How Much Money Do I Need to Travel Vietnam

26, June, 2017

How Much Money Do I Need to Travel Vietnam

Travel expenses for the Vietnam holiday are ultimately determined by a variety of factors, such as the accommodation you plan to stay in, the attractions you visit, what kind of food you plan to eat, and the way you make your way around the country.

Vietnam is a country rich in unique heritage and breathtaking natural beauty which means it continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination. A consequence of the increased popularity is the cost of visiting goes up each year. For the backpacker or budget travellers, it is possible to get by on about $40 per day, while the budget for the more comfortable trip can reach up to $100 per day.

For travellers looking to experience the Vietnam luxury tour, it is well worth putting aside a budget of up to $200 or more per day.

Daily budget
Even with the annual increase in Vietnam travel, this is still a beautiful region of the world that is affordable to visit. Costs of travelling in Vietnam are quite comparable to neighbouring countries like Thailand and Cambodia, although certain things and activities can be more expensive or cheaper.

A budget friendly tour of Vietnam is in the region of $40 to $50 per day. This is enough to cover the cost of activities, drinks, food, as well as warm and comfortable accommodation. But your luxuries are certain to be quite limited. Most of your food will come from the food stalls or local restaurants. A regular visit to the western eateries and cafes can be quite expensive, so may not fit in this budget.

The cost of a mid-range stay in Vietnam is in the region of $60 to $100 per day. This is enough to cover a 3-4 star hotel and eat in a decent restaurant, while visiting different attractions and activities.

For the luxury stays in Vietnam, you should expect to budget $150 or more per day. This gives the traveller a five-star experience. But expect to pay $75-$100 for your hotel room. However, a stay in the very luxurious hotels can reach $200 or more.

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The accommodation options on the Vietnam private tour range from the high-end, ultra luxurious hotels to the budget-friendly guesthouses. Most of the budget accommodation is at an acceptable standard with bathrooms that are always fine. Also, most of the places include breakfast in the cost, which may include something like banana pancakes.

In a major city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, there is plenty of choice with a varied selection of hostels, guesthouses and hotels in all price ranges. On average, a budget friendly double room costs $7.50 per night. But, for the travellers exploring the more remote or less travelled regions, there is still a great mix of mid-range and budget places to stay at relatively affordable prices.

Like any country, the cost of food can range from incredibly expensive to cheap in Vietnam. A great way to save on the Vietnam travels is by eating local food. It is healthy (provided you avoid deep fried dishes), tasty and very affordable compared to the alternative options with Western restaurants and cafes.

The street food scene is something that needs to be experienced in Vietnam – the stands are completely safe, sanitary and clean – with prices that are amazingly cheap. Small dishes and snacks go for less than $1.  

Popular local dishes include noodle soup like pho which costs $1 to $2 (varies with ingredients) and a great choice for breakfast. Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich and filled with plenty of different ingredients. They cost a similar $1 to $2 depending on what is included.

Vietnam has a number of restaurants selling international cuisine, but the prices in these eateries are typically higher than elsewhere.

A dish of spaghetti, Indian curry or pizza can cost about $4.50 to $6.50, while a streak dish (imported from New Zealand or Australia) can cost $17.50 or more.

The most cost-effective option is street food, but for the travellers on the Vietnam family tour that preferred to eat in an air conditioned restaurant, the daily cost on food can be $15 to $30. However, a meal for two in a high-end restaurant in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City can easily reach $200 or more. Read more: Vietnamese Food and Drink

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Travelling around
Travelling around is relatively easy in Vietnam. Travelling by train is a practical option for the long, overnight trips and gives a more hands-on experience of travel in the country. Train travel is slightly higher than the bus, but can be more comfortable and pleasant. Travel by sleeper bus is a great option to save money, but isn’t the fastest method and puts you in the thick of Vietnam’s chaotic traffic. If you want to travel by air, there are not only the expensive carries, but also plenty of low-cost airlines flying domestic routes.

In most cases, the buses are the most cost-effective option to get around Vietnam, while the budget airlines are more expensive but certain to be the fastest travel option.

A further way to save money is to book trains and buses in advance. The most cost effective option is to book tickets directly with the train station or bus station. There is often the option to book via your guesthouse or hotel, but this is the more expensive route because they will add an extra fee on top for themselves.

Activities in Vietnam
Vietnam has plenty of must-do activities. A few of the popular things to do include a Sapa trek and a Halong Bay cruise. With most of the activities it can benefit to shop around and haggle to get the best prices. There are many different Vietnam travel agents in the cities that will to help organize a tour. Costs can vary, but a trekking tour in Sapa is about $19, a 2-day Halong Bay Cruise is from $64 and a ticket to the Citadel in Hue is about $5.