Luxury Tours in Vietnam

20, October, 2016

Luxury Tours in Vietnam

While Thailand has the longest history of significant tourist numbers of any of Indochina’s countries, Vietnam has made impressive strides. Since the end of the Vietnam War and the unification of what was two separate countries 40 years ago Vietnam has become known for its historical and cultural treasures rather than struggle. The French made a significant contribution towards the history of the country before independence was achieved. The Country is decidedly independent these days and the infrastructure that has been developed to cater both for locals and tourists alike is impressive. If you are looking for somewhere different to travel and want to do it in comfort then luxury tours in Vietnam are readily available.

Infrastructure is all important and the transport system down the length of the Country provides access to all parts of this wonderful country. There are plenty of airports in the country with most overseas visitors arriving either in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Danang is Vietnam’s third city and has international flights as well. There is a good domestic timetable yet if you opt to make too many flights you are likely to miss the beautiful scenery the length and breadth of the country. It is far better on Vietnam luxury tours to travel overland, road or rail, to look at life as you pass it by and stop regularly to enjoy the environment. If you are travelling on an organised tour then arrangement will be made for you. You just need to make some decisions on where you want to go, the quality of accommodation you are seeking and your dates and you will receive a quotation for your Vietnam holiday.

There is so much to see in Vietnam which can be split into distinct regions. Obviously the two major cities demand some of your time and as you might expect there are top quality hotels available during your stay. That may not be the case everywhere you travel in Vietnam because part of your Vietnam holiday should include remote regions where you can learn more about ordinary life in rural Vietnam where the locals live of the land or the fish in the sea.

You will travel everywhere in comfort and even if you have free time which you use by exploring something not on your itinerary there is no reason why you will experience any discomfort engaging with the locals. They are naturally friendly and have few suspicions about overseas visitors.

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It is important when considering Vietnam luxury tours that you use a reputable company that has years of experience in the highlights of the country. You can expect such companies to answer any questions promptly and arrange tailor made tours for groups with a specific interest. That can be anything from the historical, religious and cultural treasures to Vietnamese cuisine. Some want to explore the remote regions of Vietnam though they may need to sacrifice luxury to do so.

The Coast
There is over 3,000 kilometres of coastline and resorts have developed the length of the country to cater for those looking for a coastal holiday. There is plenty of comfort in these resorts most of which were once just small fishing villages. While Halong Bay is a stunning destination because its many islands, the most popular resorts are further south, in Central Vietnam is places like Nha Trang or the Con Dao Islands in the South East. Phu Quoc is an island in the East Sea actually off the coast of Cambodia. Each of these places is a good place to relax on Vietnam luxury tours.

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The Highlights
•    Hanoi and its mixture of modern buildings, French colonial architecture and religious structures. Within the city itself there is Hoan Kiem Lake which is a popular place to relax. Rural life is just outside the city’s boundaries.

•    The Northern Highlands near the Chinese border and certainly worth visiting, especially the Sa Pa Terraces known for its rice and vegetable production, the staple diet of villagers who are amongst the poorest in the whole of Vietnam.

•    There are some important sites fairly close to Danang in Central Vietnam. Each of these sites can be done on a day trip using Danang as a base. The Imperial City of Hue, the old town of Hoi An and the ruins of the old Champasak city of My Son all deserve your attention.

•    The Cu Chi Tunnels just north of Ho Chi Minh City are a stark reminder of the struggles between the Viet Cong and South Vietnam and its American allies. They were built for safety against bombing but also for moving around undetected.

•    Ho Chi Minh City is the economic powerhouse of Vietnam, appreciably bigger than the Capital. There is plenty to see and do in this modern city with its past still evident amongst the skyscrapers.

•    The Mekong River rises on the Tibetan Plateau before reaching the East Sea in Vietnam. The Delta is the most fertile region of Vietnam. No luxury tours in Vietnam are complete without a visit to the Delta to observe everyday life. It is fairly close to Ho Chi Minh City and it is possible to spend a night on the river though perhaps not in the luxury that a hotel in the city can provide?

street food on vietnam travel

If you are used to luxury you may not find the idea of street food especially attractive. It is available in all Vietnam’s towns and cities. Generally because such vendors are busy food is fresh and quite an experience. However there are plenty of nice restaurants serving typical Vietnamese cuisine that has many elements that make it distinctive from other types of cuisine in Asia. Some things you may find it difficult to stomach but in general you will be introduced to several new ideas. Enjoy the cuisine as well as the luxury that Vietnam can provide. The Country awaits you and if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

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