interesting and popular destinations throughout the different regions of the country. With guides that are born and live in these cities, you're certain to get a truly memorable experience that showcases the most fascinating aspects of the city and what goes on in the daily life of the locals.

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Customize my Vietnam tour

If you would prefer to create the bespoke travel itinerary, you have plenty of options to put together a tour package that is fully tailored to match your specific needs, schedule and interests.

Throughout the tailor made Vietnam holidays you will not only experience the fascinating sights and sounds, but also get to enjoy exotic and fresh cuisine, and the openness and warmth of the local Vietnamese people. Additionally, there are plenty of markets and stores to stop to buy souvenirs and gifts.

By contacting your tour operator it is generally easy to put together the perfect journey that includes the very best places to visit in the north, central and southern regions, while also giving the option to put a preference on the type of accommodation and meals. Plus this will also take into account the length the trip and the number of people in your party. With the guidance of a personal assistance, it is possible to quickly put together a travel itinerary that meets the personal budget and gives the opportunity to experience the most memorable tour of Vietnam and Indochina.

By putting in the extra effort to organize the Vietnam customized holiday you get to experience all aspects of the culture and nature in this country for the most unique and authentic experience. The personalized tour can include any of the cities throughout the country that really interest you and have the qualities that are worth experiencing.

The best way to travel the country is via domestic flights when moving between the large cities because this will give more time to explore the local areas. But for those that prefer land travel, there are plenty of overnight train journeys that can get you to your next destination in relative comfort. Also, there is the option of travelling on the bus, but for the longer journeys that is often advised against.

Whether you're looking for the customized travel tour that includes destinations like Hanoi, Halong bay, Perfume pagoda, DMZ, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon),  Cu Chi - Tay Ninh, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, or Hue, you are certain to get the best possible experience with the custom Vietnam travel that includes your specific travel itinerary.