Vietnam Visa Service

14, September, 2017

Vietnam Visa Service

Independent travellers in Indochina make their own arrangements for crossing borders between countries. They are adventurous by nature but very much in the minority. As the region as a whole has become more popular, so has the quality of service of local tour operators who know the region well, and can advise on the best things to see and do. Vivu Travel in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is one such operator and it can not only offer a range of tour packages that include more than just Vietnam, it can offer a Vietnam visa service so that its clients simply have to pack and fly. There are no problems relating to any part of the holiday and that includes the document that is the permission to enter the country.

Everyone who needs a visa to Vietnam and who is flying into the country as opposed to taking a border crossing can actually arrive at an airport with a ‘’Vietnam Approval Letter’’ obtained through the visa service. A copy of that same letter will have been sent to Immigration at the airport of entry so that the visa is stamped into the passport on arrival. The only real requirement for each visitor is a passport that is valid for six months from the intended date of entry and a correctly completed application form.
This Vietnam visa on arrival procedure is only possible for tourists flying into Vietnam.

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Each of Vivu Travel’s tours are arranged so that clients fly into Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City where they can then get their visas. There are single entry and multi entry visas to Vietnam and those who book a travel package with Vivu Travel can obtain a cheap visa to Vietnam to suit their particular holiday. Some tours involve travelling down the Mekong River south from Cambodia to Vietnam and the Delta. Everyone on such a package will already have their visa for entry into Vietnam.

Most tourists understand the importance of convenience and look forward to have a trouble-free time wherever they are travelling. Those that go to Vietnam for the first time will find a fascinating country; it is one of the reasons why tourist numbers are rising year after year and now exceed 10 million annually. If they select a good tour operator like Vivu Travel, all the arrangements will be in place before they fly. As already mentioned, they need just to complete a visa application form and ensure their passport has a minimum validity of 6 months and they can get their cheap Vietnam visa as well.

Vietnam is a fascinating place that its government wants tourists to see. The natural environment and the people are just two of the attractions; add history, culture and cuisine and the holiday of a lifetime awaits. If you talk to Vivu Travel, everything will be put in place for your visit down to the last detail.

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