Why Vietnam should be your next destination

03, December, 2018

Why Vietnam should be your next destination

Vietnam is presently the 15th most populous country in the world. Vietnam has over 96 million residents. Vietnam is located on the Asian continent and ranked as the 9th most populous Asia country. Vietnam capital is Hanoi since the unification of the South and North Vietnam which took place in 1976.

Known as the most populous and largest city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City; it is one of the most visited cities in Vietnam. Vietnam as a country is bordered by several countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia to mention a few. When you explore Vietnam its cities, buildings, arts and cultures, you will only marvel at how such wonders were buried in just a country.

In this article, we will be discussing succinctlythereasons why it would be an excellent option to visit this country. We would also identify some places where you can visit in this country and why it is beneficial to visit those locations. In the end, I do expect to have given you enough reasons to pack your bags and fly down to Vietnam.

Why visit Vietnam?
Of several countries in the world, why would it be a good choice if you choose to visit Vietnam? Here are some important reasons why you should consider visiting Vietnam:

•    Visit Vietnam for the adventure, nature, and romance
Visiting Vietnam as a country promises to deliver the best traveling adventure you have been longing to have. In Vietnam, there are several ancient buildings, foods, traditions and natural wonders that the great Vietnam War could not eradicate. These beauties can scarcely be seen in other countries making Vietnam the best location to explore.

Nature in itself can be very captivating, we may never be able to explore all the beauties in our environment thoroughly, but Vietnam has a wide range of these natures that you haven’t see. Further reasons why you should consider visiting Vietnam will be discussed in full in this article. Do pay rapt attention as we discuss the other important reasons why you should visit Vietnam.

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•    The Architecture and Archaeology
Vietnam has always been a crossroad of civilization, and this has left a massive mark on Vietnam as a country in itself. These civilizations have motivated many to visit Vietnam as they want to get more detailed information about the effects and benefits of their civilization.

One such civilization is Dai Viet. Dai Viet civilization rules Northern Vietnam for so many years and has now become dominant all over Vietnam. The Chinese culture has influenced several buildings in Vietnam. One of such is the Temple of Literature, an ancient library used by great elites several centuries ago.

•    The Vietnam local Culture
Vietnam having existed for more than a thousand year, you cannot expect the culture that has lasted for such a long period to disappear anytime soon. Rich cultures have been embedded and firmly rooted in Vietnam history.

These can be seen in their;
Architecture: The temples in Hanoi like the Hoan Kiem Lake, the Japanese bridge in Hoi An and the esteemed Tan Ky House.
Entertainment: Several live performances like the Vietnamese Water Puppets.
Fine Art: You can see several artworks amazingly made when you visit Kim Bong Village.

The Vietnamese cultures can be more enjoyed if you visit during their festival like the Tet (New year celebration), then you will get to see more and be absorbed in the Vietnam culture.

•    The Vietnam food
One of the essential things in life, foods can never be overly discussed. The Vietnamese are so obsessed with food that emotions sometimes are involved. It is not new seeing a resident of Ho Chi Minh City seriously in disagreement with another person from Hanoi on how to prepare a special type of dish; Vietnam local dishes are lovely.

Many have wondered why the food in this country is excellent, but it can easily be argued out that the influence of both China and France has affected the quality of their food, making it look unique and different, and makes it taste amazing. These can be seen in their noodles which come in several styles, and also in their Banh mi. You can never finish exploring the long list of food found in this country.  

Another popular thing in Vietnam is beer. Every city in Vietnam has their blend of beer; hence you may not get the same brand of beer in two different cities. Thus, there are more to explore their foods and drinks. Read our: Vietnamese Food and Drink

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•    The Vietnam War History
Many American will only remember Vietnam for the great and bloody Vietnam War. As much as the Vietnamese will remember, this war played a significant role in the decolonization of the country. The Vietnam people fought vigorously against France and the Americans. The result was the defeat of the French armies, and retreating of the American soldiers.

Visiting one of the war sites in Vietnam will help you in understanding how the war felt like and events that happened then. Some of the historical war sites has now been turned into museums or memorial centers, and it has helped many gain glimpses of development that occurred back then and their unavoidable triumph.

One of such is the Cu Chi Tunnel which helps portrays the struggle of the communist against the forces of the Americans. Another site is the war remnant museum which focuses mainly on the cruelty of the war. Another war site is the Reunification Palace which marks the submission center of the Sothern Vietnamese government to the communist forces.

Also in Hanoi at Ba Dinh square is another exaltation site for former Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh leader. Other places like the Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and the Ho Chi Minh stilt houses also depicts pictures of Vietnam’s great George Washington.

Another spot in the country to visit is the French prison which has been converted into a museum for honoring the struggle of the Vietnam people against colonialism. The Hoa Lo Prison which also helps depict the suffering the Vietnamese prisoners had to undergo in the hand of their French jailers.  

In every city in Vietnam are fractions of precious war, or it's historical deposits, which war enthusiasts and the war veterans can always visit. Just have a taste of this country,and you will understand the meaning of war even without having to experience it.

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•    The Vietnam Natural beauties
The natural beauties of Vietnam are another reason why you should consider visiting this country. Moving from North to the south are thousands of natural beauties covering the geological sphere of Vietnam. In the northern Vietnam world is Karst (limestone) Geology has also help create natural wonders for you to explore when you visit Vietnam.

The numbers of beach in Vietnam are beyond counting; some can be found in Hanoi. Visiting the Ha Long Bay is another beautiful experience. Many curious travelers get caught in the beauty of central Vietnam. There you get to see the Dunes in Red and also the white hues.

Journey further to the south is the Mekong Delta which offers the tourist a peep into the old riverside lifestyle. It is also an environment where biologist can get both quantity and quality fodder. Since scientist has started studying this Delta, it has produced close to 10,000 new species of fodders, and the list keeps increasing.

•    Visit Vietnam for adventure
Your choices of adventure in Vietnam can never be exhausted. Is it the sledding down the Mui Ne dunes or the tough riding of the Russian made motorcycle through Vietnam, or the burying of yourself in the great lake sand in Vietnam.  

Your appetite will be satisfied if you keep juggling through the streets in Vietnam in search of places to visit for new adventures. Kayaking on several Bays in Vietnam, or climbing of the natural karst walls in Vietnam, etc. are adventures you should make. You can be confident that you will alwayshave something new to explore in Vietnam. The experience in itself makes it the right spot for you.

Have you ever tried firing a gun? Have you ever gone close to a gun before? Have you touched one before? No matter answer, Vietnam offers you the opportunity to have a try.

Deep down in the Cu Chi Tunnel, you can have your first experience firing an AK47. You may be requiredbefore shootingto pay a small amount of money. If you would love to, it promises to be a pleasant experience.

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•    The low cost of living
Living in Vietnam is not as expensive as you would think. Compared to other locations in the world that offers close to the experience you will gain in Vietnam, none comes at a low or reduced price like Vietnam.

Spending a week, two weeks or more in Vietnam can be done easily without you breaking the bank.  Their foods, drinks, hotels, transportation, and overall lifestyle come at a very low price. No matter the country is coming from, you will survive well in Vietnam. Addint to the reasons why you should consider visiting Vietnam.

•    The Romance
Yes, visit Vietnam because of romance. Couples and lovers who visit Vietnam can be sure to enjoy their time there. One good spot to pass the time is the Hoan Kiem Lake which is located in Hanoi, in this lake; you will find several residents courting around the lake. This same spot is where most come for their wedding photography.

Another romantic destination in Vietnam is the Old Town located in Hoi An. During the full moon, its weather is best shared between lovers. With their old school lanterns, the old town can easily at night be transformed into a magical spectacle which lovers can bask in.

How long can you stay on a tourist visa in Vietnam?
Vietnam is never scared of taking in more visitors; the question should be, how long are you willing to stay in Vietnam? You can choose to spend ranging from few days to a week or 30 days.  You can also be permitted to remain for up to 3 months in Vietnam.

To visit Vietnam, you will be required to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa which can last you for three months. With such time, you definitely will have been able to visit all the famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. It is important to note that applying for a visa extension is more expensive when inside Vietnam compared to taking new visa outside Vietnam.

If you would love to stay longer, you will be required to take a Vietnam business visa. Business Visa will afford you the opportunity to spend close to a year in Vietnam. Remember you are going for a tour, it is best you spend a month or less if you would want to keep it exciting and fun-filled.

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Must visit areas in Vietnam
Limited time may affect the number of places you will visit in Vietnam during your tour. There are indeed some places you must not miss visiting otherwise your trip will be incomplete. Before completing your tour in Vietnam, ensure you visit one  or all of the following locations:

•    The Vietnam capital Hanoi, blessed with several architectural beauties and lakes.
•    Ha Long Bay which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
•    Mekong Delta which is an island, swamp, and a riverside.
•    Visit Sa Pa, embedded in this location are several enjoyable and trekking distances. Best visited from March to May.
•    Hoi An is another UNESCO site that you should endeavor to visit.
•    Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon is another location to visit. Without visiting Saigon, your tour is largely incomplete.

There are so many things you stand to gain by visiting Vietnam. Trust me, visiting Vietnam is an experience not to miss. So when you are planning your next trip, why not fly down to Vietnam and enjoy your free time with friends and family in beautiful environments.

We do hope this article has done well in whetting your appetite and that it has given you enough reason to consider visiting Vietnam.