Top Destinations for Vietnam Luxury Tours

16, August, 2018

Top Destinations for Vietnam Luxury Tours

Vietnam luxury tours can add a little extra to your time in the country for the most enjoyable all-round experience. Vietnam is a fascinating mix of colonial cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, luxury hotels, bright lights and golden beaches. Additionally, there are the indulgent spa resorts for a completely relaxing experience.

Why visit Vietnam on a luxury tour?
A luxury stay in Vietnam will deliver the best in sensational Vietnamese cuisine, boutique hotels and tropical beaches. A stunning off the beaten track destination is the pristine beaches of Phu Quoc that are set peacefully in the Gulf of Thailand. Visitors get to appreciate the sandy beaches, tropical jungle and aqua water. A break from the hotel gives access to the natural beauty of the nearby national park with its wildlife and walking trails.

Alternatively, there are the colonial cities like Ho Chi Minh City that still has the luxury aspects, but ups the tempo and gives the opportunity to appreciate the unique blend of Asian and European history.

Let's take a look at the top destinations for the luxury Vietnam holiday:

vietnam luxury tour

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City is a major city with plenty of luxury hotels that provide a first-class service and delicious local cuisine.

Top hotel stays in Ho Chi Minh City include the Park Hyatt Saigon, InterContinental Asiana Saigon and The Reverie Saigon

A city tour gives the option to appreciate the everyday life of the local people, as well as many of the local attractions. A great place to start is the Saigon Opera House that hosts entertainment activities and high-profile events. A visit to the Duc Ba church gives the option to explore an ancient cathedral with its neo-Romanesque style architecture and sacred atmosphere.

Other great places of interest include the War Remnants Museum and Independence Palace.

war remnants museum in ho chi minh city

Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island can easily make a dream destination on a luxury Vietnam vacation. Over time this island has built a reputation as a premier spot with instant access to 5-star luxury resorts with activities like golf and casinos.

The most practical time to enjoy the luxury stay on Phu Quoc Island is between November and April – although the peak travel time is between December and March.

Water-based activities in Phu Quoc are extremely popular with plenty of aerial, ocean and land tours related to trekking, bird watching, fishing, scuba diving and hiking. Other attractions include the world-class golf courses, safari zoo and large amusement park.

For the most relaxed time, the shopaholic is certain to appreciate the limitless options to find high-quality local goods from around the world.

Additionally, to experience the very best tours to Vietnam, the local must-see attractions to visit include the ocean sunsets, trekking through the national parks, visiting sacred temples, discovering historic prisons and relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches.

phu quoc beach

A visit to Vietnam's capital city, Hanoi is certain to be included on a well planned luxury tour of the country. Hanoi is an ancient and bustling city with narrow alleyways and tree-lined boulevards.

Top hotel stays include the JW Marriott Hotel, La Siesta Diamond Hotel and Legend Metropole.

There are plenty of places to visit on a luxury tour such as the Old Quarter which is great to appreciate on a cyclo and explore the maze of streets. While navigating the area, there is the option to discover the local delicacies by taking in the street food scene.

Elsewhere there is the Museum of Ethnology, the one-pillar pagoda, the Ho Chi Minh Complex and other places that can help to expand the knowledge on the local history and culture of the country.

In the evening a great final activity is to book a seat for the family to watch a performance of the traditional Vietnamese water puppet show.

Additionally, for the adults on the luxury small group tours Vietnam there are several high-end bars throughout the city that offers a unique range of special drinks and cocktails to enjoy.

hanoi city tour

Halong Bay
Halong Bay is a 3 hour scenic drive from Hanoi and a perfect place to visit to witness the souring limestone outcrops in the emerald waters.

A luxury overnight cruise is the best way to explore the seascape with its famous caves and islands. One of the largest caves is Sung Sot which is well worth visiting, as well as the local fishing villages to see first-hand the daily activities and traditional culture of the local people.

Activities on board a luxury cruise can include Vietnamese cooking lessons, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking.

Even though it will cost a lot more than a common 1 night, 2 day cruise, the luxury cruise offers a more feature rich tour experience that delivers on both memorable events and full comfort.

luxury cruise in halong bay

Con Dao archipelago
The Con Dao archipelago gives the opportunity to experience something different to other parts of the country. This is an area of barren, rustic beauty that is perfect for relaxing on the Vietnam luxury tours, as well as activities like scuba diving with its untouched coral rich in marine life.

The archipelago is located off Vietnam’s south-east coast and consists of a total of 15 islands. It was formally used as a penal colony for the French and later by the Americans. Several of the prisons are still present, but in dilapidated form and now a tourist attraction.

One of the largest islands in the chain of islets and islands is Con Son, which is a wonderful destination for a luxury stay with plenty of elegant and stylish accommodation options.

A luxury trip to Vietnam is a lot more memorable and meaningful when it is combined with a variety of local experiences. Additionally, there is such a varied range of travel destinations and terrain that is it very easy to tailor the luxury itinerary to match the specific needs.

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