The Best Vietnam Itinerary

01, January, 2019

The Best Vietnam Itinerary

Talking about countries with rich historical background, marvelous cultures, amazing sights like the beach, mountains, and low lands, Vietnam always come top in the list. Just in Vietnam alone are more than 10,000 places and new things to explore. Most who have explored this city feel as if they are just starting even when they are due to leave, many have even extended their visa just to catch more scenes in this country.

One problem many have faced is knowing where to visit, simply put, sorting out their itinerary, enjoying your tour in Vietnam for either a week, two or more depends solely on how this is planned and how organized the itinerary is. In this article, we will be discussing the best Vietnam tour itinerary in such a way that you can easily pick places to visit during your next Vietnam tour package.

Start your tour in Ho Chi Minh City
Many tourists in Vietnam has enjoyed starting their tour in one of the greatest city in Vietnam; this is not just because of the population and size of this city, this boils down to the marvelous and amazing sights they get to see in this city. Being the former capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is filled with several historical contents that help you in understanding the country better.

There are several locations in Ho Chi Minh City to explore like the Ben Thanh and the Binh Tay Markets; you may also visit several museums in this city especially the war remnant museum which houses several war machine and equipment used during the great Vietnam war. You may also visit the reunification palace where the Vietnam war came to an end.

Starting your tour in Ho Chi Minh City will prepare your mind to several beauties you are going to see throughout your stay in Vietnam both in their large cities or in their towns and small villages. Spending 3 days in this great city offers you the best chance to know more.

tour in ho chi minh city

Travel down to Hoi An
Having spent three days or more depending on the length for your stay in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An is the next best location to visit, spending 2 to 3 days touring this location will also afford you the opportunity to gain full insight about this town.

There are several sights to also visit in Hoi An, Hoi An has several big markets, but the most visited of all is the night market, you will enjoy your off=the road time by visiting beaches that are located in Vietnam. Other places to explore include the ancient old town and the Cantoneseassembly hall.

tour in hoi an vietnam

Visit Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is one other beautiful location in Vietnam that you must visit during the course of your tour in Vietnam. The landscape is a wonder-sight, it takes you off the trouble of the cities, and deposit you in a serene and beautiful environment. In Ha Long Bay, you can also enjoy night cruise which promises to be exciting and fun filled.

Spending 2 to 3 nights in Ha Long Bay is the best idea, you definitely won’t want to have partial knowledge of this location during your trip in Vietnam, neither will you want to forget the experience quickly.

tour in halong bay

Don’t stop until you get to SAPA
Yes, your tour in Vietnam must not stop until you visit Sa Pa, the best bet and best plan areto spend close to 3 days in this location. You cannot even finish enjoying the beauties in this location in just a week. Hence you need to start your tour here as quickly as possible.

Start your tour by visiting the waterfalls in Sa Pa, there are two famous waterfalls the love waterfall, and the silver waterfall, these waterfalls are such a beauty that you won’t want to see for just a few minutes, the lakes in Sa Pa are also rich in beauty and they deliver tourists the best sight. Climb the mountains in Sa Pa to visit several historical villages like the Cat Cat Village, meeting villagers that welcome you as a friend, with the best spot to take several photographs as the hallmark of your tour.

tour in sapa vietnam

Visit Hanoi
Many tourists have enjoyed coming to Hanoi towards the end of their tour in Vietnam, and it caps off your tour in this country up in the most beautiful way. Vietnam is more about history, culture, buildings, foods, and the natural tourist attractions, all of these can be enjoyed in Hanoi.

In Hanoi are several magnificent temples that have been for more than 100 years, apart fromthese, you get to visit several parks that deliver the beautiful green life you crave for, this includes the Lenin park and Lenin statue.

The artist in this city add beauty to its environment, hence ending your trip here is the dream of so many people. At nights or late in the evening, you can enjoy free live performances by several groups and at the theatre in the city. Hanoi helps complete your itinerary in the best possible way.

tour in hanoi vietnam

How much you enjoy your tour in Vietnam depends solely on how well you plan for the trip, with proper planning, you will get to visit several places and spend much time exploring the city, with poor planning, most of your time in this city will be spent on the road.

Ensure you are with enough cash to power you through the whole trip and ensure you are dressed in a way that no matter the weather you face; you will be able to survive it. Trust me; you will not regret spending a minute in Vietnam as long as you get your plans right and visit the appropriate locations.

Why not go with your family and friends during your next holiday? Such holidays are never forgotten,and they are one of the best you’ll do, you wouldn’t need to spend much, life is more comfortable than thought in this city.

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