How to explore Vietnam at a lower price

15, January, 2020

How to explore Vietnam at a lower price

Why Not Explore…?
There really should be no excuse for you not to ‘spoil’ yourself, after a long year’s work – you really deserve that treat. Everyone who works diligently deserves that week away from familiar terrains and undimming floodlights.

And when you do choose to give yourself that much needed indulgence, Choose Vietnam! Indeed, there are not many better places on the world map for recess, cultural finesse and good food than the ancient city of Vietnam.

Before heading over to how to cut costs while on a tour of Vietnam, here are few things you should know about this country. However, if you would like to go straight to the meat of the article, click here.

Meet Vietnam, your ever-ready hospice.
Located in South East Asia, Vietnam is the 15th most populous country in the world, with an estimated 95.5 million inhabitants (as of 2018).

Rather than let this staggering figure frighten you, you should be happy. A report says that the Vietnamese are some of the most hospitable people anywhere in the world – with people more than willing to offer help, especially to tourists, any time of the day.

The implication of the above is that, as you navigate your way through the beautiful cities in Vietnam, there are 95.5 million people who are ready to help make your stay a worthwhile one.

Now that you are considering Vietnam. Know that you are not alone.
Beyond the characteristic heart of gold of the Vietnamese, there is also major government interest in the well-being of tourists, particularly because, as an industry, tourism contributes 7.5% of the annual Gross Domestic Product of the country. Hence, every visitor is a king and the handlers of the country ensures that visitors are treated to commensurate experience.

In 2017, Vietnam welcomed over 12.9 million visitors, an increase of 29.1% over the previous year, making it one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, if you choose to travel to Vietnam today, you can be sure to meet a few of your countrymen hanging around in the same neighbourhood.

One of the interesting things about touring Vietnam is that with just $20, you can literally go through each day.

The first question every tourist must answer is what exactly you would be spending money on, and that is quite simple – food, accommodation and travels basically, then sundry expenses. Now, you must also know that how much you spend on any or all of these would depend on your personal taste. However, Vietnam is one of those places where majority of people live very moderately as such it has become a societal culture for citizens, and visitors alike, to avoid extravagance, thus validating the age-old adage “When you arrive in Rome, you behave like the Romans.”

Spending on Food
Although the major urban communities like Hanoi have many first-class hotels, bars, and hangout centres, there are a lot of other peri urban regions that have moderately priced facilities with good food.

As a result, there’s not so much reason to overspend on a meal in a ‘City’ when you can get exactly the same quality at a neighbouring city.

You really need to cut cost on food and this is because, almost everywhere you turn, you would be drawn to Italian, French, Chinese dishes and so on. These cuisines are prepared so well that it would be hard for you to resist going back again and again, several times of the day, and throughout your stay. You must learn to restrain yourself, or else, you may end up spending beyond your budget.

On the average, you would get very decent and sumptuous meals for less than $1. However, always avoid eating in places that basically target selling to tourists – this is because their prices are usually inflated.

vietnam tour hanoi street food

How About Items?
Because there would surely be language barriers, shopping for your everyday items is best done at malls, that way you can be sure that you are paying a fair price for everything you buy. Malls in Vietnam usually have a variety of products – from foodstuff to art work, clothing to stationeries, at relatively affordable prices.
However, if you must buy at the markets or vendors away from the malls, try to bargaining at least half the asking price or the purported retail price – this is because, like it happens in other countries too, vendors often charge higher for tourists.

How Do You Save On Transport?
You can choose to go around using motorcycles; they are very common and cheap to hail, anywhere in Vietnam. However, the longer you are staying, the better it is to lease or buy one from a local. In the event that the motorcycle you get is in a bad condition, repairs are generally cheap and you would not need to worry about getting any transit papers.

With a few hundreds of dollars, you should be able to afford a motorcycle. Interestingly, if you leave within that same year, you can recoup the exact value you paid for it.

It must be said that there is an option for buses too. Some operators provide this service. In Vietnam, bus fares are not so expensive – it basically depends on the distance, operator and comfort of the bus.

Let’s talk about Accommodation.
To really save money on a Vietnam tour, especially as regards accommodation, it is advisable to book a hotel in advance, either in the peri urban areas or urban areas. Interestingly, there are also deals and promotions from time to time, you may want to keep an eye on those.

Although, it must also be said that the options are so much that you can easily get into most towns and still find a place that fits your budget. However, to avoid desperation and being taken advantage of, endeavour to book early.

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Which way would you rather have it?