Reasons to Book Vietnam Private Tours

13, October, 2016

Reasons to Book Vietnam Private Tours

Vietnam is an amazing country with lots of beaches, museums and culture to offer any visitor. Nonetheless, it’s a country that can be tiring and overwhelming to navigate, especially if you are planning to visit when short on time. Going on Vietnam private tours is an excellent way to see Vietnam from a local’s perspective. This means that you never have to miss out on anything.

If you are a backpacker who loves adventure, traveling independently would work best for you. However, if you’re planning to visit Vietnam for only a few weeks, hiring a company that offers Vietnam private tours would be ideal. With a vast experience and knowledge of the country, a tour operator can help tailor your package to suit your needs and budget.

Some other reasons why you should consider private tours include:

Private custom tour at great rates
Have you ever gone for a tour organized by a travel agency that did not meet your expectations? With Vietnam private tours you’re rest assured that your trip will be designed around your areas of interest. A knowledgeable tour guide is able to answer all your questions and make the trip exciting for you.

Most tour companies are flexible enough to take you deep in the forest, go birdwatching or even take you for cooking lessons from a professional chef. Going it all alone may seem like an awesome idea, but you may miss out on spots that a local is conversant with. Furthermore, you may not be able to access some areas if you can’t communicate in Vietnamese.

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Value for your money
Going for a vacation and feeling like you didn’t get the value for your money can be disappointing. With Vietnam private tours, you’re rest assured that every coin counts. You not only get to see great spots at a discounted rates, you’ll also benefit from amazing discounts from luxury hotels. This means that you get to enjoy comfort at a fraction of the cost you’d have spent if you were booking the same hotel independently.

Peace of mind
Hiring a local tour operator gives you the peace of mind that when you land in Vietnam, everything is already catered for. There will be someone to pick you up when you arrive, welcome you and hear more about your preferences. Moreover, he/she will be responsible for your entire stay while in Vietnam to ensure everything goes accordingly and that any complaints or emergencies are handled promptly.

When traveling alone, you’re likely to take more time booking a hotel, getting a visa or even a flight to Vietnam.  Having a tour operator take care of all these things in advance gives you ample time to focus on other important tasks before your departure date.

Cancellation policy
With Vietnam private tours, some companies have very clear terms and conditions with the cancellation policy. As a tourist, having a travel insurance that covers for the unknowns and any cancellations is crucial.  You can also request for some changes to your itinerary and someone will try their best to accommodate these changes based on individual suppliers.

Travel in style
Everybody loves to feel appreciated and well-treated when they visit a foreign country. With a private tour, you can achieve this as the trip is tailor made to meet your needs.  There a variety of possibilities to explore when visiting Vietnam.

travel vietnam in style

Choose how you spend your time
Unlike traveling in a group where all of you have to be at the same place at the exact time, a private tour gives you the flexibility to spend more time at a specific place and less at another. The ability to manage your time makes private tours perfect for visitors looking to get the most out of their trip to Vietnam.

Personalized attention
Being in a group while traveling can be daunting. The guide may have to translate, answer questions from different people and try to keep everyone in check. Vietnam private tours gives you personalized attention from your tour guide. What’s more, you focus on only your areas of interest.

Enjoy local delicacies
When you are traveling on your own, you may not know the specific areas to sample street food. A private tour guide gives you the option to enjoy local delicacies when you want instead of only eating at designated restaurants.

Chance to relax
Going on vacation is a time to relax and have fun. You don’t need to be rushed to the next stop. Private tours gives you a laid back feel in which you get to enjoy the places you are interested in without feeling like you are in a rush.

Benefit from years of experience
Having a guidebook is perfectly okay. Nevertheless, nothing beats the years of experience a tour guide can offer you. Whether it’s the local culture. Best places to get the tastiest food or where to find the best views, a qualified guide can make your trip easier.

Booking a private tour to Vietnam will not only save you time, it will also ensure that you get to enjoy the best rates and visit every area without being rushed.