How to Save on a Vietnam Tour

14, December, 2018

How to Save on a Vietnam Tour

Traveling on a budget is one of the most reasonable endeavors a sane person can embark upon; either rich or poor. There is this widespread knowledge that Vietnam, as a country, is an already budget destination; it can make you feel fulfilled, and when you know how to maneuver your ways, you'll return to your destinations with a smiling face and not with debt. Well, we can't overemphasize how vital it is to maintain budget travel while you stay in Vietnam and most especially, during a tour.

We'll be moving into details in explaining how to stay on a budget, that is, how to save on Vietnam tour packages. Points to illustrate include cheap Vietnam tours, where we will be highlighting the types of cheap trips you can have at Vietnam. Besides, we will talk about affordable Vietnam tour which speaks the same line with cheap Vietnam  tours, and, we'll talk about how to enjoy Vietnam tour on a budget.

All packs on your ability to save money, it's going to be a useful read and, a long read. (funny huh?)  The two work hand in hand. To start, let me take you through what you need to do at first.

Steps to Having a Budget Tour in Vietnam.
Regardless of where you are, you can take these four steps comfortably.

1. Search For Traveling Companions. Where you find traveling companions, you tend to share costs; it makes things more comfortable and better than going as a solo traveler. Fine, most hotels in Vietnam doesn't charge per person. Instead, they charge per room, so if you are going with friends or as a couple, you can save on that. Also, when there are just a few of you, it's more accessible to splits prices. You can enquire within your circle to know who is leaving for Vietnam during vacation, or when you get to Vietnam, you find someone you can pair with.

2. Do a Solid Research. Just doing pale research isn't enough. You should have an in-depth study that will bring relief to you that you are set for the right journey. You should have a concise knowledge about the cost of things generally in Vietnam what to do to avoid Scams and Tourist Traps in Vietnam. The fact is, if you do detail research, even if you are planning your visit during the busiest period, you can still save on your Vietnam tour. How do you get that done?

Search for online deals and discounts; you can get that with travel agents. Take, for instance, best price travel has a combination of the most attractive offers, and that will compliment your budget. If you do, you will make great savings.

3. Flexibility. Yes, there is a need for you to be flexible. A little glitch in your plan can cost you a lost, the least expected. So, believe it, flexibility can take you a great length. While you think about cost, you might think about the weather and the population of tourist. How do you play your card here? Let me give you an excellent example. Around May to September, for Halong Bay tourist, there is a discount of 20%-40% off what they are likely to pay, but the weather during this period might not be friendly, (you can get yourself gears that will help you endure the weather condition) and amazingly, there will be little crowd, affording you the Chance of exploring many destinations. That's how to play your flexibility. Let discounts and saving be at the forefront, yet, be concern about your health.

4.  Use Organized Tours. Although, you can tour some parts of Vietnam without guidance for free, yet you might nurture the desire to travel with an organized tour. That's the tour that can afford you saving significantly. An organized tour is more comfortable and offers you the best saving techniques.

Also, it has a way of exploring beautiful sights; there are cities with fascinating temples that you can walk past them and view their awesomeness. It's true that Vietnam has many hotspots for beautiful scenery, that provides one with natural sighting. There are humorous free temples and museums that you won't be charged to enter. Also, if you want to lay on the beach, it's free. And you can also shop around, ensure you check the price of what you are buying before you purchase. And if you choose to, you can have a day tour at Halong Bay, where you enjoy an overnight in a junk boat, although it requires an additional payment, it sure worths it!

5. Negotiate Taxis Prices. Before you hop into any taxis, be sure that you've negotiated well. Abundantly, taxis are found around the cities. Moreover, be sure that you are assured of the exact address of where you are going and where you are going to Stop. If you aren't sure, you may ask a passerby and then master the direction. There are many reliable taxis around that can guarantee you less pay even in comparison to xe-om ( the cheap motorbike taxis in Vietnam)

6. Have a Good Bargaining Power. Even though you are a tourist, new in Vietnam, you aren't expected to be charged over your regular pay of a good you bought. The secret behind it is bargaining well if you bargain well. You can have the liberty of buying things the rate other locals will buy it.

Although, you shouldn't feel intimidated or embarrassed to barging in line with what you can afford. These two points can help you.

One. Learn a few of the Vietnamese language, preferably the greetings, market terms and other related frequent phrases used when buying in the market.

Two. Know when to draw the lines, if a seller isn't pleased with your haggling skill, take a walk and find someone else, it is usually easy to spot that in their countenance.

If you master these two, you can always enjoy the privilege of bargaining like locals and buying things at a cheaper rate.

If you are not interested in an organized tour, finding a companion, there are cheap Vietnam tours you can book in from, let's see a few of them.

cheap vietnam tour vivutravel

Cheap Vietnam Tours
As a tourist, you would have heard of the natural wonders laid in the county of Vietnam, so many exotic terrains, inspiring landscape, magnificent ocean view, startling waterfalls, buzzing town and an excellent set of individuals. But how do you cap all these and still save money?

These list below highlight the numbers of cheap Vietnam tours you can embark upon with no stain of regret.

1. Vietnam Intro. This Vietnam Budget Tour takes 12 days, and it is considerably cheap. There are fantastic itinerary, and all normal activities included. You would enjoy exploring Hanoi by Rickshaw, sail the magical and breathtaking Halong Bay, and on your private island, stay a night, to enjoy quiet time to yourself, you can indeed experience local life and also learn how to cook local Vietnamese cuisine. And lastly, touring Mekong Delta and Chu Chi Tunnels isn't out of the grand tour. Saving 31$, you will only pay $1,018 for the whole 12 days trip. Does the low price not worth the pay?

2. Explore Vietnam. This is another Vietnam tour on a cheap side. This tour makes you explore Halong Bay for yourself, swim on Ti top island beach, also, you will visit Vietnam southeast coast, and lastly, you take an overnight train to Hanoi.

Additionally, your tour would include accommodation, transportation, meals and expert guides that will make your stay relaxing. I know you've wanted to know how much you can save on this tour? In extra savings, you can save $37 and pay $731 for the whole 11 days tour.

3. Essential Vietnam Tour. As the name implies, this tour takes you to the crucial tours in Vietnam. This tour starts in Hanoi and ends in Ho Chi Minh City. It offers an in-depth cultural tour essential that cut through the essential part of Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Additional destinations include five places.

This tour also include an accommodation in a budget-friendly hotel, meals, expert guides, transportation and many more. Transportation mode includes train and rail, boat and private vehicle. With a token payment of $765, you can still save a locked $173 and unlock $38 additional savings.

4. Ultimate Vietnam. Another exceptionally grand cheap Vietnam tour is the ultimate Vietnam tour. You will head into Hanoi for exotic fresh beer and food. You will enjoy the privilege of kayaking the emerald of Halong Bay. Additionally, you can marvel at the incredible beauty of the Hoi An. Impressively, you can make spicy, delicious local Vietnamese dishes in Vietnam's Miami, you can take a snorkel trip to Nha Trang. Paying a token sum of $922 and saving $102, you can enjoy a 14 days tour.

5. Tru Vietnam Explorer. Indeed, this Vietnam cheap tour is also an incredible tour packed with the affordable package and wonderful privilege. This tour will help you explore gems of the astonishing part of Vietnam. Not that alone, you can learn to cook and make a lantern at Vietnam.

You can also discover the historic city of Hue, which is the former capital city. There are amazing massages, yoga classes and outdoor cinemas that you can enjoy, and finally, you can cruise the emerald water of Halong Bay and have a fun-filled relaxation technique. Admiringly, you save $154 on the $1054 you will be paying.

Undeniably, these five cheap tours are unusual and fascinating. There are other affordable tours too that you can check out. I'll list four of them.

explore vietnam tour

Affordable Vietnam Tour.
I'll be revealing four (4) fabulous, affordable Vietnam tour; the fact is, they are irresistible, they have the striking combination of affordability and adventure completeness. Shall we keep riding?

1. Vietnam on a shoestring Tour. This tour is exclusively lovely for a budget tour. It offers you the opportunity to relax on the sun-kissed beaches located at Nha Trang. You will also stroll the picturesque river-side Hoi An. In a more stylish form, you will take a rickshaw ride through imperial Hue. More importantly is the marvel at Halong Bay's Iconic limestone islands.

Just like the other previously higher cheap Vietnam tours, you have accommodation in a hotel, included is a meal and an expert guide. Only with a little fee of $ 819, you can enjoy the 12 days tours.

2. Halong-Sapa-Halong Bay Overnight on a Boat Tour. There's more to enjoy in this type of Vietnam tour. It includes having a picnic in Vietnam's countryside, meeting locals in Tan Van Village, you will be made to explore sung sot cave. It's also interesting to note that you can visit Bac Ha Town's markets.

This tour is an affordable Vietnam tour that also gives you meals, a single transport channel, bus. And yes, it helps you to discover private and custom tour and can't be enjoyed during Christmas and new year. Simply put, a cost of $415 and save $13 on tour for about six days.

3. Grabatour Vietnam Tour. This tour begins at Hanoi and ends in Ho Chi Minh City. Within ten days you can have excellent exploration. It is a small tour group, and it has sound accommodation, a great meal, an expert guide and finally, great transport.

The fee for this tour is rate at $897 and save at $28 on this tour. There are plenty transport opportunities for you, bus, bicycle, train, plain and mini coach.

4. Trekking Sapa- Mu Cang Chai Tour. This is a fantastic tour that gives you an immense tour satisfaction. It begins from Hanoi and ends there. It's a 5-day tour package that takes you through Hanoi and other Vietnam locations. You have the opportunity to use local transport or private vehicle.

You enjoy hiking and trekking and enjoying wildlife and discovering the immense life of Vietnam. With $442, you can enjoy this tour certainly, and yes, still save $14.

So, finally, there you go! With little, you can enjoy the very best in Vietnam. It's time to enjoy both cheap tour in Vietnam and affordable Vietnam tour.

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