Reasons for travelling to Vietnam in summer time

15, March, 2019

Reasons for travelling to Vietnam in summer time

In many travel forums, it is said that summer time in Vietnam from May to September isn’t a good time for traveling as it is the rainy season! However, it is not exactly the way it goes and many travellers still travel to Vietnam in this period.

Being a local expert, we would like to give you both positive & negative factors about traveling to Vietnam in summer season in order that you can really consider and make decision on your own.

At first, we should have some general information about weather in Vietnam. Vietnam is divided into 3 different parts: the North, the Centre & the South that makes different weather in each region. But overall, there are 2 main seasons in Vietnam, called the rainy season & the dry season, which are also not similar in those 3 parts.

It means that when it is rainy season in the North, it can be dry season in the Centre. Then, it is definitely not easy to find a right travel period and you should just manage your most suitable time and leave the rest for God & the nature.

Vietnam beach in summer

Next, we will tell about the positive factors and one of the most prominent ones when traveling in summer time is about cheaper costs. As many people consider summer period a not good time for traveling, the less travellers come and the habit made it low season of tourism.

As a result, all travel suppliers from hotels, cruises, transportation, trains, flights & tour agents offer very good promotions that is much cheaper comparing to high season.

For example, the hotels can offer room rate for low season around $10-$15 usd/night cheaper than high season. Based on that if you are planning to travel to Vietnam in low season for 10 days, you can save around $100 - $150 usd not mentioning other services.

Another benefit is that you will not have to be soaked up in the crowded tourist sites every day. It’s much better for just wandering around slowly, unrushed & easily. Queuing for so long is such another big problem at famous destinations that really wastes your short time in that beautiful country.

Tam Giang lagoon

Weather is one more advantage. If you love sunshine & hot weather, it is the right time to go, as Vietnam also has winter in the North & the Centre meaning it is pretty cold and not a good idea for beach relaxing.

Of course, heavy rain can come but it usually goes quickly after one our 2 hours. In the months from October to April that are considered as dry season, rain can come as well called drizzle but it can rain from morning till evening without any stops. Now we know exactly the difference between rainy season & dry season that is about the rainfall only.

Actually, if you are lucky, you can get a wonderful sunny & hot weather during your summer vacation without any rainy day. If you are not, don’t worry!!! Sometimes, it is a perfect cause for an unique experience!!!

One more thing that we can’t mention is about the easy booking process for everything. You can even arrange the trip closely & tightly and all original services are still available. It would then not take time for you to find alternatives. Of course, the first choice is always the best choice and I’m sure that using an alternative is not comfortable for you.

If you want to see amazing rice terraces, go to Vietnam in summer months from Jul to Sep and you will be dazzled by the wonderful scenery of rice terraced fields stretching from the foot of the mountain to its top.

terrace rice field in Y Ty Vietnam

Vietnam is really famous for its beautiful rice terraces and the best spots are Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi & Sapa. In Jul & Aug, the rice will be in green color & it will be in spectacular golden color in Sep. If you travel there in other months, the rice fields are not there anymore.

Now, it’s time to talk about the disadvantages and I’m sure that it is not too much. The only thing is about rainy time that we have learned about. But there is actually another more important thing that you should be aware of, is storm that may affect to your trip to Halong Bay.

Whenever a big storm comes, all cruises will be banned from going out, meaning you will have to cancel your cruise trip. Hot weather, is on the other hand, can be not really comfortable, especially, in noon time. Then, it can be not a good idea for those who are not popular with that weather.

In conclusion, in my opinion, weather shouldn’t be considered a big problem as we can’t know things clearly & exactly, even with weather forecast. Leave it behind & just make the trip most interesting in terms of hotels, tour activities and things to know before you go!

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