Vietnam - A Great Place to Spend Less and Enjoy More

22, January, 2019

Vietnam - A Great Place to Spend Less and Enjoy More

Exploring Beautiful cities, timeless villages, breathtaking landscapes, outstanding natural beauty, human-made wonders, pristine scenery,and magnificent sights are every backpacker's dream. But exploring the marvels of each country comes with a hefty price tag. How would it be if you could visit great countries on a budget?

Some reasonable amount of research, planning a few months in advance and a few tips and tricks is all that you need to get going. Vietnam is one of those vibrant and energetic countries in the world that is a great place to spend less, enjoy more and have a lot to offer expats. From the impressive rock formations at Halong Bay to world’s largest Son Doong Cave, Vietnam has a rich and easily accessible natural beauty. It is one such country that is on the move with lots of alluring cities that still holds on to its unique charm.

Vietnam a great place to spend less, enjoy more:
A survey conducted by Expat Insider gave the insight that Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries to live for expats. They had the study based on12, 519 randomly selected people in 188 countries around the world. Despite the rapid development activities and urbanization, the heart of Vietnam still has the influence of by small family stores or wandering vendors concept.  

Vietnam is still the right blend of modern and transitional cities where things are much simpler and affordable. The recommended cities that you must visit are Halong Bay, Sapa, Mekong Delta, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Even a magazine named VNA tagged Vietnam as backpacker’s favorite destination for budget travel.

The flight services are affordable than most of the countries and much cheaper than others. Some airlines like Vietnam airlines offer premium economy for passengers who want to take advantage of deluxe seats, property check-in,and other additional amenities. Premiumeconomy is an ideal choice where you want to enjoy better value during your Vietnam budget tours. You can also fly business class where you can enjoy extra space to relax or indulge in superior services and delicious meals. Make sure that you book flights before the peak time during which price would be on its higher side.

Here are some factors that can make your Vietnam budget Travel more affordable.  

Eat like locals, yes for less
Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world where generous portions of fresh greens and herbs served with rice, noodles, meat,and seafood. There are innumerous excellent dining venues across all tourists’ friendly cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, but you can also find the most authentic and fresh food along roadside eateries, street markets,and food carts. At these humble looking dining places, you can enjoy meals for around VND 40,000 or less than $2. However fine restaurants can charge you slightly higher for the same dishes, but still, it is very economical.

eat like local in vietnam

Many attractions are free
Vietnam is one such country having plenty of breathtaking natural landscapes in the world, making it a top favorite among travelers around the world. Besides that, most of the attractions like parks, Buddhist temples or some of the popular attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi and Saigon Central post office are entirely free of cost to visit. While there are some caseswhere tourists were asked to pay an entrance fee to visit certain attractions, the best way to avoid this during your Vietnam budget travel is to do thorough research beforehand.

Transportation is cheap as well:
Low-cost Vietnam tour offers affordable transportation alternatives while comparing the transportation costs existing on the different part of the world. You can opt any of the three main ways to travel around Vietnam- By train, bus, and flight, taxi or motorbike.

However, to save splurging on expensive taxi or haggling with taxi drivers, it is good to choose to visit some of the locations that are accessible by walking. The popular nearby destinations you can visit at a stretch without depending on private taxis or other transport means.

Free maps are also available at hotels or tourist information centers so that you can save on transportation. Be careful with notorious traffic while crossing the roads.

Affordable accommodation:
Like transportation, accommodation cost is also far lesser than some of ‘backpackers favorite countries.’ But again if you want to save on accommodation, you can opt for hostels that are one among the economic accommodation choices you can find if you are running on a strict budget. Vietnam a great place to spend less, hostels isan idealplace where you can meet like-minded travelers from different countries.

If you want to enjoy more privacy, there are hostels in Vietnam that offer rooms for singles or couples at slightly higher rates. Or if you want to enjoy staying at the luxury hotel, make sure that you book in advance to avoid higher rates.

Most affordable beach holiday destination:
Vietnam has emerged as the most affordable beach holiday destination with amazing beaches likeCua Dai Beach of Hoi An offering lunch for less than $8 and beer for less than $2. Vietnam also hasnumerous picturesque beaches like Ho Coc of Hoi An, City beach of Nha, Long Beach of Phu Quoc. Long coastlines, white sand, clear waters are perfect places for water lovers and water sports activities. Beaches in Vietnam are popular for its unique combination of city and natural beauty.

beaches on vietnam travel

Profoundly beautiful and compelling, Vietnam a great place to spend less, enjoy more has emerged from theashes of its past to becomethe world’s most attractive and affordabletravel destinations. Although Vietnam is getting expensive  eachyearpassing by as its Asia’sfaster-growingcountry, still it is a cheaper country.

It is still possible fortravelers to travel on a budget on less than $40 per day and if you want to enjoy a more comfy journey, it ranges from around $60-$100 per day. Again if you would like to experience a five star luxury in Vietnam, it is alsopossible if you are ready to spend $150- $200 every day. Vietnam has got you covered whateverbe your choice in travel and will leave you wondering why you never made the trip yet.

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