Top things to do when traveling to Vietnam with teenagers

05, July, 2016

Top things to do when traveling to Vietnam with teenagers

Traveling to Vietnam is becoming more and more attractive to family with kids, especially, to family with teenagers as this country offers peaceful atmosphere, beautiful sceneries, interesting tour activities, iconic beaches as well as diversified but unique cultures. Teenagers love discovering spectacular landscapes, learning about strange cultures and that’s why they will love Vietnam. Besides historical and cultural sites, trying local cuisine will be a fantastic option for kids as Vietnamese cuisine has been famous all over the world and many dishes turn out as popular and favorite foods abroad like Banh My, Pho, etc. As below, we suggest you top things to do when traveling in Vietnam with teenagers in order that you can better plan your family holiday.

1/ Street food & market tour in Hanoi:

It is not only for eating but also for discovering a unique lifestyle of local people. The ways they make foods as well as the ways they enjoy them shows many features of Vietnamese culture and tradition. Besides tasting street foods, you have chance to visit local markets where you can learn about local ingredients as well as see busy trading scenes. If you want, you can try bargaining for buying some local fruits or cakes and you will surely get great experience.

2/ Early morning tour in Hanoi:

Wake up early and be ready for an amazing morning trip around the Old Quarter as it is the only time in day you can enjoy quiet atmosphere. Especially, you will be surprised by seeing local Hanoians doing morning exercises around Hoan Kiem Lake as they are so natural practicing such strange Tai Chi in their own ways. So let’s see the way they do and join with them!

3/ Sapa trekking tour:

You may have been heard some information of a touristic Sapa with more concrete roads and it is true. However, please understand that tourism helps develop local’s life and concrete roads also play an important role in that task. However, until now, ethnic villages and ethic life in Sapa are still distinctive and intact as well as offer great trekking options and cultural learning opportunities.

4/ Overnight cruise in Halong Bay:

It is exactly a must-do activity for all travelers as you will not only learn about history and culture, enjoy luxury cruises, taste delicious and fresh seafood, but you are also dazzled by the spectacular beauty of a beautiful bay – a perfect beauty mixed by blue sky, emerald water and lush limestone islands.

5/ Bach Ma National Park:

It is a new tour option advised to families traveling with teenagers as its trekking route is unlike to any others that you might be offered in other places in Vietnam. Besides cool atmosphere, you will have chance to do an adventurous trekking route as it will pass five lakes by following a firm rope from beginning till the end (provided by the park) and one side of the route is mountain steep and the other is lake.

6/ Hoi An farming & fishing tour:

Not only famous for its long history and culture but Hoi An is also well-known for its peaceful countryside areas where you can try a lot of outside activities like biking, farming at Tra Que Vegetable Village, Fishing at Thu Bon River or basket boat riding, etc.  

7/ Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh:

Vespa tour in Saigon is a great option for those who want to experience Vietnam motorbike and Vietnam traffic as traffic is also a unique feature of Vietnamese lifestyle. It is not dangerous at all as you will be escorted by experienced and professional drivers and tour guides.

8/ A O Show:

A O Show is now considered as one of the most interesting and fantastic show in Vietnam, performed at Saigon Opera House. Its name phonetically understood as the Ahhh! Ohhh! Show. And it represents the charming beauty and outstanding culture of Vietnamese countryside life. That’s why they choose simple properties for their shows from bamboo, basket to traditional costumes.

9/ Homestay:

If you are looking for a real chance to interact with local people as well as discover their daily life activities, you should choose some homestay to stay during your trip in Vietnam. But you should be aware of basic facilities in many remote areas which may be not comfortable.