44 Things You Should do in Vietnam

04, January, 2019

 44 Things You Should do in Vietnam

Curiosity indeed often befalls anyone intending to make visitations to a new destination - a place they've never been to, but for a long time, endless searches have been done. From experience so far, we have discovered that this same trait is evident on those visiting Vietnam for the first time, and surprisingly, those coming for their second or third, as the case may be, are zealously curious to know what they hope to enjoy.

One of the South East Asia countries you can find incredible, unique, and genuine experience is Vietnam! Need I mentioned what you probably might have read about in Vietnam either the culture, astounding delicacies, kind locals with attributes that are second to none anywhere in southeast Asia region, and the never-ending marvelously magnificent landscape, amongst others.

This piece is driven with the focus on flaunting a whooping sum of 40 plus, and not just 10 of the wondrous things you are set to enjoy real-time in Vietnam. Don't Just tell us your tour wasn't fun-filled! You won't even say that.

What Your Vietnam Travel Should Include

Note:  Things to do include what you feel, taste and see; it cuts across all essentials. Now that we are on board let's sail on.

1. Have a Sound Nap on a Boat in Halong Bay. A sound night rest is a gateway to a genuinely lovely Halong bay sunrise experience. Sleeping on a boat is the final destination; you sleep under the starry heavens, and thus surrounded by walls of limestone, and the beautiful howls of monkeys from a distant place.

2. Stay in a Homestay. A genuine and authentic real-life Vietnam experience should cut across a night or two in a homestay.  Eat with the locals, families, walk in the rice fields, meet villagers and indeed, something unique will amaze you. Look at our Vietnam homestay tours and watch:

3. Fly a Drone In The City of Ninh Binh. What if you don't have one? This gives a clue to one of the advantages of going with  a group. A fellow traveler may have one, get from him and have a spectacular view of the freshwater canals knitting their ways within the limestone. Can you afford a helicopter? That's perfect for the great viewing.

4. You Can Take a Tour to Son My Memorial. During the Vietnam war, the site is a destination for most of the horrific scenes. So many lives were lost! This site can remind you what humans can as a result of their self-tendencies, accomplish.

5. A Visit to TAN KY House in Hoi An. A view here is to let you see the Japanese and the Chinese influences on architectural designs. Coupled with the already magnificent Hoi an. Fortunately, you can add this to your itinerary during your Vietnam Tour.

6. You Can Go on A Tinder Date. Just so right! So many single ladies and gentlemen are ready to meet new folks. Yeah, hook on a chat! They could be the most amazing person you've ever met- You never can tell!

7. Sing Karaoke. Tell you what? Karaoke is carefully embedded in the Vietnamese culture. Do you love music? This is a cool hood for you.  It takes you to connect well with the locals. You thrill the audience with your fantastic singing pitch.

8. Watch a Puppetry Show. A water puppet show is incredible. Rightly located in the center of Hanoi, you can find it next to the lake. The time for show starts from 4 pm, 6:30 pm, 8 pm, and 7:20 pm.

9. Jump Off a Boat in Halong Bay. So you are an excellent swimmer? The warm water is waiting for you. You can make a bomb sound, a pencil jump or even a backflip.

10. Join a Cooking Class. This is another amazing way to become more friendly with the locals. To attend the class to make it yourself. It might lead you to market, flaunt your haggling skills and yes, when you are done, display your coking prowess for local Vietnamese dish.

11. Ride a Buffalo. Ever rode a buffalo? Then, this is an opportunity for you. This is more than just a ride. It's also a convenient way to get around. Check Mai Chau, Sapa, and Hoi an for this offer.

12.  Cycle Around Mai Chau. This adventure makes you feel part of the local culture, watch how buffalos join you in swimming the streams. It's a beauty!

13. Search The Infinity Pool in Sapa.  One of the most amazing infinity pools in the world is located in Vietnam, Sapa specifically and it's called Top as Eco Lodge.  You can have a look at the vast limestone mountains, and down below, the rice terrain.

14. Make Friends With The Locals. Vietnamese are friendly people. Don't blab, don't just walk past the  locals feeling too high. Remember your visit is to find something unique, not class segregation, so initate conversation, stay in contact, eat food with them- they will help you in your future trip to Vietnam.

15. Hike to Nui Sam. If you can make it to the top, it's incredible. Nui Sam, located on Mekong Delta is one of the amazing ways to kick-start your adventure in Mekong Delta.

16. Tour The Cu Chi Tunnel. Even in your Vietnam luxury Tour, you can still make this work. As you see the dug tunnels, be informed that that location served so many amazing purposes. It has multiple levels, and it offers housing, hospitals, and a kitchen.

17. At a Local's Spot Eat A Bowl of Pho. Although for travelers there are plenty of spots you can order to eat Pho. However, to know the best places, you need to examine the one regularly patronized by the locals.

18. Visit The Sapa Market. Want to sew one of the Vietnamese garments, then head to the sapa market and buy authentic, quality and original material. If you go with more money, you can purchase the clothes in varieties of colors.

19. For Ladies- Get a Tailored Dress. Of what use? You can get yourself that amazing summer dress you've been dreaming of a long time now. The price? Then this is the best time; you get a beautiful color, quality at a reasonable price here in Vietnam.

20. Visit Hoi An Roastery. Get a mild coffee here. You will be attended to by amazing staffs with a great location.

21. Take Your Tour to LING UNG PAGODA. If your tour takes you through DA Nang, then ling ung is a must see.  There you can check the incredible Lady Buddha that's standing at 67 meters high and a surrounding 35 meters flower below her. There are other complexes, make sure you check through.

22. Hire a Scooter. Hiring a scooter can make you ride to any place of your choice. Let me get you a place - Son Tra Peninsula. In itself, the ride other than a third world war, is identified as third world freedom.

23. Enter a GRAB. Entering Vietnam, a tremendous internal travel experience. It's called "grab." There is no overcharge; it's fast and easy. And hey it's fun! Many travelers loved it, and it's excellent alternatives for the locals.

24. Experience a Night Life at Hanoi. What's so special about nightlife in Hanoi? It's crazy, filled with a sunrise walk, and funny memories. It's just another way to enjoy liberty.

25. Drink Authentic Vietnamese Coffee. This coffee, of course, is way different from the westerners' it's a lot stronger and packed with a pack of sweet punch.  The coffee is generally hot; it can be served warm or probably with milk. It depends on which savor you want.

26. Barter For a Quality Item.  In the market, you have the fantastic benefits of dropping the first price around 50-70%, after that, maintain the boundary within that and agree. Don't be too stingy, yet, use money wisely.

27. Explore The Night Markets. Although, we can't argue out the obvious fact that almost all cities of the world offer night market experience. But just opt-in Hanoi and Hanoi old quarter market, you can experience the real night market. Something you perhaps have not experienced.

28. Try Duck Festus. This dish it a truly Vietnamese dish. It is just so amazing! But I'd advice you watch your food tolerance and allergy. When you do, then have fun enjoying the meal.

29. You Can Tour a Bamboo Raft in Tam Coc. The temperature is just 37° Celsius. So, even if you get wet, don't worry. The fresh water will quickly dry off the sweat.  Also, the trip will let you believe that Vietnam is indeed a breath-taking country.

30. Explore The Mind-Blowing Ninh Binh Province. This region is famous for its weaving canals and startling landscape. You should check this tours on your Vietnam Travel or during your family Vietnam vacation.

31. Visit The Jaw-Dropping Ban Gioc  Waterfall. It is an iconic and adorable Waterfall. It's just an incredible natural view. You have so much to view during your luxury Vietnam tour, or you can pick the destination for your custom tour.

32. Visit the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An.  It's a  convenient place to locate right around the Old Town area. It is a double fun bridge. In the day, it offers a beautiful view, at night, it gives a blazing look with the aid of the lanterns and lights that make the bridge indeed comes to life.

33. Party on Backpacker Street. The street is beautifully lined with huge pubs and nightclubs. Amazingly, it gives you one of the best nights in Vietnam.

34. Get a Tailored Suit. Hanoi city is identified explicitly for its tailored suit. Some of the fabrics for the outfit you bought back at home are sometimes sourced at Vietnam. To get your tailored suit, ensure it is a recommended location.

35. Visit Mount FANSIPAN. Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina. To enable you to reach the summit, you can schedule a 2-day hike. The infrastructure that has taken over in the region means both good and bad. Right in the sense that many people can get there, bad in the mind that, the district can quickly be messed up.

36. Be a Cheerful Giver. The best way to show that you understand what communism is, is by being a giver. Share what you have with the locals: the food, the beer, and photos. Give for the right motives. Don't be extravagant!

37. Party Hard. Fun filed event in Vietnam includes partying. At Hanoi backpackers hotel, you can enjoy partying with both locals and fellow travelers. And if you can extend your party time, at 5 pm, you will get a free beer.

38. Purchase a Non-LA.  You may wonder, what's a "Non-LA?" It's the hat that Vietnamese farmers often wear. For the fun of it, you can buy one and feel just like a local.

39. In Cat Ba, Kayak Through The Caves.  If you choose either a luxury tour in Vietnam, and it's located for Halong bay. You can kayak in the Cat Ba National Park. You will be connected or taken from the limestone region down to the ocean pools.

40.  Go Quad Biking in Mui Ne. There are expert explorers like Mui Me that you can sign in with, which will take you through quad bike tour. Since you will be going with an expert, you can be confident of your safety.

41. Explore The War Museums in Ho Chi Minh City. This museum lets you see what Vietnam as a country has gone through in time past. An experience that ordinarily with or without the museum, we can't fathom. But honestly speaking, the museum can let you get the inside story. The real history. Artifacts and other components of the war.

42. Wake Up For Halong Bay Sunrise. Honestly, though, your trip shouldn't be void of Halong Bay, yes. Exactly for the sunrise. At the start of the article, I  told you where you could get the immense beauty of the sunrise.

43. Make Visitations to Train Road in Hanoi.  Ensure that you see train roads when you make your visit during your Vietnam travel. It can even amaze you that the train route will pass through your door.

44. Take a Random Adventure With Another Traveler most especially for solo travelers. You might consider it beautiful to enjoy a random trip with a fellow traveler. You could start by a mere hello, and you can both explore more places that might not be ticked in your original itinerary.