Things to do For First - Time Visitors to Vietnam

02, November, 2018

Things to do For First - Time Visitors to Vietnam

Traveling to the island can throw out the fun off-sight and make you embrace daunting situations if you wouldn't make sufficient plannings and inquiries before your flight. The knowledge of this has compelled us to come up with a guide that will make your trip to the island a Stress-free one and not make you feel clueless in your new destination - You shouldn't let everyone who passes by you readily knows that it's your first time. It's realistic to talk, act and throw gestures like it's not your first time on the island. You can do it!

Before we start highlighting things you can do as a first timer in Vietnam either for a family vacation, private tour or luxury tour, you should be aware that Vietnam has different beaches, fleshed with lots of dining, shopping, and more fun, natural things to do. It cuts across must-attractions, most lively spot at night. All in all, this comprehensive guide will leave you with no details hidden, all points will be a channel to achieving your reason for touring to Vietnam - A fun-filled experience.

For a start, if you are traveling with your family what fun things can do while you enjoy your Vietnam family vacation?

Vietnam Family Vacation
Irrespective of the type of family vacation you so much desire, Vietnam has an answer to them. How? Most families that have visited Vietnam either recently or a long time ago often reminisce how thoroughly they enjoyed:

•    Family Ocean Cruising
•    Lying on The Beach
•    Relishing The Adventure of Trekking off the tracks
•    Spending quality time with a Vietnamese tribe in the central highlands.
•    Visiting places of monuments
•    Enjoying local meals together and many more.

We are aware that your coming to Vietnam might be via a direct flight or one with a stopover at Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok. Regardless of the iconvenience you might pass through, as soon as you get to Vietnam, travels around is not complicated nor tricky. For the past twenty years, Vietnam has never failed welcoming visitors from both near and the most distant part of the world.

When coming with your family, I'd advice you come from north to south, why? Because in the south, there are several beaches along the cost. A relaxation in the sunshine can top your visit after you must have enjoyed cultural highlights and other activities in the north.

an bang beach in hoi an

Allow me to highlight briefly two places you can take the tour to as a family.

•    Halong Bay. How can you explore Halong Bay as a family? First, let me talk about this cool site. Halong Bay is filled with traditional Vietnamese junk boats; it's identified for its thousands-strong limestone islets naturally dispersed around the bay. Traveling from Hanoi to Halong Bay will take us about four - hours drive. To explore as a family, you can hire a private junk boat. You can enjoy a two-night cruise to afford you the sufficient time of exploring the beaches and fishing villages. You can walk on the island, take a swim or do Kayak.

•    Hanoi For Families. If you'd not mind, as a family, the genesis of your tour can begin here. In sharp contrast to busy, congested metropolis, during evening fall, your family can enjoy part of the inspirational music, street food and get a quite feel. Also, it's not difficult to view the charming colonial architecture and span through sites like Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum while touring the city. Definitely from Hanoi, you can comfortably get to Halong bay previously mentioned.

•    Hoi An Ancient Town. This is definitely the ideal place for family vacation in Vietnam. Hoi An is like a little Vietnam, offering everything to explore and a family with kids can enjoy without having to travel much. Ancent town, beaches, beautiful countryside, colorful lanterns, cooking class, shops are what Hoi An make a family trip memorable.

•    Beaches in Vietnam.  Beaches are many and among the world's best such as My Khe beach in Danang, An Bang beach in Hoi An, Doc Let beach in Nha Trang, Mui Ne beach in Phan Thiet, Sao beach in Phu Quoc are perfect for relaxing time.

However, if your first time tour or visit to Vietnam isn't a family vacation, maybe it's a private tour, we won't leave you in the lurch. We've compiled a few things to be done for the first time Vietnam private tour.

Vietnam Private Tour
How exciting is it to know that you are headed for a private tour! All you want now is an experience that goes beyond the average. Yeah, the following enlightenment will get you awesome memories that would amazingly last a lifetime.

vietnam private tour sapa

•    Experience The Typical Life of a Vietnamese. Before your journey, you may have been wondering what could make up daily life in Vietnam. When you are right in the heart of the city, you can explore to the fullest and fill your curiosity to the brim. It's not out of place to taste their special drink and local foods, enjoy the urban and suburban part.

•    A Street Food Tour. You can certainly enjoy local tours in Vietnam. You can merge your love for food and that of travel. What a wonder to go for a culinary adventure. The street food tour helps you get to the best spot in town, where you can drink and eat comfortably as a local. It doesn't stop there. Your taste bud should enjoy the taste of local snacks and fantastic sauce.

•    Have a Pleasant Experience Viewing Nature. One of the awesome adventures that would skyrocket your private tour experience is sighting natural wonders. Nature in Vietnam is amazing! You'll sight green hills, impressive waterfalls, fields of wildflowers and many more.
Nha Trang, which is a coastal city in southern Vietnam can open the journey. It has offshore islands, diving sites, and serene beaches. Your site can't pass off the beautiful view of traditional Vietnamese houses, daily customs, and local crafts.

•    Hop on a Motorcycle. For Vietnam's first time visitors, traffic hassle can be a little bit challenging and daunting. Thus, it would be nice to try another enjoyable experience - using a motorcycle. On a Motorcycle, you can see the real Vietnam. Additionally, you can comfortably ask a local to take you round on bike to see the real Vietnam. Your tour might include a visit to temples, street food stalls, and the market. Remember, safety first, thus, always ride with your helmet.

But, what if you want a luxury tour regardless of the family vacation and private trip? May I tell you, that's a good idea. For that reason, I'll highlight key points to note, that is, things you can do during your Vietnam luxury tour.

Vietnam Luxury Tour.
Yes, it's called luxury, yet, it's affordable. It's something most travelers have done and those yet to, can still afford it. Several Vietnam luxury tour packages make you gain access into the top beautiful destinations from the North to Central Vietnam.

Succinctly, we've gained insight into the Vietnam luxury tour that you so dream of.

If within, you are exhausted due to the busy routine and hard work, getting recovered for wonderful life is realistic. Vietnam luxury tour can present you with stunning nature, exotic food, amazing people and rich, impressive history. These briefly highlighted packages are an opened to anyone who wants a luxury tour.

vietnam luxury tour halong

•    Vietnam Luxury Tour- Halong Bay-Babe- Bangoic Waterfall - Sapa. All these tours are combined in just a single trip. This tour will allow you to enjoy breathtaking nature view, and explore numerous exotic culture of the diverse mountainous ethnic group. This luxury tour can range between 1-8 days. It is sure going to be a lifetime experience.

•    Vietnam Luxury Tour - Halong Bay-Hanoi. If you want to enjoy a luxury tour, Halong shouldn't be a place you will miss. Interestingly, the site has been designated by UNESCO as World Nature Heritage Site amidst the 7 New Seven Natural Wonders. So, you can opt in for a 2-day luxury tour to this remarkable site.

•    Vietnam Luxury Tour - From Hanoi to Saigon. The amazement starts at the Halong Bay, and dive straight to the charming Hanoi and extends to the stunning Sapa, leading further to the impressive and beautiful Trang An, forging right to the beautiful Tamcoc, to the ancient Hoi An, to the bustling Saigon, amazing Mekong Delta, and rí has historical Cu Chi. You certainly have a lifetime experience waiting for you.

•    Vietnam Luxury Tour- Hanoi to Halong Bay to Sapa. In this part of Vietnam, you can enjoy the sight of unique culture, fascinating and remarkable nature. This impressive luxurious tour package can take the wonder on, and no doubt your luxury tour will be so active.

•    Vietnam Luxury Tours For Golfers. If you are consistent with what happens around the world, you'd see that in the last few years Vietnam has attained a display of popularity for golf tournaments. And you may ask why? It's explainable. There are abundant fantastic golf courses around the country. Considering where to start? Ensure you begin at Hanoi, Danang, and Saigon. These are the leading spots.

In between the family tour, private tour and luxury tour are other things you can do at Vietnam. I'll reveal about 10 of the things you can do at Vietnam.

Things You Can do at Vietnam.
We cannot rid the stern fact that there are so much amazing things you can do in Vietnam. Sincerely, there is so much love about that country. Ranging from the food to the startling beauty of its landscape and the diversity of climates. As promised, let's peer into the things you can do at Vietnam.

things to do in hoi an

•    You Can Visit The Charming Hoi An Town. This ancient town is known to be the most atmospheric and charming town. It has Chinese temples and tottering Japanese merchant houses and old tea warehouses. Other beautiful spots include Hoi An Riverside, Visit skilled tailors, have fun shopping and try the great food.

•    You Can Have a Historical Tour at Cu Chi Tunnels. Cu Chi is one of the Iconic attractions in Vietnam. It includes nothing less than 120km of tunnels; it's a large war medium offering the tourist a sneak peek into the history of the Viet Cong-Era Soldiers. You could walk miles to sample dishes or learn how to use rifles. Amazingly, there are other secret networks you can learn about.

•    Take a NightLife Tour. There are varieties of nightlife options that is opened to tourists. Right though in Vietnam, nightlife is buzzing. You can enjoy the sight at the night flower market, pull over to enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant. Additionally, at the rooftop bar, it's convenient to have a view of the city. You can dance if you so wish. Most soft tunes will accompany your relaxation at a lounge bar.

•    Your First Vietnamese Cooking Class Awaits You. Those unusual delicacies you dream about, spring roll, pho and Banh mi. Do you know you can learn how to cook them? Learning how to prepare these local traditional meals is fun and exciting, yet, inexpensive. A cooking class will assist you to learn how to make recipes from scratch.

•    You Can Attend a Water Puppet Show. Water puppet show is one of the wonders you can try out at Vietnam. This show dated back in the 11th century, and it's something you can experience in Vietnam. The Golden water puppetry Theater at Home Chi Minh City and Thang Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi are the two most popular places you can see a puppet show.

No doubt, this fantastic insight has grown your love for Vietnam and Vietnamese, isn't it? Yeah, should you will be planning a visit during your next vacation, you need the right travel agency that knows the ins and outs of Vietnam. At this point, I'll love to highlight a key feature of Vivutravel - what we do!

Vivutravel - What we do.

vivutravel ba na hills

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