7 Great Ways to Get Outdoors in Vietnam

15, September, 2017

7 Great Ways to Get Outdoors in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is not only beautiful, but bursting with life for tourists in search of a little adventure. Whether it is up the mountains, in the water, or in the sun, there are plenty of things to do in Vietnam.

Here are seven of the great ways to get outdoors in Vietnam:

Windsurfing & Kiteboarding
Mui Ne is a perfect destination for the water-sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding, as well as land based activities like dune surfing. This part of Vietnam has a very dry climate and is easily reached from Ho Chi Minh City by bus with a journey time in the region of four hours.

Play a round of golf on one of the many golf courses in Vietnam. Some of the finest courses include: Royale City Golf Resort, Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Resort and Dalat Palace Golf Club. Vietnam has 35+ golf courses across the country, and with its long coastline and varied topography, the scenery on the green is certain to be quite striking.

A visit to the Cat Ba Island gives the complete freedom to explore this stunning island on dry land or in the water. It is located in the north-east Vietnam and forms part of the Cat Ba Archipelago. The landscape across the island is quite varied with its reefs, waterfalls, lakes, freshwater swamps, coastal mangroves, and the lush forested hills.

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Diving and snorkelling
Nha Trang is a great diving and snorkelling destination for the active travellers on the Vietnam beach holiday. This southern coastal resort has some of the finest reefs to explore in its local waters. It is an ideal destination for a few days to get a little sun and a break from the more typical sightseeing tours. Also, Nha Trang is easily reached by air from Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

A trip to Elephant Falls in Dalat and other central highland waterfalls gives a perfect opportunity for the thrill-seekers to try abseiling to really see the waterfalls up close. A day-trip to Dalat with its misty forests and pine-covered mountains is a tranquil and cool retreat that gives a complete break from the more congested lowland cities.

An overnight trekking trip to Sapa with a stay in a homestay for the night is one of the must-do activities for the tourists in the north of the country. Trekking in this region makes it possible to visit remote minority villages for the most authentic travel adventure. The far north-west of the country demands exploration with its untamed and wild lands. Read more: Trekking tour in Sapa

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Riddled with hundreds of cave systems, the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a Vietnam travel destination with spectacular scenery. This UNESCO World Heritage site spans an area of nearly 885 sq km of underground rivers, caves and unspoilt jungle. The best known of the cave networks is Son Doong Cave at about 5 km long, but tours are limited and a little expensive ($3,000 for a 5-day expedition).