Things to do With Kids in Vietnam

11, November, 2018

Things to do With Kids in Vietnam

It's no news that the rich and overwhelming history of Vietnam, historical sights and classic and endless temples in Vietnam are inviting to teenagers and adults. They travel down to learn and be educated; That's fascinating! Isn't it? Undoubtedly.

However, if you'd be traveling with kids during this sightseeing, you wouldn't only leave your kids bored, but tired and cold; instead of wanting to extend their vacation, they would be pressuring you to travel back to your country (where you came from). What you least expected, not so?

As a result of this, many families, planning a Vietnam family vacation are obsessed to know what they can intersperse into their tour, so they don't leave their kids cold, unimpressed, but insert into their memory a remarkable experience. And before you inform them of the next Vietnam family tour, they would already be anticipating how fun-filled their trip would be.

To enable you to get that, we've compiled so many amazing things you can do during your Vietnam family tour with kids. I know you'd be ready to learn that straightaway. But hold on, we need to let you understand the concept backing up Vietnam family tour.

Vietnam Family Vacation
A Vietnam family vacation explores the richness of Vietnam. There are a wide array of family tour vacation packages that are opened to families with kids (families without kids are involved though).  

The length of each vacation varies; it can span from five days to more than two weeks. Also, the month of December records the highest inflow of visit; your kids can meet new friends- something that would enrich their vacation.

1. Vietnam Family Adventure. This amazing tour lets you discover hidden gems stuck in Hanoi. Through biking, you can explore villages around Hoi An. Your kids can have fun chasing fireflies in the Mekong Delta when having their homestay.

It impresses family to stargaze on board a junk boat right there in Halong Bay. Conclusively, you are not left out with an expert guide, transport, meals, and many more additionals.

2. Vietnam Family Vacation With Teenagers. A tour is starting and ending at Hanoi. Other fascinating destinations are included in this tour package with teenagers. Means of transportation also include bus and bicycle.

This vacation isn't void of experts guide, accommodation, meals including your teenager. What a marvel it would be! Although the minimum age set for the tour is 11 years, it should be noted that it is not strictly implemented.

3. Lifetime Vietnam Family Holiday. Unlike the two packages earlier mentioned that starts at Hanoi and ends in Hanoi. This tour begins at Hanoi and ends at Can Tho. Places to visit include Saigon via Hue, Halong Bay, and Hoi An.

Though a small group tour, it also includes accommodation in a refreshing and relaxing hotel, transportation via plane, bus, ship and boat, and excellent meals.

4. Vietnam Family Fun 9 days. This is exclusively meant for a family that is obsessed with fun. It begins at Ho Chi Minh City and ends at Hanoi. Though with a of 15 individuals, you can get pleasant meals, stress less transportation via conventional means, and professional guide throughout the tour.

5. Northwest Vietnam Family Vacation. This vacation starts in Hanoi and ends in Sapa. The package includes 10 ten tours that takes you through Halong, Sapa, Mai Chau, Dien Bien, and Son La. The trip would also have a comforting accommodation, a vibrant expert guide, and delicious meal.

Aren't you impressed with these overviews? Certainly, you should. Can we talk about the fun things you can do when you travel to Vietnam with kids? This isn't a sneak peek. It's going to be a fantastic overview; they can get you inspired!

vietnam family tour with kid

Vietnam With Kids.
Traveling to Vietnam with kids is a rewarding adventure. Opened to you are numerous things you can do with kids.

1. You Can Try Yummy Vietnamese Food. Undeniably, kids would be unable to resist the Aroma and Pleasantness of the Asian food. Not even when it's Vietnam's delicacy!

Allowing your kids to try all the different foods will leave an indelible mark in their heart. The Satay Pork sticks and sticky rice puddings are something pleasant they can try out.

2. Enjoy a Boat Ride Past The Limestone Cliffs of Trang An. This spectacular scenery will blow your kid's mind away, even including you. You will pass through gigantic limestone cliffs and so many fantastic systems of caves.

Not that alone, you can explore isolated temples located on the island. I bet, your kids would not want to leave, they are just beautiful sights to behold.

3. Explore The Markets in Ho Chi Minh City. With Kids, there are plenty of things for things you can do with them. It can let you have a closer understanding of the people of Vietnam. Your kids would see so many strange things he probably hasn't seen before.

They get to see a display of fresh fruits, dried spices, fresh meats, and colorful vegetables.

4. You Can Both Take a Boat Ride Through a Cave System in Ninh Binh. Over the millennial, the river that carved its way through the mountains has given both young and old the privilege of rowing their boat through the cave system. This is a must enjoyed for your kids. Your kids can explore a dark cave that tunnels through the hills. And as the rower rows, they can marvel at the ability.

5. Kayaking in Halong Bay. The view in Halong Bay is terrific and gorgeous. To avoid overcrowding, it's not a bad idea to tune to the more remote Bai Tu Long Bay, at there you can find pristine scenery.

Additionally, you would enjoy smaller bays, halt at a deserted beach, and swim slowly in the emerald water.

6. You Can Visit The Dam Sen Waterpark in Saigon. The dam waterpark is a gorgeous treat for children. It's pleasant for all age groups. Fun things to do include taking a turn on the giant rope swing that makes you fall into a deep pool or you let your children walk down the terrifying steep slide. There are good deep pools with the animal. Slides too that would always be loved by your children

7. You Can Stay at a Homestead in The Mekong Delta. You can base yourself and children in the Mekong Delta to enjoy the pleasure of exploring Mekong Delta.

At the Nguyen Shack, guys who stay around are lovable. They assure a promising atmosphere for your children to play with animals. The guys at Nguyen Shack are ever ready to take you for many tours.

But, is it indispensable to travel to Vietnam with kids? It's simple, yes! A skeptic mind might want to know why? Here below are convincing reasons why your next Vietnam family tour shouldn't exclude your kids if you are raising children.

•    In Vietnam, children are often respected and loved.

•    There's no threat to life; it's a secure country with few dangers encountered by tourists.

•    It has incredible food, people, beauty, culture and exclusively idyllic beaches.

•    You don't have to break the bank. It's not an expensive destination; it's cheap.

•    Your children would make the best use of their vacations, instead of being locked in with tiring soap operas, they are moved to appreciate nature.

But you may wonder are these all I can do at Vietnam with my kids? No! During a Vietnam family tour with kids, you are opened to enjoy more adventurous areas with kids. Let's check some of them out.

vietnam vacation with kids

Vietnam Family Tour With Kids.
There are several must-see things and essential sights that your children shouldn't miss during your trip. These things are briefly summarized into six parts; you can even read some of them to your children and allow them to pick the ones they would enjoy the most. The preparation doesn't get better!

1. Explore Chu Chu Tunnels. Most children are blown away by the excitement they derive from chilling the tunnel. So a family tour to visit the tunnel isn't a bad option.

2. Train Trips. You can enjoy being an overnight train journey. To add to the fun, you can decide to take the cushy soft sleeper option. That would be a wonder indeed!

3. Water Puppet Show. If you think this to be a magical show for your children, we are on the same ride. Even for the elderly folks, they won't want to walk away quickly, need I talk more about kids.

4. Beaches. Being at a beach is also one of the peaks of fun tour kids can have at Vietnam. I could recollect how it wasn't easy for me to leave one of the beaches I toured to during one of my vacations. Playing with sands and slapping of the breeze is fantastic, inspiring feeling.

5. Basket Boat Ride And Crabbing In Hoi An. I'm convinced that kids in the neighborhood are impressed with basket boat riding and crabbing. In Vietnam, you can switch to a round basket boat and paddle gently into thick groves of water bamboo. And for Crabbing, while the crabs can serve as a game for your children it could reveal the fun of it; not difficult to find, sparsed around the bamboo stems.

I won't forget the sighting of the beautiful villages while cycling around the friendly villages.

6. Fly Homemade Kids at Phu Quoc. The island for Phu Quoc stands as the answer to a tropical island. Children are opportune to build a sandcastle and see how it's being surrounded by tides. You can also let your kids make their sunset paper kites which could be flown at sunset. Isn't that rewarding?

These briefly highlighted points can be incorporated during your Vietnam family tour with kids. Nevertheless, there is a particular question that might be lingering in your heart. I guess you know it!

A vacation would always come along with a price to pay. So, is a vacation to Vietnam not an expensive one? The answer is found below.

vietnam family vacation hoi an

Affordable Family Vacation in Vietnam.
A vacation with your loved ones to Vietnam will reveal you to natural wonders, marvels and the ancient architect of the country.

Families are bent on cutting cost, most especially those on a budget, they are moved to enjoy a family vacation only when they see that it's affordable. We are sure you are one of these folks too. This knowledge has compelled us to bring to your notice additional four unique, affordable family vacation.

1. Vietnam Family Explorer. This tour starts from the ancient city of Ho Chi Minh City and ends in Hanoi. It's a 12 days package that families can enjoy together. Including are six other destinations that your touring will feature. The cost would not make you break the bank. For the 12 days, you will be paying a sum of $168 per day totaling $2015.

2. 4 Days Family Holiday. A short trip that affords you the use of only bicycle and boat in gaining in-depth look into the cultural aspect of Vietnam and also enjoying the adventure.

The tour begins and ends at Hanoi. And it's from Hanoi to Ninh Binh to Halong Bay. As usual, the tour includes accommodation, a meal, and experienced expert tour guide. With just $758 you can have this fantastic fun with your family members.

3. Vietnam Legend Family Holiday. With a wide array of transportation available, from the train to bus to boat, you begin your trip at Hanoi and still end it at Ho Chi Minh City.

With just $1,151 you can enjoy 16 days trip of fantastic exploration into the culture of the Vietnamese and have an immense taste of adventure.

4. Family Discover Vietnam. A journey made to begin at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It is an eleven days tour that would take you through the whole adventure. Other amazing seven destinations will feature in your trip.

At $1632, you can enjoy this wonderful family tour. Through plane, boat, bicycle, bus, and train you can comfortably tour Vietnam.