Tips to travel from America to Vietnam

08, March, 2019

Tips to travel from America to Vietnam

Americans are obsessed with Vietnam as a country. This is not unusual; most states are too. Also in the U.K., many tourists stream into this country annually. The reason isn’t far fetched, because Vietnam offers tranquility that makes you travel out of the craziness in the world, you have a beautiful environment to make you think well, live healthily and enjoy every moment. Their light and harmless breathe of air when you get to packs and beaches, caves and many more.

But, among numerous decisions, any travelers that plan to travel from America to Vietnam should be concerned about safety. But why, if this issue of security is a common knowledge?

You will be wise to think about the terrain, landscape, weather and other factors in Vietnam if you want a grand Vietnam private tour, Vietnam tailored-made tour, and other custom tours. That way you can be confident that in between the fun, you are fully secured. Well, for folks in a developed country like in the U.S.A., it will make a mess if they come unprepared with the right gear, and going by the fact that they are good readers, interestingly, as you read along you will be educated and yes, enjoy your tour.

Presumably, you would have gone through how to go about flights to Vietnam from the U.S.A., how to travel to Vietnam from America which entails the visa requirements and the rest. What is essential now to beautify your Vietnam tour from America is having a comprehensive overview of the travel gears to come with.

The exposure of Vietnamese to western culture has influenced some of their dressing consideration. For example, today, many women dress based on where they are from, either the city is westernized or not. In Sapa, the northern part of Vietnam, women dress according to their tribe, yet women in the central part of Vietnam dress just modestly with no traces of culture which is entirely different from women in the south.

For the men, nearly all of them enjoy putting on casual jeans and shirt. But if at their respective working place, they are required to wear specific clothing, they will stick to the pattern.

There are no strict and precise laws in Vietnam for dress code, yet, just like any other country with sane people, there are considerations. These considerations are what we hope to accomplish at the end of the article. This makes you have a precise idea about what to wear, not to wear during your visit, and what to pack in your traveling box.  

To be more explicit about the topic, I’ll be highlighting at least, twenty (20) travel gear to come with when next you plan a trip to Vietnam from America. So, at the end of the article, you’d have known what to include in your traveling box. Be informed that this article will serve as a guide and not necessarily telling you this is a brand of cloth you should wear. In some cases, we might be precise in making it glaring that this is what to wear for safety purpose.

Travel Gear to Wear For Vietnam Tour From America
Below are some of the gears you are to come along with. From shoes to shirts and other essential gadgets.

1. Cotton Shirt. One of the best clothing for Vietnam climate is cotton. Why? Because it's breathable. Also, in cases whereby you have to stuck tour stuff inside the bag, cotton makes a natural material for ironing. Most importantly, cotton is one of the elements that is suitable for any activity you intend embarking on.

2. Long Pants. To what advantage does a long pant serve? On a rainy day when you will be seeking for what will keep you drier, having a long pant will save you. And again, if there are bugs in the location, you are staying, or during your Vietnam private tour, you will be free from them since the pants will cover tour legs.

3. Hat. Yes, I beg you, don't forget this. It's very very essential. At times when the sun will be scorching, you'll need no prophet to tell you that you needed a hat. The hat you will get would be lightweight and would be able to cover your face well.

4. Sunglasses. To lessen the sharpness and brightness of the sun, a sunglasses is indeed a useful gear to travel to Vietnam from America with. Instead of coming with one, some folks would even move with two. You can do the same too.

5. Rain Jacket. A plan to travel Vietnam from America during a rainy season isn't complete if you wouldn't come with your raincoat. Well, let it be lightweight. Then, you can say you are prepared. Well equipped for the rain.

6. Shorts. This helps in keeping you fresh. Most especially during the heat, you will enjoy it. Advantageously, it will take up less space, thus making you travel lighter. A pair or two is beautiful! Depends on how minimal you are.

7. Moisture - Wicking Shirt. If much of your precious time will be spent outdoors, then you will need this moisture-wicking shirt. It helps during the rainy season to assist in feeling dry as soon as possible after the rain. And I'm sure you will fall in love with this gear.

8. Underwears. For ladies, they can get a sports bra and a thin base layer. This dressing pattern makes recreation activity fun and enjoyable. Even if at a point in time you aren't enjoying it, you might need to think about what you are wearing, do they make you have free movement? Or they are hindering your progress? Whatever answer you get, pen it down and solve it with this particular gear.

9. Waterproof Shoes. The idea of this shoe is to provide comfort all-day! I'm sure you wouldn't like sneaky socks either a soaked one.

10. Hiking Boots. I know already that you would be anticipating to see this. For those who would be interested and pay a visit to the cave, a journey to the hills is a must; you can't use a beautiful elegant shoe for hiking, only a right study can do that. Overall, they will make everything pretty easier and enjoyable to you.

11. lightweight Hiking Socks. Aside from the hiking shoe, another critical gear is the hiking socks. This sock relives the burden of getting more uncomfortable. Preferably when you walk more, the socks won't even make you feel like you do at all.

12. This socks. This one in comparison to ordinary socks, it is thicker and would function well, when worn correctly on. This too brings comfort and fun.   

13. Toiletries. Just think about anything you need to put inside your toiletries. From your toilet roll to shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, deodorant, lotion, and others. Just buy this and keep it safe as usual.

14. ChapStick. I dislike crack and ugly lips. Have you ever been admired for a beautiful lip? Then, going to Vietnam should not spoil it. A chap stick will keep your lips moist and glossy. It will give you the best succulent mouth all day.

15. Hand Sanitizer. Just because you will be meeting people regularly, in fact, it could be every day. A hand sanitizer will give you maximum protection for all day. It is not ideal to be ill instead of having fun all through the trip. If the bottle is small, it's better because you will be able to take them around to be used precisely.

16. Bug Repellant. Genuinely speaking, mosquitoes are a nuisance in Vietnam. Thus when you come with a repellant, you can drive them away. Each time you feel it, spray it.

17. Long Sleeve Blouse or Shirt. As you plan a trip to Vietnam from America, be sure to bring along lightweight materials unless you are heading north during the winter season, where everywhere will be very cold. Then, going with a lighter cloth will be hazardous.

18. Come With Long But Light Weight Skirt. During prayer sessions, a lightweight skirt will be helpful and pleasant thing to bring. It would be fitting, and many folks around will appreciate your dressing if will gladden their heart.

19. Come With a Big Scarf. To travel to Vietnam from America require lots of thinking and effort, and impressively, this is one of the shots. When coming to Vietnam, the scarf you will come with should be big enough to serve either as a skirt or to be used in covering your shoulders.

20. Come With Flip-slops Shoes. Yes, a flip flop shoe will also be an essential gear when you are visiting a temple. Generally, you are required to take off your shoes off before entering the temple, but if you can’t walk barefooted, this flip flop shoes will be a great idea. It will desist you from making your socks dirty and makes you look modern.

21. Open Sandals. Apart from the regular covered shoes you wear, open sandals are exciting ideas for men and women. It makes you feel comfortable whenever the heat is on the high side or when it rains. Also, if it rains, you will find comfort since your sandals will get dried quickly.

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The Types of Clothing You Aren’t Allow to Wear In Vietnam
1. Don’t Walk Around Half Naked. Ask yourself what type of clothing will make me look as if I’m half naked? I’m sure you’ve found the answer. Although in Ho Chi Minh City, the weather can be hot during the summer or probably anytime time of the year, but that isn’t going to be enough excuse to pull your t-shirt and move like that around the street. If you do, you are dishonoring Vietnamese culture and the locals themselves.  

2. Wear Your Bra on Thin Fabrics. Frantically, I know that for some women, wearing a bra can be uncomfortable and painful, but it would be offensive to wear a thin fabric without wearing a bra, you will become the object of attention, gazes, and stares. To avoid that wear either sports bra, nipple covers or thick fabrics with a bold and darker color so that your breast won’t be revealed in the process.

3. Don’t Put on Offensive Clothing. Just like how wearing half-naked clothing upset Vietnamese, wearing offensive clothing does too. An offensive clothing can insult either Vietnamese or the Government itself. If you have any T-shirts that offend the people of the land or the government, don’t wear it. However, if you have a shirt with written words on it, and you don’t understand it, or you perceive that it will be misunderstood, if you are going for a Vietnam tailored-made tour don’t wear it.

4. Cover Your Body. Yes, covering your body depicts respect. For example in some destinations, during your Vietnam private tour, you might be denied entrance. Take for example, when visiting Pagoda or other prayer places, ensure that you are fully covered. The idea is that extremely revealing clothing can send a negative signal, it can make you be viewed as someone else while any right-thinking lady will disapprove of.

5. Even on a Beach, Don’t go Extremely Half naked. If you are going to private beaches, then, you can decide to go naked, but on a public beach, Vietnamese are not familiar with seeing people around who are naked on the beach. Women are expected to cover their breast fully in order not to make anyone feel offended. On the beach, if you go half-naked, it might invite unwanted touches which no sane lady will like. Unless she’s s a slot. And unfortunately, as it stands, the rights of women to put on what they want in Vietnam is a struggle that has not been won, with the hope of winning in years to come, but definitely till today, it hasn’t been achieved.

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