9 Cool Things to Do In Vietnam

25, July, 2017

9 Cool Things to Do In Vietnam

Vietnam is a true gem of SE Asia. Between the bustling city populations and traffic, the fascinating landscape, and delightful cuisine, Vietnam has plenty of cool and unusual things to see and do. Great places to explore include Phu Quoc, Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, and more.

Here is our Vietnam travel guide on nine of the coolest things to do on your travels in this magnificent country: Rear more: Vietnam Travel Guide

Have a tailor-made suit made in Hoi An
Hoi An is a historic city in central Vietnam that has plenty to offer the adventurous traveller. It has beautiful beaches, it is perfectly picturesque and it has an incredible dining culture. But for the tourists that is a fashionista, you will appreciate this city for its ability to create high-quality tailor made clothes. Visit one of the local tailors to have a suit, dress, shirt, shoes, or other article of clothing made to order. Plus, Hoi An is seen as the clothes tailor capital of Asia, and the prices are relatively inexpensive.

tailor made suit made in Hoi An

Trek the mountainous terrain of Sapa
Vietnam is a country that is extremely diverse. One day your travel itinerary can include dodging the hectic traffic in Hanoi and the next you are completely surrounded by countryside and trekking in the mountainous terrain of Sapa. For the outdoorsy families or couples, the stunning beauty of Sapa is certain to appeal to those in search of the authentic travel experience. A visit to Sapa not only offers the traditional way of life, but also the ability to find lots of hill tribes, beautiful rice fields and dramatic mountains. An overnight stay is great to rest for the night in a homestay with a local family. Also, there are plenty of English-speaking tour guides who aim to give the most unique and enjoyable tour of the area.

trekking in sapa vivutravel

Stay overnight on Halong Bay
Halong Bay is certain to be at the top of the list of the most iconic sights when travelling on the Vietnam holiday. This seascape has nearly 2000 limestone islands and islets, with most uninhabited. A cruise on a traditional junk-style boat is the best way to navigate the bay. An Halong Bay cruise can range from the short, day-trip to the overnight stay lasting one, two, or three nights. An overnight cruise is the most popular option. It gives more time to explore the waters, relax on board, enjoy off-boat excursions, appreciate the stillness of the bay, and watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

overnight on Halong Bay

Taste the coffee specialties in Hanoi
The coffee culture is a major thing in Vietnam, but beyond the strong brew with condensed milk, there are plenty of other unique specialty coffees to be found in the cafes. One of the most famous and expensive comes from the coffee beans retrieved from weasel dung. The Vietnamese weasel coffee is very aromatic with a vanilla-like smell and leaves a sweet and smooth aftertaste. The weasels are believed to sniff out the purest and freshest coffee beans with their highly sensitive noses, once the beans are eaten and retrieved at the other end, they are prepared for making a delicious cup of coffee.

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coffee in hanoi

Observe the festivities of the Lunar New Year
A great time to be in the country for the Vietnam family tour is when the festivities of the lunar new year (also known as Tet) are taking place. It is likely to take place in late January or early February, and there are plenty of customs associated with this festival. Traditional decorations are displayed in homes and include marigolds, chrysanthemums and bonsais, while the streets are filled with music, masks, dancers and drummers. Read more: Vietnamese Festivals and Events

vietnamese new year

Explore the world’s largest cave system
Vietnam is a country rich in fascinating natural attractions and this even includes the world’s largest cave system in Phong Nha. The Hang Son Doong cave is huge in size and easily reaches 200 metres in height, and it even has its own climate, jungle and river. This cave system has only been open since 2013 and still limits the number of people that are allowed to make the trek inside. It can be expensive, but for the tourists on the Vietnam travel in search of the most unique travel experience, booking a tour of Hang Son Doong will be a worthy investment.

phong nha cave

Watch a traditional water puppet show
Vietnam has a plenty of long and beautiful traditions that are certain to be noticed on the tour of the country. A great tradition that is still very popular today is the water puppet show. This show first started in the 11th century and involves wooden puppets that act out a wide range of Vietnamese tales. The acts include multiple puppeteers that work together to create the unique stories. While the water puppet shows can be seen in several cities, the best shows take place in Hanoi at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. Read more: Water Puppet show in Hanoi

water puppet show in hanoi 

Tour northwest Vietnam on a motorcycle
While the motorcycle tours may not be for the faint of heart, they are a great way to get off the beaten track, see the countryside and to cover long distances. The tour itinerary can be flexible to match the group’s experience and stays with the roads/tracks that can be wild or mild. Being a proficient rider is helpful to fully enjoy yourself. A motorcycle tour in northwest Vietnam includes seeing places like Tuan Giao, Moc Chau, Sapa, Mai Chau, Luc Yen and Dien Bien Phu. This is a very adventurous tour and includes staying with a lot of local people, while also getting to enjoy rice wine, coffee and good food.

tour northwest vietnam on motorbike

Visit the While Sand Dunes of Mui Ne
Vietnam is a fascinating country that gives a perfect opportunity to get involved in many different outdoor adventures. A beach resort town that is certainly worth a visit on the Vietnam private tour is Mui Ne with its white sand dunes. This part of the country is great for some epic beach time and known for the distinctive sand dunes that are a pleasure to explore. The deep white of the dunes makes it appear much like the Sahara Desert, and the most enjoyable way to navigate the dunes is by buggy.

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