How to travel “safe” in Vietnam

08, December, 2016

How to travel “safe” in Vietnam

Vietnam is a safe country to travel, for sure. There is not any place in the world that can be more peaceful, safer and more beautiful than Vietnam. You can hardly find a country in the world where foreign tourists enjoy strolling around every streets and corner, like in Vietnam. Even you are independent travelers or women, I’m sure that you have no hesitation to choose Vietnam as your favorite destination. Everywhere in this lovely country, you will be welcomed by the friendliness and hospitality of local people, actually.

Sometimes, you see and read many bad reviews of traveling in Vietnam that make you confused. You wonder if those disappointed memories are true or not. Honestly, they are all true however let me tell you another truth that those who had memorable moments in Vietnam simply didn’t reveal about it. But those who had terrible experience wrote about it all the time.

In every country, there always exist both positive and negative things that everyone understands. Then you shouldn’t ask for a completely safe Vietnam that is really impossible. Instead, you should try to have a list of bad things in hand that you should defend yourselves from being hit. That way, your Vietnam vacation will be filled with amazing experience only and you will then all write excellent reviews of Vietnam travel.

As a leading tour operator in Vietnam, Vivutravel provides you with a list of problems that previous travelers sometimes got in order that you have a proper plan to completely enjoy your holiday in Vietnam.

Group tours: In every tourist center, you can easily find group tours that are arranged for backpacker travelers or budget travelers. You get what you paid for is that situation. Group tours in Vietnam are much cheaper than private tours as they offer inexperienced tour guides, crowded, noisy and old buses, low quality services. The members can come from various countries like Western countries and Asian countries that can really make you uncomfortable. It also takes time in the beginning as the bus has to pick clients up at different hotels. If you are the first members in the bus, it seems to be that you will have a short trip around the city for 30 minutes or even 1 hour.

group tour to vietnam

Taxi: It is advised to get on the cabs of reputable companies only like Mai Linh Taxi or Taxi Group that are a little bit more expensive than others but offer good services, especially, you will not be cheated. The drivers will not go around or try to change his meter in order to take more money.

Shooting: Amazing shots are the things that many travelers want to bring back home. However, portrait pictures should be asked for acceptance in advance or the locals will be very angry. In addition, you may be asked for money after taking photos of some street vendors or ethnic people. Then ask your tour guide to check if shooting their photos is free or not and they are happy or not.

Thief & Pickpocket & bag snatcher: Those guys may be sometimes seen at tourist centers where they think that they can easily earn their living. Then you should be careful and always keep an eye on your belongings. You are advised to keep your valuable things in your front pocket or at hotel’s safety box. When using a camera, hold it firmly on your hands or you will attract bad guys.

Money exchange: It is very easy to exchange money at tourist hubs from hotels to street offices however it is not advised. You may get higher exchange rates at those stuffs, however, don’t take the things that are too easy. This way can be widely accepted by locals, but not for you. The best option is exchanging money at a bank where you will get guaranteed services.

Cross a street: Chaos, crowd, danger are the things tourists keep talking about Vietnam traffic. And as a result, crossing the street is always a big issue that all tourists have to bear while traveling in Vietnam. It sounds really risky, but let’s follow the local’s instruction, that you only need to immerge yourself into the traffic flow, feel the space, make eye contact with the nearest motorbike riders, then you can pass any cross easily. If you can’t, then keep following a local or just pass the cross where is equipped with traffic flights.

Hotel: When you book a hotel by yourselves, you should have their exact names & addresses & phone numbers in hand in order that the taxi driver will not transfer you to a wrong hotel. Actually, there are many hotels in each city that have pretty similar names and the taxi driver can easily get wrong. The best solution is arranging airport transfer with the hotel you booked.

Beggar: Beggar can be seen somewhere in tourist destinations in Vietnam, especially, in temples & pagodas. Normally, they don’t disturb you. Then don’t feel uncomfortable about them as they are poor enough. However, in case you are bothered with some unpleasant beggars, you may have 2 ways to solve it out. The first option is giving them some small money and they will go away with happy faces and bright smiles and big thanks to you. Or you just need to say “no” clearly and loudly to show that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Visa: Vietnam Visa on arrival can be easily arranged with a local travel agent in Vietnam, however, please be aware that it is only available for arrival at the international airports, not border gates. For those who will arrive in Vietnam by land, they must have visa beforehand or they can’t get in to the country.

So we really hope that the above information is useful for you and you will have a great trip in our beautiful Vietnam!!!

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