5 Things to do to have a blast at the Ban Gioc Waterfall

13, February, 2019

5 Things to do to have a blast at the Ban Gioc Waterfall

Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive and outstanding natural sights to behold. The falls, which are some 30-metres high and 300-metres across, makes Ban Gioc the widest (but not the highest) waterfall in the country. Having occurred on the Quay Son River, thefalls bring a beautiful jade-blue body of waterflowing from China through a pastoral landscape of rice fields and bamboogroves surrounded by limestone pinnacles. These are few of the enticing and interesting features to behold. Ultimately, below are the top 5 things to be done to have a blast at the Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Since the Quay Son River forms the border between Vietnam and China, consequently, the falls are half in Vietnam and half in China. The two countries possess bamboo rafts that gently moves the visitors around the base of the falls for better views of the cascade. There is also a wholesome avenue of meeting many Chinese tourists whom had come from just across the border. You’ll literally shake hands and enjoy the tour altogether for overall maximum experience.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is roughly 360km away from Hanoi, having reached here via a good national highway to Cao Bang city, and the several recently upgraded provincial roads, leading through fantastic countryside to the falls. For individuals looking to get off-the-beaten-track and have a wholesome spectator view of nature, Ban Gioc Waterfall is definitely a favorite destination to check-in into.

Before reaching Quay Son Falls, are ambles through a glorious valley studded with limestone karsts. This is simply a great landscape to behold as there is an impressive cave system called “NguomNgao Caves”, just a few kilometers on the right hand side before reaching Ban Gioc Waterfall.  A walkway of about a kilometer long leads through the caves which are gorgeously lit and very atmospheric in condition. It is however advisable to thread carefully because the pathway can be very slick—thanks to the abundant Calcium Carbonate which forms the stalactites that you see all around you.

At the end, you’d definitely be awed about what you see and will certainly for long relish the pleasure to have visited these historical places.

way to ban gioc waterfall

Picnic is a meal taken outdoors as part of an excursion. It is ideal in scenic surroundingssuch as a park, lakeside, or some other places. Having had a wonderful timeout seeing the beautiful waterfall and natural endowments in Bang Gioc, it would only be normal and fun to have an eating period setout in an open place. With family or friends, taking a picnic will definitely relief and ease-off accumulated stress from the tour. It  would provide an avenue to interact through chitchats whilst at the same time, getting fresh doze of air emanating from the shores of the waterfall to ultimately complement a well-taken relaxation at the Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

Another obviously interesting thing that will make one’s visitation to the Gioc Waterfall superb is by uncovering history. A road running along the top of the falls leads to a stone-like marker demarcation of the border between China and Vietnam in French andChinese. In this 21st Century, disputes have arisen as there are discrepancies as to the corresponding documents on border demarcation and the placement of the markers between the French and Qing administrations of the 19th century.

As a tourist, your knowledge of the Vietnamese border with China and the discovery that Vietnam is a country with one of the largest waterfall in Asiawill be deeply bolstered, and trust me, you’d have had a lot of exposure and worthwhile experience at the end of the safari.

With well-tightened bamboo rafts subjected afloat water, your experience at the Ban Gioc Waterfall is already entering a whole new dimension. Boat owners will put you on the rafts close enough to the waterfall so that you can see and feel the splashing spray of water on your hair and skin. Rafts on the Vietnamese side of the divide have green canopies while the one on the Chinese side have blue canopies.

If interested, you may decide to swim in the natural pool but not in the river or close to the waterfall. You will definitely get wet in the bamboo rafts but the wetness is just enough to last you an indelible and unforgettable touring experience.

RAFTING in ban gioc waterfall

Aside travelling, discovering new lands and going on adventures, you can also find unrivalled food delicacies in Ban Gioc and especially in the surrounding city of Cao Bang. There are lots of specially made local food to be relished. In Cao Bang, their unique dishes, which can be found in any corner of the province, are quite special because of the recipes and the intriguing ingredients with which they are made of.

This city is home to many ethnic minorities especially “Tay and Nung” people, which contributes to the characteristics of the culture there. And for this reason, the cuisine in this environs is quite different from what we have in other part of Vietnam, making it a fun-filled and delicious visit.

Whilst visiting Ban Gioc, there are a number of dishes one shouldn’t miss in the city of Cao Bang. It includes Banh Coong Phu—A delicacy which is a specialty of the Tay and Nung people. It is called floating cake and is prepared by grinding the rice and mixing with water. The mixture gets dehydrated and then made into small balls then boiled. Oftentimes, roasted peanuts and sugar water boiled with ginger are often applied to give it a defining taste. It is best eaten at winter.

Other special delicacies are; Banh Ap Chao, Banh Trung Kien (Peng Ray), Pho Chua, Xo Triam Cao Bang, Banh Khao, Lap Xuong Cao Bang, Banh Che Lam and Vit Quay Bay Vi.

Go to Ban Gioc Waterfalls and drop by any food stall you pass to try any dish you like. The above mentioned dishes are just a relatively few delicacies you can easily find anywhere within the city of Cao Bang. From streets to households, to stores, to luxury restaurants, let the food add more flavor to your adventure.

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