The most popular destinations to visit in Vietnam

13, October, 2016

The most popular destinations to visit in Vietnam

The top Vietnam tour packages make it possible to see and explore some of the most vibrant destinations in the entire country. Whether it is travelling along the colourful and diverse Mekong Delta, the steamy city of Ho Chi Minh City, the spellbinding scenery of Ha Long Bay, or the capital city, Hanoi for its national monuments and fading colonial architecture, there is plenty to enjoy in this Southeast Asian country.

Here are several of the most popular destinations to include in the top Vietnam tour packages:

A visit to the capital city of Hanoi gives the opportunity to see one of the most exotic, atmospheric and graceful capital cities in Southeast Asia. A relaxing tour of Hanoi makes it possible to explore the thriving historic old city, ancient pagoda’s, beautiful lakes, and wide tree lined avenues with plenty of the area easy to navigate on foot.

Hanoi is great for exploring the maze of streets in the old quarter, which make it possible to easily sample the local cuisines offered by the pavement vendors which includes delightful sticky snacks, sizzling noodle dishes, and exotic fruits. One of the most quintessential ways to explore this city is aboard a cyclo.

Halong Bay
A junk boat cruise on the fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay is certain to feature on the itinerary of most top Vietnam tour packages. By hiring a traditional junk boat for the half day trip makes it possible to explore the emerald waters and get a full appreciation of the limestone islands that are evident everywhere. Plus, there are plenty of sheltered coves and caves that are well worth exploring. On the larger cruise liners that explore these waters, it is possible to sleep overnight in the bay, while being able to enjoy a fantastic seafood dinner on the sundeck.

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A visit to the central city of Hue makes it possible to get a full guided tour of this past Nguyen empire capital. A complete tour of Imperial Hue includes sights such as the Thien Mu Pagoda which has a fascinating and an old monastery. Its high tower at nearly 21 m has been established as a symbol for the citadel and Hue in general. Other attractions in the citadel include imperial palaces, formal moats and impressive ramparts, with certain parts lying in ruins.

A trip further into the countryside gives access to the Royal Tombs that make it possible to see mausoleums of Emperors Khai Dinh and Tu Duc.

Hoi An
A visit to Hoi An gives plenty of delights include the ability to have the more relaxed time with the option to spend the day at the beach or take a boat trip along the river.

Mekong Delta
The very fertile Mekong Delta makes a pleasant half or full-day cruise through the maze of waterways that make it possible to admire the wonderful views, such as the tropical fruits, rice fields, and flowers. A slow and relaxed cruise on a sampan offers a fantastic journey. Sights to watch for on the cruise include the local cottage industries producing paper, coco candies and popcorn, as well as house boats and colourful trading boats.

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