Your gay travel guide to Vietnam

19, December, 2016

 Your gay travel guide to Vietnam

Your gay travel guide to Vietnam
A country full of wonderful possibilities and spectacular people

With the wonders of the world within easy reach for most of us, deciding where to go on holiday can be exciting and exhausting!

Traveling to any new country with unknown customs and unique traditions is and can be daunting for any traveler looking for their next adventure.

Westernized countries can be more appealing, there are many travelers who feel comforted in the knowledge they will be welcomed.

A country like Vietnam fully embraces everyone who wants to step across its beautiful shores. We are proud to say in 2015 Vietnam lifted the ban on same-sex marriages, although the same legal regulations as typical marriages are not yet in place, they will soon follow.

Vietnam has a diverse and varied gay scene and same-sex couples or singletons can travel around the country without fear of prejudice or harassment.

More importantly, unlike other countries in Asia homosexuality in Vietnam is not a crime. It is a testament to the people and their ability to accept people from all backgrounds. The Vietnamese are friendly, genuine and happy people to be around.

At Vivutravel we offer unique and personalized Vietnam tours for everyone wanting to visit our spectacular country and we have answered a few common questions on gay travel throughout Vietnam.

Can same-sex couples check into hotels as a couple?
Yes. Most hotels, bed and breakfasts and resorts will accept same-sex couples and allow them to stay in their rooms. It is always worth using a local tour operator to assist with bookings as they will ask the sensitive questions for you and ensure you are made to feel welcome.

Is is acceptable for gay couples to show affection in public?
Out of respect for traditions and customs, we recommend affection is kept to a minimum when you are out in public.

We actually recommend the same to all couples, heterosexual, homosexual or non-heterosexual. Vietnam is an open and friendly country, but does not feel entirely comfortable with public affection as more 'westernized' countries do.

Smiling, however, is encouraged, the Vietnamese do not believe in frowning and you will typically see people walking around with smiling, happy faces.

Where are the best cities to visit for gay travelers in Vietnam?
Let's start with Hanoi.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is extremely energetic. With markets, small traditional winding streets packed full of friendly locals and history, its certainly a city that never sleeps.

This wonderful, lively city has a very open and well known gay scene, although through respect to locals gay venues do still keep a low profile.

Since 2015 Hanoi has been the city to host Vietpride. A colorful and vibrant march takes place through the historic city.

The well-attended march has grown in over the last couple of years and is now held over a few days.

You can experience traditional bike rallies, music shows, talks and film screenings, all held in unique venues in the city.

The march is usually held in July/August, your Vietnam tour operator will be able to arrange the best places to stay and organize any events you may want to attend throughout this time. It's definitely an event not to be missed!

We cannot fail to mention the magnificent Ho Chi Minh City.

With a staggering average population of 8 million people, Ho Chi Minh is a city that feels alive and breathing.

It's colorful, vibrant and full of sights, smells and sounds you would expect from a city.

The french inspired architecture throughout the city will leave you walking around permanently looking up!

With a progressive gay scene, any traveler will be made to feel welcome in a city as diverse this.

Are gay travelers accepted in smaller towns and villages?
The Vietnamese are known as the friendliest people in the world. Visit any traditional village, towns nestled along the Mekong river or hidden amongst the rice paddies and you will be welcomed with open arms. We do recommend affection in public is kept to a minimum and respect the customs and traditions of families.

What are the best beaches for gay travelers?
 We are delighted to say that all beaches in Vietnam are suitable for gay travelers. From the spectacular white sands of Ha Long Bay to the beautiful clear blue sea lapping Nha Trang beaches. You will welcome to stay in beachside bungalows, luxury resorts to a traditional bed and breakfast.

Are there any specific gay resorts gay travelers can stay?
Although not specific to gay travelers, the luxury 5-star resort situated between Hoi An and Da Nang will offer a luxurious way to enjoy your Vietnam tour. Your local tour guide will be able to organize all of your accommodation. Gay travelers are typically welcome in all Vietnam hotels, bed and breakfasts, traditional guest houses and resorts.

Are tour guides in Vietnam happy to accommodate gay travelers?
Yes absolutely. We are very proud to accommodate everyone on our Vietnam tours and using our experience and knowledge is often the BEST way to see our country. We can advise you on the best places to stay, eat and enjoy the best of what Vietnam has to offer.

Did you know?
Vietnam have recently been the proud producers of two critically acclaimed films, featuring gay characters? This may not seem like a big deal for some people, but for a country in Asia, it's extremely progressive and forward thinking.

It's all part of what makes a personalized tour guide for gay travelers around Vietnam appealing. Arriving in a country where gay travelers can feel accepted and part of the culture is what we all expect and this is exactly what a stunningly beautiful country like Vietnam can offer.

If you choose to travel in Vietnam, how do you book your Vietnam tour?

We are a professional and friendly tour operator; from completing the initial inquiry form through to booking your chosen itinerary the experience will be straightforward and easy.

What are you waiting for?

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