Reasons to spend a luxury holiday in Vietnam

22, January, 2017

Reasons to spend a luxury holiday in Vietnam

After months of working and a year full of tiresome activities, a luxury holiday tour to Vietnam is in order. Pack your bags, because Vietnam is the best country for you to reward yourself with a relaxing well deserved Vietnam luxury tours. It’s about time you enjoy a luxurious holiday in the beautiful country of Vietnam. The country is an animated, energetic destination able not just to compete but outshine its peers in the region. Let me give you a number of reasons to spend a luxury holiday in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a beautiful country on the East Sea. It has beautiful beaches along the East with lovely white sand beaches and cool breezes. It has beautiful fresh water rivers and ancient cities that are quite scenery. When you take a holiday in Vietnam, you will be able to experience the rich Vietnamese culture. Calligraphy used in art today traces back to Vietnam. You will be able to see how it was used in the ancient times. Vietnam is known for its rich art using silk as the painting platform instead of canvas. Those who are interested in art will be able to see the silk paintings which are quite prominent. The wood block paintings are quite a simple but exquisite form of art that is quite organic. Imagine making paint from organic materials.

When you take a luxury holiday tour to Vietnam, you can experience their beautiful music and dancing. Their folk music range from poems, lullabies, chants, which are accompanied by their musical instruments. Some of the instruments used include the flutes, pan-pipes, bau and dan day which are string instruments. Vietnam is also known for its entertaining water puppetry. Epic story lines are displayed by these puppets on water. The puppets are manipulated by long bamboo sticks. It is quite an important part of Vietnamese cultural heritage.

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The 54 different ethnicities of Vietnam have various dances which are enchanting and entertaining to those visiting Vietnam. You might just come out of Vietnam with a new dancing pattern for the lovers of dancing. The dances are widely performed in their festivals and special occasions. The lion dance is one you would not want to miss. Other dances include the imperial lantern dance, fan dance and platter dance. These you would not want to miss. What is a luxury holiday in Vietnam without the Vietnamese cuisine? Vietnam has rich delicious foods divided into three main categories. Food from the north, the south and the central. Which one is the best? Now that you will have to find out on your own. The food is cooked using very little oil. Plenty of it is vegetables and rice. The food has amazing flavor with the dominant sweet, spicy, sour and minty flavors.

Vietnam has very beautiful beaches which many people have not encountered. The central beaches are best from March to august while the southern beaches are the best from October to April due to weather variations. The beaches are very bright and clean. They have white sand and variety of fish. Fishing communities exist along the beaches. Vietnam also has a number of islands that have breathtakingly beautiful beaches. These are touring spots that no one should miss. The waters are very clean and clear for swimming and boat riding. You can also do other fun activities in the Vietnam water. The weather is quite warm and dry, Pleasant for outdoor activities.

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During a luxury holiday in Vietnam you could visit the beach resorts. You could visit the UNESCO World heritage sites (Hue and Hoi An) to eat out at the riverside restaurants and visit the small and large hotels according to your capabilities. The airport is quite close to the central beaches and a drive to town is not far from the beaches. Some of the incredible beaches to visit include the Phu Quoc islands, Con Dao, Lang Co Bay, among others. Can Dao is a collection of islands located on the Vietnamese south coast. This is the best spot for scuba divers to go have fun. the waters are very clear with sweeping beaches and clean fresh air. There is a marine park located in the islands. There are rare, exotic sea life like the dugong found in the marine park. There is a nice resort located in the island that enables you to enjoy experience at the beach.

Phu Quoc is best for sunbathing, sunset watching and swimming. It has a classical tropical beach view that leaves one wanting more to see. The sunset watching at the beach is undoubtedly very romantic, a perfect destination for couples. There are a few beach restaurants where one can grab something. There are kayaks for rent and half-day snorkeling trips by boat. The Nha Trang beach is also very beautiful though it loses its appeal at some times of the year. The beach offers water trips and fresh juicy pineapples. The night time vies are magnificent with cheap sea food restaurants along the beach. Ho Coc beach offers a long stretch of golden sand with fine dunes. There is a hot water spring located near the beach. The Hon Khoi Peninsula has a beach along it with white sands and ever green trees. The beaches have government run and private resorts which have swimming pools, hotels, bars and restaurants. There are lovely markets that have variety of commodities for tourists to choose from. The resorts also offer other activities like sports and various forms of entertainment. If you want you can just chill out on a hammock or go for the fun boat rides.

The Vietnamese make up most of the population. The largest group is the Thai and Hmong. The language spoken is monotonic Mon-Khmer, and Tai. English is also spoken by some of the people in Vietnam. The Vietnam is a peaceful country with pleasant, friendly and peaceful people who are willing to guide tourists willingly. The security is quite tight with minimal incidents of violence. The society has a fair amount of public etiquette. Some of the etiquette considered is minimal public display of affection, passing items with both hands, not passing things over people’s heads among other etiquettes which are practiced by the people. After decades of the fierce warm the people are positive and very friendly towards tourists just wanting to live a positive and vibrant life. Nearly all foreigners give positive feedback on the treatment they received in Vietnam.

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Obtaining a visa for Vietnam is quite easy. The travelling arrangements for visitors are quite simple. If you want to have a luxurious holiday in Vietnam, there are a wide variety of vise exemptions between Vietnam and other countries. If your country is among them you might stay in Vietnam for a short while without a visa, how convenient for tourists. You can simply obtain a visa from an embassy or general consulates of Vietnam. In customs, very many complicated procedures have been reduced to make sure visitors have very fast processing at the airports and border check points. Taxis are found in major cities and are relatively cheap. Other means of transport in Vietnam include buses which are quite easy to negotiate once you have a map. There are also motorbike taxis which are quite convenient especially when you have no luggage and you are travelling a short distance. Vietnamese also travel using the cyclo which is basically a bicycle. It is very cheap and applicable for short distances. The boat fares and the ferries and trains have fixed prices so you cannot be ripped off.

Vietnam offers clean affordable tour, hotel and restaurant services. On your luxury holiday tour, you will be spoilt for choices on where to stay as the number of hotels which offer quality services at affordable rates are plenty. You can book your accommodation arrangements in advance or when you land in the country. All these are available at very friendly prices. The touring arrangements can be organized according to you preferences. If you are into adventure you can join the adventure tour where you get to explore caves and other fun adventures. The sightseers can join the sightseeing tour and explore the beautiful hill and valleys and ancient buildings and historical sites. The landscapes are breathtaking. They range from lush rice terraces, lovely mountains, valleys, highlands and the beautiful beaches we have talked about. There are archeological sites, towns and traditional villages that showcase the rich Vietnamese way of life. The tour guides are very friendly and accommodating, don’t shy from asking questions. The restaurant waiters and hotel staff are always willing to tip you on the best places to visit if you want an opinion. In Vietnam you can be sure you will get the most fascinating trip ever.

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There is free Wi-Fi access in most hotels and cafes. Most of them do not even bother to password protect their hotspots. The whole country has 3g cell phone coverage and even other parts have advanced to 4 g coverage. Sims and data charges are very cheap making communication very cheap and efficient. The roads are in good shape making travelling very comfortable aside from the remote mountain areas which have roads ideal for hiking.

The best cool town to visit to escape the heat while in Vietnam is the town Dalat. It has amazing French colonial architecture and villas which are present amidst the beautiful landscape. My Son is one of the most interesting archeological sites in Vietnam. It is where the Hindu ceremonies were held, where the Kings went to worship the god Shiva in the 4th to 14th century. Ho Chi Minh city is another place worth visiting. It served as a major capital during the Vietnam war. If you want to learn something about the historical events this is the place to visit. It has historic and modern attractions, and an exciting nightlife with fine restaurants. Mekong Delta hosts the very colorful floating markets. How cool is that. The town is full of fruit orchards, rice paddies among other things. the bird sanctuaries hold exotic, beautiful birds only found in Vietnam.

Sapa city is one of the reasons to spend a luxury holiday in Vietnam. it is surrounded by lovely mountains and a number of hill tribes. The view is amazing. There are many organized tours which guide tourists on mountain hikes on foot or on bicycles. There are beautiful waterfalls along the way and an opportunity to meet the lovely traditional people who live in the villages. You can experience exotic food and customs practiced by the village folks. On your Vietnam luxury holiday, you should visit the old city of Hoi An. It if a lovely old city filled with rich historical architectural design that date way back. If you want some textiles from Vietnam this is the place to be. You can also experience traditional culture with lovely traditional houses. From the tailor shops you can get lovely Vietnamese souvenirs. Hanoi city is a lovely city to visit with its buzzing activities. There are busy markets which tourists can go through, prominent sites like the Grand Opera House and a lovely open air historical museum.

Ha Long Bay is the most beautiful place to visit in Vietnam. Your luxury holiday tour to Vietnam is incomplete if you do not visit this lovely place. It resembles a scene from your wildest dreams. It’s like all the fantasy story scenes were set up at this beautiful place. It has deep interesting caves, grottoes, sinkholes and divine lakes. It has a lot of island located at close proximities. There are a lot of day time activities in Ha Long Bay you can participate in. the boat rides across the islands enable you to visit the different islands. Other amazing places you should consider visiting on your Vietnam holiday tour is the museum of Trade Ceramics, museum of sa Huynh Culture, museum of Cham Sculpture among other cities and villages. Book your luxury holiday tour to Vietnam today to experience an amazing time in Vietnam for your holiday.

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