Tips to travel from Australia to Vietnam

07, March, 2019

Tips to travel from Australia to Vietnam

Vietnam always has tourist trooping in from several countries on a daily basis. This great country has now become the location to explore for all tourist who loves to explore history, culture and the marvellous wonders deposited in our habitat. Having become the gateway to South Asia, your chances to explore are limitless.

Several tourists from Australia has enjoyed exploring Vietnam during their holidays and festive periods. It is easy to comprehend the reason why they have stuck to this country. Do you need to travel from Australia to Vietnam leave your worries behindand follow along as I discuss the important information that helps you plan the perfect trip.

For some, It might feel like an impossible task to plan a successful trip, but this travel guide will help in delivering all essential information that will make the overall planning process easier and more comfortable. I am very sure that after understanding this guide, you will be more than eager to plan your next Vietnam trip from Australia.

We will be discussing how you can catch your flight, places to visit, what to expect in Vietnam, what you can do in Vietnam, and all other necessary tips that will make the trip the perfect one you crave for. This is the ultimate guide you need.

All you need to Know about visa and flight
Contrary to what you may have heard, flight moving from Australia to Vietnam are not really expensive. Most often stop in Ho ChiMinh City, from there you can connect to other locations you will be visiting. You can catch a flight in the range of $350pp and $500pp depending on your starting point in Australia and the type of ticket you are taking. It may take up to 8 hours to arrive at your destination.

As expected, you will require a valid tourist visa before you can be granted access into Vietnam. You can visit the Vietnamese embassy in Australia to get your Vietnam visa; you can also get your via immediately you get to Vietnam. You must have requested online before leaving your home country. Remember this method requires waiting for approval which if not granted, you won’t be permitted to complete the trip. How to get a visa for Vietnam in Australia?

You can also apply for e-visa which can be done online,and this can only work for at most 30 days. At any rate, your trip will be successful if you sort out every visa issue before embarking on the trip

visa to vietnam from australia

The Essential Tips ToKnow Before Entering Vietnam From Australia
It is very important to know some fundamental information about Vietnam before entering; this is so important as it will afford you the opportunity to have an exciting and interesting tour.

1.    Book an Accommodation before landing
For Vietnam tour from Australia, your first night is one of those nights that will shape your overall experience of the journey. There are severalthings about the city, the people, the culture, and many more that may confuse you upon landing. Booking your room ahead of time will make it easier for you to settle in happily.

Depending on your requirement, specifications, and how much you have to offer, there are thousands of hotels you can make use of which are generally not expensive. You may explore those that offer free WI-FI connection, free breakfast, and many more.

2.    Wear the appropriate dress
The way you dress plays a large impact on how people address us. This is true especially when in Vietnam. For your Vietnam tailored-made tour, the following are the best option; shirt and trousers, skirts, shorts, lightweight T-shirt, vest tops, and many more. When you visit certain locations like the place of worship, you must be cautious about what you are putting on.

You may make use of Pashmina in covering yourself well, especially for women. Lightweight long trouser is the best option for both male and female. You can’t predict the weather, hence be prepared for harsh weather conditions while on tour.

3.    You can still be connected online
If you love being on the internet all day, this can be possible when you are on tour in Vietnam from Australia. Almost all cafes, restaurants, hostels, and hotels offer free browsing option for their customers, and you can also avail yourself of this opportunity and save more while on tour. Some automatically attach it to their package, so you will get it in as much you book their hotel or make use of their services. In most cases, as long as you are on their premises.

4.    Travel agents and Tour Guides are important
There are several travel agencies you may think of, one of the very best is Vivutravel who provides agents that know every bit of Vietnam. They are the best option for your Vietnam private tour. As long as you want to catch sight of all the important locations and get there safe, they are the best bet for you. And they offer their services at affordable prices.

5.    Travel Vaccination must be verified
Beforetravelling to a foreign country, you must be sure that you are leaving your home in good condition, and that the condition of where you are going to is perfect. Therefore it is advisable to book a session with your GP weeks or days before embarking on the trip. Check for the available vaccines and make use of it.

The best way to prevent yourself from being infected with diseases is by taking vaccines that preserve youat all times when you are on tour. This will afford you the confidence of touring without fear of contracting any diseases.

vietnam travel agent vivutravel

Destinations To Visit In Vietnam
You won't just be roaming around this country upon arrival. Even the perfectly planned trip can become a disaster if you don’t know where to visit. Especially when you are on a Vietnam private tour, you need to plan how you will explore clearly. Here are the top ten locations to visit during your stay in Vietnam;

1.    Hanoi
The capital of Vietnam is a must visit for any tourist. This is actually the best way to know more about this country officially. All flight to Vietnam from Australia must definitely give you a glimpse of this city. The wonders of creation and architectural structures makes it more endearing. Expect to experience the life of busy markets, the opera house, cathedrals, and many more.

2.    Ho Chi Minh City
The former capital of Vietnam which is also formerly known as Saigon. This location has survived several wars, especially the popular Vietnam war. If you plan a trip to Vietnam from Australia and you’re not visiting this city, it is better you cancel the trip. It Is largely incomplete. It has more to deliver than you may expectto start from war scenes, night markets, modern and historic structures, and many more.

3.    Sapa
Popularly known for its surrounding rice terraces, Sapa has caught the eye of most tourist over the years. It has one of the best roads which makes the trip easier. If you love mountain hiking, you just can’t explore those in Sapa alone completely. The beautiful waterfalls and their beautiful fields make it endearing to tourist. Sapa is just the perfect place to visit if you love nature.

4.    Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta is another top destination that you must endeavour to visit. It offers all you may desire on your Vietnam trip. A glimpse of the rice paddies, bird sanctuary, the sugarcane groves, the many colourful and floating markets, fruit orchards, and many more fulfils your dream of a perfect tourist trip. The agricultural produce here and the sea life you stand to enjoy is just a few of the reasons why it is a must to visit.

5.    Dalat
This city is popular for its unique weather condition, it has cool weather,and at all times you can be sure heat is not your problem. The valleys, the lush pine trees, beautiful flowers, and several other sites make Dalat your next tourist stop. Do you love massive architectural designs? Dalat houses some of the best architectural designs in Vietnam.

6.    Nha Trang
If you love visiting bays, you won’t hesitate to visit Nha Trang. Talk about the gigantic mountains, unique islandand several fantastic beaches, Nha Trang is that spot to see them all. Palm trees and Promenade are also in abundance in Nha Trang.

7.    My Son
For your Vietnam tailor-madetour, especially If archaeology is your thing. My Son is definitely your spot. Over the years, it has been identified as the archaeological site of Vietnam. It has a rich history thanks for its popular use for religious activities. Religious leaders use this location wither for religious ceremonies or other purposes.

8.    Hoi An
In Hoi An, the architecture is divine and massive. Both the historical and the modernstructure offers all beautiful touristexperiences. The textiles, the culture, the food, the shops, and many more makes it more unique. If you desire custom made services, visit this city.

9.    Halong Bay
Arguably one of the best locations to visit in Vietnam. Known for its rockylimestones, youmay also remember the aqua green water that looks exactly like a sea dragon. The cave, caverns, sinkholes, and other intriguing lakes and water.

10.    Tam Coc
The name may sound funny but is worthy to note that Tam Coc has gained a good reputation. You can catch sight of their rice caves, and many more.
Above are some of the beautiful locations you can explore while in Vietnam. Trust me; they have all it takes to deliver the very best memory that you will cherish in years to come.

Important Thing to do during your Vietnam tour from Australia
It is also important to consider what you will be doing in this country. The journey may spin from perfect to boring if you know where to go and you don’t know what to do. Below are some of the things you can do during your visit.

1.    Explore the world largest cave
If you can explore this cave, you can give yourself an imaginary Guinness book of record trophy. The Quang Binh is the home of this massive cave that can contain a skyscraper conveniently. With some gears, ascending and descending of the hill becomes easier.

2.    Love Pho? Search for the best in Hanoi
There are thousands of dishes enjoyed by those visiting Vietnam yearly. Pho is one of the traditional foods that are both amazing and nourishing. Many people in Hanoi claims to have rich and nutritional ones, but only the best restaurant has it. How about you searching.?

3.    Enjoy a cruise in Mekong Delta
It's not strange that Mekong Delta has been listed as one of the top places to visit while on tour to Vietnam. Trust me; many are interested in catching the atmosphere of this location as they will be able to peer into the river banks and explore the environment. The night journey on the river is another beauty you won’t want to miss.

4.    Light a Lantern in Hoi An
Some things might sound uninteresting of boring, but trust me they deposit the best memory. Engage in the celebration which is held in Hoi An on a regularly. It is celebrated for 7 days, there, more than 50 workshops are available for exploring. A little feature of this celebration: filled with songs, food, crowded, chaos, and many more. All help makes the experience unique.

5.    Cycle around the city of Hue
Hue is a location that divides both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the few locations that has played a significant part when it comes to the history of Vietnam. It is one of the great places you can cycle; you can explore the whole city on your bike; this will afford you the opportunity to visit even areas   that would not have been explorable. Have you heard of the perfume river? You can only get to know that if you pay a visit to Vietnam.

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