10 Tourists Attractions for Exciting Travel Experience in Vietnam

19, February, 2019

10 Tourists Attractions for Exciting Travel Experience in Vietnam

Are you a tourist? Do you love catching sight of top beautiful sights? If you do, you've hit a secret that will help you enjoy your next tourist trip. In truth, the world is filled with several amazing and marvellous sights that do not only thrill viewer, but it makes it easier for us to meditate and be inspired.

Vietnam as a country is another gigantic wonderland even with it'snot so large size and land mass. In truth, the fantastic tourist attractions in this country are beyond numbers. No wonder, over the years thousands have travelled both far and near to catch sight of these beauties. And if you're planning to have your next tourist trip, why not consider going to Vietnam.

In this post, we are going to consider just ten amazing tourist attractions you can explore on your next trip to Vietnam. We believe this will whet your appetite and prepare you for not only a beautiful but fulfilling tourist trip.

1. Hanoi
If you love history, you will definitely love Hanoi. Wars and great wars have been fought in this city. To become the capital of this great country, Hanoi has endured and survived both the Indochina and the Vietnam Great War. Unlike other cities that would have been filled with ruin, Hanoi is filled with beauties. A visit to the old quarter opens you to an open-air museum, and you can also explore the gigantic yet beautiful and old French and the Asia colonial houses and amazing architectural works. The ever-busy markets, quaint cafes, the grand opera house and the Presidentialpalace, are just a tip of what you'll enjoy in Vietnam.

2. Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is another topspot to catch amazing sights during your Northern Vietnam Tour. It is a collection of aqua green water and limestones which like a sea dragon rocks out of the water. This fantastic bay is located about 130 km (80 miles) in the east of Hanoi which is in northern Vietnam. The bay features more than 2000 jungles covered island with amazingly intriguing island which is covered with caves, sinkholes, lakes, Grottoes, and lot more. Over the years, natural processes have helped shaped this Bay and island given it some of the beautiful shapes it carries.

sung sot cave in halong bay

3. Sapa
During your Northern Vietnam Tour, endeavour to visit Sapa. It is a land surrounded by mountains and huge terraces filled with rice; it contains a large diversity of hill tribes that you may crave to see in Vietnam. Sapa is a tranquil town often used as a trekking base in the Hoang Lien on Mountain which makes it easier to tour rice paddles and traditional villages. You also get to catch sight of beautiful waterfalls, and you get the taste of the food and rich customs of the Vietnamese people.

4. Dong Van Plateau
At any rate during your tour of North Vietnam, don’t miss visiting the Dong Van Plateau, it has always been considered as a top alternative for the famous Sapa. It contains some of the best trekking routes you will ever find in Vietnam, and its villagers are so amazing. Their clothing is another amazing beauty to behold in Dong Van Plateau.

5. Tam Coc
Tam Coc is another location in the Northern Vietnam tour youmust explore. What will you search for in this part of Vietnam? Amazing caves, rice filled farms, Grottos, enjoy the Sampan boat rowing it the traditional way, and many more.

These unusual locations are sure to thrill you throughout your tourist trip to Vietnam. In fact,while travelling to some of this location, you’re bound to catch sight of other sites that will interest you. With a perfect itinerary, you can make the best out of your Northern Vietnam Tour.

6. Hoi An
You probably have heard several things about Hoi An; they are all correct (I mean the good one). This city is located off the coast of the East Sea in southern Vietnam. As beautiful as this city is, it has survived for more than 2000 years, this has left it with several precious and top sights for all tourists. What will you search for in this part of Vietnam? Historical architectural works, rich culture, beautiful textiles, and many more contributes to the beauty and popularity of this city. The Old Town is an atmospheric location where you can explore to catch more beauty. It contains several wooden houses, and shops where you can get your bags, shoes and many more.

hoi an vietnam top travel destination

7. Hue
Hueis located on the bank of the Perfume River in Central Vietnam. It once served as the imperial city of the Nguyen Dynasty. What will you search for in this part of Vietnam? The fantastic architectural designs, the rich and beautiful culture and cuisine, are some of the tips to catch sight of. The citadel located in Hue is one of the most famous sights in this location. It contains several great and grand palaces, walls, and great gates. The Thien Mu Pagoda which is on the Hue river is another ethical symbol of Hue that you might want to explore.

8. Dalat
Another top spot to visit during your Vietnam Tour packages is Dalat. What do you search for in this part of Vietnam? Cool weather, valleys, lush pine trees, colourful and beautiful flowers, and many more are some of the beauty to behold in the previous summer retreat ground for Vietnamese emperors and French colonial. Searching for relief from the heat? Visit this spot. Its architecture is also a wonder to behold.

9. Ho Chi Minh City
During your Vietnam tour, you can take a break and travel far south to this amazing location which is along the Saigon river near Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. Formerly known as Saigon, and the former capital of Vietnam, you stand to catch sight of several historical and modern attractions. War sights, shopping malls, night markets, and dining locations are just a tip of what you stand to enjoy in Saigon.

10. Mekong Delta
Wondering what you will search for in this part of Vietnam? Trust me, the floating market, fruit orchards, the sugar cane groves, bird sanctuary, quaint villages, and rice paddles are some of the things that have drawn many to this location. The maze of canal and streams makes the location perfect for all agricultural activities. No wonder, more than a third of the country feeds on its produce.