Vietnam Ticks All the Boxes as a Holiday Destination

27, August, 2017

Vietnam Ticks All the Boxes as a Holiday Destination

Your annual holiday is a chance to get away from the pressures of work. Perhaps you need to simply clear your mind and relax? There are plenty of tourists who get their relaxation from an activity holiday. The decision about where to go is crucial. There are many wonderful places in the world, and Vietnam in recent years can rightly claim to be one of them. The increased numbers of people going there each year for a Vietnam holiday suggest the claims are justified. If you ask people what they take into consideration when deciding where to go, there are a few things that are commonly accepted as being part of making the decision. Certainly, it helps if you find a good travel operator who can provide help and advice as you make up your mind. Vivu Travel in Hanoi can certainly do that; it has been doing it for years, putting together Vietnam tour packages tailormade to suit a client’s requirements. Read more: About us

It is natural that you will want value for money; it is hard-earned and it may well be another year before you can get the chance of another significant break away from home. As you start your planning, here are a few things that you are likely to take into consideration:

•    Accommodation and Facilities. You may not be looking for 5-star accommodation, and if you are on an adventure in Vietnam, it is unlikely that you will give that a second thought; certainly, you want your room to be clean. If you want to explore the remote regions in Vietnam, perhaps the Northern Highlands which are regularly included in Vietnam holidays, one of the real experiences is to book a homestay with one of the ethnic tribes. Vivu Travel will be only too happy to arrange that within your holiday.

•    The Climate. Vietnam is a vast country, and although you may come across some rain if you travel the length and breadth of the country, the odd shower may actually be refreshing because you can expect hot weather most of the time, and plenty of blue sky, and hence sunshine. You can expect cooler weather at altitude such as in those Northern Highlands as well as in the Central Highlands. Read More: Vietnam Weather and Climate

vietnam climate

•    Activities. If you are booking the annual holiday for the family, you need to cater for everyone. When it comes to Vietnam family vacations, you will not be disappointed with the number of things that will keep the kids happy, even if they are not interested in sightseeing. The mountainous areas are great for exploring, whether you want to hike, swim in the rivers, enjoy the waterfalls or enter some of the most impressive caves in the world. On the coast, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing are regularly available for those who want to do more than sunbathe and swim.

•    Major Attractions.  It is important to strike a balance between sightseeing and relaxing. Certainly, when you are in Hanoi, one of the best ways to see the city is one an organised tour. Vivu Travel is a Hanoi-based travel operator that can arrange everything for you as well as ensuring you have free time. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the real experiences is walking around the narrow streets when food stalls and markets ensure that there are always plenty of people around. Beyond Hanoi, there are Hue, the old Imperial Capital and Hoi An, an important trading port during the Champak Kingdom; both are in Central Vietnam. In the South, every tourist enjoying a Vietnam tour package wants to see the Mekong Delta to the west of Ho Chi Minh City.

•    Transport. No one likes travel problems. People who commute to and from work each day certainly don’t want to spend time in too many queues. While the cities are busy, the overall transport infrastructure in Vietnam is excellent so there are no worries travelling overland, by road or rail, throughout the country.

•    Cuisine. Asian cuisine has spread throughout the world. There are few people, even the fussiest of eaters, that do not like some of the dishes coming from China, Thailand or India. Add to that Vietnam because its cuisine is equally as appetising. When you are on the coast, you will be especially impressed by the seafood dishes; your restaurant will have the day’s catch on your plate a few hours after it was swimming in the sea. Read more: Vietnamese Food and Drink

vietnamese cuisine

•    Safety. The Vietnamese are naturally friendly and hospitable people and there is no question of your being in any danger whatsoever from locals in city or the rural areas. Respect and religion are both important to the locals who will help anyone in trouble as a completely natural response.

•    Travel Arrangements. Access to Vietnam is very straightforward. Vivu Travel is happy to assist its clients, and the usual way to get any necessary visa is simply to collect it on arrival in the country, normally Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City Airports. When you book a holiday with a Vietnam travel agent, you can expect all of the arrangements, travel, accommodation and tour details to be in place well in advance. Read moreVietnam Travel Agency

•    What People Say. The Internet has given everyone the opportunity to learn more on every imaginable subject. Travel websites have become a great source of information about what travellers have had to say about countries, hotels, national attractions and good restaurants. You may not accept every review as accurate but the overall opinions of a large number of travellers is worth bearing in mind. When it comes to Vietnam, the overwhelming opinion of past visitors is that it has a great deal to offer.

Vietnam is showing increased tourist numbers year on year, as much as an extra 10% from the previous year. Its popularity is showing little sign of waning and with all it has to offer, there is no reason why it should do so in the foreseeable future.