Share your memories with a Vietnam group tour

13, December, 2016

Share your memories with a Vietnam group tour

Choosing to travel in a group can offer so many benefits and unexpected advantages. Why would you not want to be able to watch the perfect sunset or take a boat down the Mekong River with a group of friends?

If you and your friends have the travel bug, a Vietnam group tour can offer you an adventure of a lifetime. Adventures are to be shared and enjoyed with others, after all, a lifetime of adventures are memories for the future.

Even for the most avid solo traveler, group tours will offer a surprising opportunity for connection with others looking to share experiences of the country you all have an interest in.

In a country like Vietnam, tours are the best way of seeing the country and making sure you get to the see best of the country and all the spectacular views, beaches and temples it has to offer.

A group tour throughout Vietnam with friends or family will give you all the chance to share and discover together.

We have given you the Top 10 reasons as to why should choose a group tour on your vacation to Vietnam.

1. Shared Experiences make for happier memories. It has been proven that if we enjoy things together in a group, the memories last longer. Imagine walking around the ancient temples of My Son near Hoi An and being able to take in the array of historical buildings with your friends or families. It's a memory you will be able to share for years to come.

2. Different perspectives. The great thing about a group tour is that you could be traveling with people of different ages, people with different experiences and people with different attitudes and opinions. You may be introduced to sights you may not usually choose to visit or you may eat a traditional dish you would never think of eating. Different perspectives offer you a different way to enjoy your vacation.

3. Share the cost. The biggest advantage for many people is the opportunity to share the cost of their vacation. Although Vietnam tours are an extremely cost effective way of seeing the country, sharing the costs along the way may mean you can squeeze more into your tour. If you book a Vietnam tour package with Vivuttravel, they will offer you cheap Vietnam visa on arrival.

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4. Safety in numbers. For new travelers to any country, safety is usually high on the list of their requirements. If you are new to traveling choosing to travel in a small group could put your mind at rest and allow you to relax and embrace the culture of the new country you are visiting. Vietnam is a very safe country to visit and your tour operators will always ensure you are well looked after too.

5. Friendship. Whether you are traveling with old friends or new friends a group vacation tour through Vietnam is a great way of getting to know your fellow travelers. A friendly country like Vietnam will only make you and your group feel like you already have friends in the country. The Vietnamese will always welcome you with open arms.

6. Easier to plan. Traveling in a group means you can share the stress of planning where to visit, figure out the local language or decide where you want to eat. Not only can you use your tour operator but you can discuss with your companions and decide together on how to make your trip more enjoyable. A Vietnam our operator will always be happy to accommodate you and your group whatever you decide to do.

7. Special Treatment. Traveling with friends and family as part of a group may also give you certain perks, especially when it comes to visiting large tourist attractions. Groups often get priority. Your tour operator will ensure you receive the best group perks on your tour around their beautiful country.

8. Photo Sharing! Seems a small benefit BUT there is nothing worse than getting home and realizing you did not capture the sunset as you would have hoped or there are actually no pictures of you! Being in a group can give you the chance to share photo's and make sure there is always someone around to take your picture. In a country like Vietnam, photo opportunities are waiting for you around every corner!

9. Motivation. There are times when you are simply hit with jet lag or a day of travel tiredness. When you are surrounded by friends and family, they can help bring you out of your slumber and motivate you for the day ahead. Sometimes we all need a reminder of just how fortunate we are, especially when you are in such a beautiful country like Vietnam. Tour guides are always sensitive to your needs and can easily adapt a day here or there to ensure you are in 100% tourist mode.

10. Last but by no means least. You are all in a country like Vietnam because you have a common interest. If you love adventure, unique experiences, history and heritage and LOVE to learn about a new culture you can guarantee your fellow group members will be there for the exact same reason.

Group travel in a country like Vietnam is an ideal way to experience the country. Using a local tour guide will ensure you are all taken care of. Your group itinerary will be adapted to suit all of your needs.

If you choose to travel in Vietnam, how do you book a Vietnam group tour package?

Vivutravel is a professional and friendly Vietnam tour operator; from submitting the initial enquiry form through to booking your chosen tour itinerary the experience will be very easy with private consultation by Vivutravel's expert. With many excellent reviews on tripadvisor and more than 10 years of experience, you don't have to worry about their loyalty to you and your holiday in Vietnam. Simply complete their online travel enquiry form and one of their expert travel consultants will be in touch to plan your Vietnam holiday packages.

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