Touring in Vietnam

14, October, 2016

Touring in Vietnam

Touring in Vietnam makes it possible to experience both the energy and beauty of this lovely country. This country is rich in ancient cities, modern metropolises and natural beauty which are certain to give the traveller a wonderful experience. Whether you are travelling to Vietnam for its history, culture, mountains or beaches, this country is certain to welcome you with open arms.

Here are several of the major reasons why it is worth touring in Vietnam:

Stunning landscape
A great reason to visit Vietnam is for its stunning landscape that is clear to see across the entire country. Plus, there are several World Heritage sites to explore through the country, including the Hoi An ancient town street, Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave and Ha Long Bay. Other picturesque places to visit include Dalat with its French style villas and surroundings of flowers and strawberry gardens.

Friendly and welcoming locals
Vietnamese people are appreciated for their friendly nature and great hospitality. Wherever you are travelling on the visit to Vietnam there is a great change of being welcomed with help and warm smiles. For travellers planning to stay in Hue when touring the country the locals are famous for being very sweet, honest, and gentle. Other great places to experience the gentle way of life includes in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

Budget-friendly travel
Vietnam is well appreciated among the budget-friendly community in search of a great country to see and explore. There are plenty of very affordable guest houses and hostels to stay in virtually any city that attracts the tourist, while a 5-star resort is much more cost-effective than similar luxury hotels elsewhere. Plus, the food is delicious and very affordable, especially for those travellers that like to try the street food scene.

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Varied travel experience
Vietnam is a very varied country that makes it possible to experience a wide range of travelling experience, from the major cities to going off-the-beaten-path. Whether it is sand-surfing in Mui Ne, watching the sunrise in Hoi An, or staying with a local family in a homestay.

Delicious cuisine
The food in Vietnam goes well beyond the popular spring rolls and pho and many of the dishes can vary with the regions. Many of the dishes with fresh vegetables are very popular while other favoured choices including poultry and meat. Plus, there is fresh seafood which is a main dish with many of the destinations near the beach, as well as Danang, Hoi An and Ha Long Bay.

Stunning beaches
Vietnam has a great list of beaches that are perfect for relaxing under the shining sun and spending time in the clear water. Great beaches like Mui Ne and Phu Quoc are perfect for the travellers in search of a break for the sightseeing tours. Many of the beaches give the opportunity to enjoy water sports (snorkelling, surfing, etc.) and are very safe to swim. Plus, the beachfront resorts are perfect for those that love the seafood dinner.

Other great things to see and do include the traditional festivals (Tet holiday) and natural interests (bird watching, cave exploring, national parks, camping, and trekking in the mountains).